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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elix

Did that annie just solo Baron

Elix Last updated on April 8, 2011
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Here we will learn to build an Annie so that she could solo baron. It requires Mejai's so if a kill is stolen from you don't be afraid to remind your ally that he is a ****. And trust me it is a he. If at any point you get creeped out by Annie's voice turn your sound off or throw your speakers out the window. Both work equally. I would try Doing this in a custom game a few times just to get used to it.

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For this build I go the basic 9-0-21 way. It works and is easy to remember if you need to make a quick change during the champion selection screen. You can adjust some of them to your likings just make sure u get all the cool down reduction points and the 15% magic penetration points in Offense.

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The Magic penetration and the cool down reduction runes are necessary to solo Baron. you will need to cool down reduction to spam your moves as much as possible during the fight. The mana regeneration seals and the quintessences are susceptible to change based on what ever you like.

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Skill sequence

Disintegrate(Q) takes Priority over everything except Tibbers. The trick with your Q is last hitting. If you last hit with your Q then it has no mana cost. This is key to your early game success. once you get a few points in your Q it becomes allot easier just try to time it right early game so that you don't end up in a team fight with no mana. But for the first 3 lvl's you have to put a point into every move. this makes it easier to get you passive stun ready for some taunting. Once Q is maxed out Incinerate Takes Priority. Once you get far into the build this would make for some easy minion farming. The shield Being last. If you find yourself a few spells short of your stun don't be afraid to pop your Molten shield(E) and your W on rout to a gank to get your stun ready. IF you are only one spell away from your passive use your E because it uses a much smaller amount of mana.

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Summoner Spells

This is really based on your own personal preferences. But i like to get port and ignite for Annie. Port for map Mobility of course. I don't really feel the need for Clarity cause I never seem to have Mana troubles except for very early game. If you manage to use your Q effectively early game you should never have a problem with mana.

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Since i am a saucy wench, i like to start with a meki pendent so i don't have to blue pill every time i cast a spell. If u feel that your last hitting is good then by all means start with the item of your choice, as long as your first full item is mejai's. Now that you have your ability power taken care of you have to take care of your mana. Tear of the goddess is always good for that. Once you get it use your moves as much as possible to build up you max mana. Try to last hit with your Q as often as possible so you do not run out to quickly.

Next on the list is your magic pen boots. This is Followed by the ever sweet Archangels staff. If u have gotten some kills with your Mejai's you should have about 200 or so AP. Now we have to make it so that you just don't die. So you get Catalyst the protector. Mostly cause i like to lvl up mid fight and screwing over whoever is trying to be saucy. At this stage in the build you should be able to solo Dragon. If however you are the only one going for Dragon, as an Annie Be sure to laugh at the rest of your team for not being as good as you.

Next of course is Rod of Ages. let the snowball begin. Since buying your Hat straight out the box is hard to wait for, get a needlessly large rod to hold you over while you wait. Once u get the hat you sir, have become an *******. Why an ******* you say? Because people on the enemy team, and your own will be calling you one. Don't take it personally, lets face it at this point u have about 500-700 ap and 2.4k hp depending on your mejai's stacks and you rod of ages progress(side note you become an *** at 462 AP while on Annie). Just for fun lets throw in a Will of the ancients for staying power. The build is complete and at this point you should have about 840 AP with 20% spell Vamp. See next chapter for Baron instructions.

Now if you do not feel the need to Solo Baron I recommend two other Defensive items that could be of great use to Annie. Zhonya's hourglass or Crystal scepter. It really depends on what you want. I tend to go Crystal Scepter because i am usually stack on AP and don't need the 30 more from the hourglass. But if you prefer 30 more Ap and a 2 sec Invulnerable spell over more health go for it

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just as a warning I have never done this past 45 min so I have no clue how long it would last for, as Baron gets Stronger ever Min he is spawned. You are going to want 20 Mejai's stacks for the cool down reduction along with Blue buff, this puts you at the max cool down reduction. You will need it to spam your moves to take advantage of you spell vamp. I always start with my Q then Instantly pop E for the defensive buff. Followed that by using your W then drop Tibbers. STAY MOBILE so that u avoid his knock up and back. Keep alternating with your Q and your W. Don't forget to pop your shield as often as possible. If all goes well you should have about 30% of your health and Baron buff is yours my friends. Now as an Annie you should never have to do this, but if you do feel the need to do it and tons and tons of **** cause u have earned it my friend.

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Team Work

Basically in a 5v5 match you are going to need your stun up and ready to go at all times. what are you saving your stun for? why Tibbers of course. The trick is having him land on the most threatening champion. you should be able to get 2 or more stuns off during a single 5v5 team fight. during the time in between stuns you should be popping your q/w as much as possible. popping your e would also speed up when you get your passive stun again. Now since this build involves a mejai's don't forget about your own life. try not to do crazy things like tower dive a Teemo or try to save the life of an ally by sacrificing yourself. **** them you have mejai's stacks to worry about. Be sure to constantly remind them of that.

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This is a very hard build to complete and usually takes a good high scoring game to get done for baron in time. The hardest part being getting a squishy champion to sustain 20 stacks of Mejai's. but with enough practice it becomes second hand and you should be able to dominate if done correctly. And Always remember good luck and have fun