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League of Legends Build Guide Author tneZZ

Different Phases of Life Time in Playing LOL

tneZZ Last updated on October 31, 2013
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Different Phases of Life Time in Playing LOL

Different Phases of Life Time in Playing LOL

Phase 1
You are new.
Your aim is: No aim. just play.
Result: You die a lot.

Phase 2
Your aim is: Avoid dying.
In this phase you will be very cautious, try not to feed (not to be killed).
You avoid team fight, avoid die. You only engage with confidence when the enemy's HP is low.
Result: You have less death count, but don't have much kill.

Phase 3
You aim is: Become a terminator or super killing machine
You will be very careful at early game, farm strategically
Result: Finally you are able to become a killing machine (the terminator),
You can kill enemy easily approximately in 2 or 4 hits and almost in 1 or 2 sec of time.
Sometimes, you can even kill multiple enemies easily at a time, perhaps Penta Kill.
You kill everything like hell, like crazy.

Phase 4:
Your aim is: Continue to enjoy killing like crazy.
You play the champion just as a terminator at start.
You have forget and lost the feel on how to play carefully, fight strategically and farm efficiently.
You behave more like an idiot.
- Example 1: Dive into enemy where you are 1 vs 2 situation.
- Example 2: Dive into turret to attack enemy, but you are killed by turret.
- Example 3: You engage enemy where your HP is low and enemy's HP is high.
Result: Die a lots, no kills, feed most.

Phase 5
Your aim is: Learn to recognize different conditions and react accordingly.
You start to learn about the differentiation of different conditions and strengths.
You re-learn what you should do when you are weak and strong.
You regain the feel to play properly from weak condition to strong condition.
Result: The terminator is once back again.

Phase 6
Your aim is: Get involve in more roles (Carry, Tank, SP) --- Teamwork
You start to know that there are some teammates who are more fed and less fed.
You also start to recognize the teammate's playing style.
You start to learn to cooperate according to both ally's and enemy's style and strength.
Even with the same champion, the number of being fed is different in each game.
Result: You know how to play when you are fed.
You know what you should do if you are not fed.
You can play as carry, tank and sp even with the same champion.

Phase 7
Your aim: Have too much fun, to relax. (or Have too much stress & tension, to relax)
You are over stressed and over tension for playing properly and carefully. These have made you about to be crazy.
You can't take anymore tension and stress.
You start to realize playing the game properly is way too boring and try messing around with other people's game.
You throw away all guidelines, logic, strategies, all philosophies of LOL.
Result: Realized you should have jungle heimerdinger when you were bronze (for example)
You purposely feed the enemy, do turret dive without attacking, buy lots of irrelevant items (for example: only buy wards, only buy boots or only buy phantom dancer, etc.)
Enjoy and purposely play as an idiot, to be crazy as fun as possible.

Last Phase (no matter which phase you are stuck at,you can always skip to last phase)
Your Aim: Back to normal life, appreciate your life and time.
You realize that you have spent too much time on LOL and affected your normal life.
Example: Delaying accomplishments of your work, ignoring your family members.
Result: Uninstall LOL.
You thank for Riot and Garena provide such entertainment, and now, you're going to fully utilize your life and time to do something more meaningful.

Oh, wait. I forget to mention that the above phases is for those player who choose to play the Carry Line. Some other player play Tank or SP style as their main style. Above is the life time for a Carry type player.


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