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League of Legends Build Guide Author tneZZ

Discovering The Art of LOL

tneZZ Last updated on April 12, 2014
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Discovering The Art of LOL

Discovering Your Own "The Art of LOL"

According to Arrian, a historian in the year of 331 BC --- Darius III, the King and Commander of Persia, led his army of 1,040,000 soldiers (40,000 cavalry and 1,000,000 infantry) to begin war with an enemy.

Darius III chose a flat, open plain where he could deploy his larger forces, not wanting to be caught in a narrow battlefield as he had been at Issus two years earlier, where he was unable to deploy his huge army properly. Darius had his soldiers flatten the terrain prior to the battle, so as to give his 200 war-chariots optimal conditions. However, this did not matter. On the ground were few hills and no bodies of water that the enemy could use for protection, and in the autumn the weather was dry and mild.

The enemy was only comprised of 47,000 soldiers (7,000 cavalry and 40,000 infantry).

With such great advantages (weather, location, size or army), Darius was 100% confident that he could win the war easily. Every Persian general agreed that it was impossible for the enemy to win.

But, unfortunately, Darius III lost the war and subsequently resulted in the fall of the Persian Empire.

The enemy came from Macedon, led by Alexander the Great.

The Macedonian Army (the enemy) only lost 100 infantry and 1,000 cavalry.

This is a well known battle called Battle of Gaugamela or Battle of Arbela in history.

When you start a game in LOL, do you tell the game is won or lost while the game is still in progress?

Never surrender any game, no matter what situation you are facing in game (winning or losing), just try to struggle and survive, crack your mind to figure out the way.

If you want only wins and kills, you can play vs AI mode. You can easily enjoy lots of killing in AI mode.

But when you play PvP.... it is a war of strategies, fighting spirit, intelligence, reaction, tactics, instinct and willpower.

The computer will tell you that the chances of 1,040,000 vs 47000 to win is 100%.
But, the result is no. Why? Because we are human.

From the human point of view, there are lots of uncertainties, lots of possibilities and infinity is the limit of the mind, the limits of strategy are endless.

What are limits? Limits are... when you say "This is impossible".

In the process of struggling to survive...
you will find lots of hidden interesting fighting methods...
you will find lots of undocumented fighting strategies...
you will discover the unseen possible from an impossible.
and something out of normal practices, out of guidelines and out of standard advice...

from there you will discover your own "The Art of LOL".

That..... is the most interesting and funniest part of playing LOL in PvP mode.

Any guidelines, warnings, suggestions and advice are truly only For Beginners.
For experienced players, there are no fixed rules, no fixed style and no fixed strategy.

The strategies can only be told when you are in game, when you are facing the enemy.

Remember that, you are human, not machine (computer).
The limits and possibilities of a human are immeasurable.

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