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Diana Build Guide by CohdexGaming

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CohdexGaming

Diana Where Did All My Hp Go? [AP Diana Guide]

CohdexGaming Last updated on August 29, 2012
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Diana Build

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Hello there this is my second ever mobafire build and i must say that this Diana build was much easier than my Jayce build. I did come up with this build when i was playing on w team with Diana and i did take some of their build and then add alot of stuff onto it to make it my own. This is a non-jungle build but if you wish to jungle take smite instead of ignite.

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Item Reasons and Early Game Jungling Alternative.

I recommend starting off with boots and health pots for the speed as early game Diana can be quite slow and also 2 Health pots and the rest mana pots for the sustain. I have found that Diana has no huge need to jungle although if you do feel like jungling take cloth armour, health pots and a leash on blue buff. running from wolf camp to wraith camp to golem camp. After the golems are done with you should have anough gold to buy the next item. Diana needs more HP so take the ruby crystal and as soon as possible take it into a Catalyst The Protector this is so that you can last hit minions to level up and also gain some health and mana along the way. Take the boots of speed and build them into sorcerers shoes this help to get the edge over your oppenent and deal more burst damage when ganking. Taking giants belt and building this into a Rylai's Crystal sceptre, the second big item of the build, giving you more health for the sustain and also some more AP and some slows to help out the team. Grabbing a Rabadon's Deathcap the main item of the build to give a huge amount of AP giving your abilities the edge they need. Take a hextech gunblade after this and then finish with a will of the ancients for the AP and spell vamp

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Summoner Spells

When taking summoner spells with Diana I recommend going with Flash for quick getaways and Ignite for the finisher or Smite for the creep damage (Switch Ignite for flash depending on whether or not you're jungling).

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Tips + Tricks

In taking Crescent Strike and maxing it out first gives you an edge in seeing the surrounding area for ganks and it will also deal a big amount of damage making it good for an initiation for team fights so that you can Lunar Rush into the fight as your team starts to fight them. Crescnt strike is also good for laning early game e.g if an opponent refuses to leave their lane on low health just because they can keep you away with their damage wait and take Lunar Rush and then suddenly strike hitting crescent strike, lunar rushing, meleeing and finishing with ignite, a very useful combo for over extenders.

If minions are becoming a problem to farm here's a little trick i've learnt Pale Cascade and then Moonfall it does help.:)

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Hey You There!

Yeah you this is my second ever build so please be nice and try it out give it a green that would be really nice i have done really well with this build and hope that you guys do as well :) bye.