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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gengo Beanis

Diarrhea Fiddlesticks: The Harbinger of Poo

Gengo Beanis Last updated on September 17, 2016
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Hey y'all. Avid Fiddlesticks main Gengo Beanis, here. I can assure you that Fiddlesticks is one of the most flexible laners in the game, opting for a near universal build path. With this guide I hope to show you one of the better build paths that I named after my dog: Diarrhea Fiddlesticks. My dog is named Diarrhea Fiddlesticks.

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Runs for Fiddlesticks are more often than not the least important part of his early game. Really, you could just do whatever you want but here is what I prefer to run:

9x Hybrid Pen Reds - This allows Fiddlesticks to be powerful with any damage type.
9x Health Regen Blues - Fiddlesticks does not have much health, so putting flat health runes will not do much for Fids. Health regen helps his laning in the long run as it allows him to get more health back.
9x Scaling Mana Regen Yellows - Gives Fids that great late game mana regen without having to get 3 or more mana regen items (standard on Fids support builds).
3x Revival Quints - Fids is a champion based on surprise flanks. If Fids is up earlier than other champs after death, it allows you to get the jump on unsuspecting enemies.

Again, this is just my recommended page for runes however Fids is pretty good early anyways so it's fine if you just don't give him any runes at all.

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Masteries on Fiddlesticks are pretty straightforward. Generally, you want to go 0/12/18 with the following setup:

5 Savagery
1 Assassin
5 Merciless
1 Bandit

5 Unyielding
1 Battering Blows
5 Runic Armor
1 Perserverance
3 Swiftness, 2 Legendary Guardian
1 Grasp of the Undying

This is just common sense. Not really gonna go into detail with this one, it's just the natural inclination for any veteran Fiddlesticks player. They should recognize this Mastery page anywhere, as this is the ultimate and only recommended masteries for the refined Fiddlesticks main. Really, going anything else would merely be foolish as this mastery page is very clearly matched by none.

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Meat and Potatoes

2x Pink Ward
5x Health Potion

Since Fiddlesticks lacks strong natural sustain (his W's mana costs makes it unreliable and is mostly good for trading in lane) 5 Health Pots is almost a necessity for any Fiddle laner. Because you will have some gold left over, invest this into a couple of Pink Wards. One is for your middle bush to make sure you don't miss your crow when the enemy laner retreats into the brush to hide. The other one is to place under the enemy's turret to assert dominance. Since your build path is pretty inexpensive, none of the other items really make any sense at all aside from Doran's Blade due to it's lifesteal.

Blade of The Ruined King
Righteous Glory
Berserker's Greaves

This is your most basic Fiddlesticks build. You should have at least these items by 30 minutes. BoRK is essential to a laning Fiddle, as it allows him to heal off of trades and it allows him to farm better with his autos. The active does not make any sense and I am still learning how to use it in lane, so please be wary when using it. Righteous Glory is pretty good because it gives you health and mana. You can sell it later because you won't need it due to your scaling Mana runes, but that's better suited for late game. Righteous Glory has a great active that will prevent you from missing your ultimate in case you do it in the wrong direction and you need to flash back into your opponent. Berserker's Greaves are good for Fiddlesticks because there is a lot of boots and none of them give you health or AD so this is the next best thing.

Zz'Rot Portal
Trinity Force
Youmuu's Ghostblade

These items are great for when you are snowballing and have two or three assists or a kill. Zz'Rot portal is good because you can put it in your lane if you're winning and your enemy won't be able to push into your tower so you will be free to go help out mid lane or the jungler. Trinity Force is good because the Sheen passive does a lot of damage since you can use your E and then auto them and they can't cast any abilities at you and you hit them with good damage. The other passive is stupid and you won't really use that one. Youmuu's is a great item on Fiddlesticks as it works incredibly well with your R. It allows you to run faster and chase down your opponent when they get scared and run away.

Frozen Mallet
Sunfire Cape
Sterak's Gage

Frozen Mallet allows you to slow them with your auto attacks when they try to fight you so that you can run away from them when you are out of mana. Sunfire cape puts a little more damage onto your ultimate since it does some damage when people are standing next to you just like your ultimate does. Fun hint: Sunfire Cape and Fiddlesticks Ult Damage ACTUALLY STACKS. How OP is that? Sterak's gage is great because it prevents any assassins from killing you in 1 move like Alkali and LeBlance. They are assassins and they do damage to you if you don't get a Righteous Glory.

Luden Echo
More Shoes

Luden Echo is not great but it shows you that you hit people with more attacks with small purple attacks. Shoes are good because you will move even faster and get more effects.


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