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Wukong Build Guide by NotAnUrbanMyth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NotAnUrbanMyth

Distinguishing as the 'REAL' Wukong

NotAnUrbanMyth Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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[Introduction] I'm lazy... so I will keep this guide simple.

Ok... Sorry if I'm a bad guide writer. This is my first guide and I hope it helps. Prior to detailing in how to play Wukong, I want to make it clear that Wukong can be played in many ways. The best way to play him is to see as fitting to the situation. If there is only 1 AP but many AD in the enemy team (e.g. a Zilean, a Trynademere, a Jax, Xin etc) then build Wukong in a tankier fashion with Thornmail and Warmogs etc. HOWEVER, in a normal game where the enemy team is evenly distributed in AP, AD and tank, then this is one of the best ways to play Wukong.

Wukong is best played in building him with decent damage and crazy attack speed. He is very much a Xin fused with Vlad minus the heal skill. He does amazing damage when he is built well in speed and he is a big team harraser like Vlad and as good an escaper as Vlad. The objective of this guide is to create a simple platform to suggest a practical way to play Wukong rather than go with all the complexities of a theoretical discuss. My last game, I killed another Wukong with losing only 1/3rd of my health in a 1v1. I was 10/2/29 and ended the game with 3.2k gold spare.

Yeah... Donnie Yen is so pumped about LoL's Monkey King that he photo shopped his face into Wukong's body...

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How To Play Wukong Well and OWN!!!

I've tried multiple builds for Wukong from a pure tank to pure AD. The best build I found was not a combination of the two but an AD character with some tankiness.

I tried to upload an image but it didn't really work... So VISIT:

You can see my kills, deaths and assists with my earlier tank/AD hybrid builds and my new score with pure AD with amazing attack speed. My first game as a pure AD with amazing attack speed was at 30/0/10. No deaths. Not with bringing a heal, a decoy and flash. Killing 200+ minions and bringing down 4 turrets. Perfect backdoorer, perfect runner and perfect assassin.

In my earlier games I tried to be tanky. In my more recent games, I've built Wukong more AD-like. What I found was that I could own and really get kills from stragglers and group fights.

Early Game
In the early game, Wukong needs to lane. He needs to hug towers and engage from level 2 onwards. When he can spam nimbus and crushing blow with another team member. Doing so, he can really win team fights especially with the advantage of heal. If another team member also happens ignite/heal or clarity - it will mean even larger early fights advantage. As Wukong, in all my games with heal, I have managed to get at least 2 early kills (before level 7). Wukong is not really a creep killer at early level - he can only last hit to farm - but more of a hero killer. So keep this in mind.

Mid Game
Gank and lane.

Late Game
As seen fit. The style he should be played is the hitting of 'q', 'e' and 'w'. Even if you plan to fight and not run, making a clone tank some damage is useful. If you're against a stronger character in a 1 v 1 fight such as a Tryndamere, then do 'q', 'e', 'w', run and repeat. Annoying as a mosquito, Vlad style. Wukong is at his strongest when he is a 2nd initiator however. A tank takes the damage, Wukong comes in, hits multiple opponents and crushes with his staff. Let the team come... Chase runners... Cyclone stunners, snarers, ADers and etc. Back door. Wukong is a master of backdoor. With my build in late game, a tower goes does in about 5-6 seconds. My last game, I backdoored 7 towers. We were losing in the early-mid game but Wukong's amazing speed and the speed buff he gains when he uses nimbus means he is perfect for bding. Especially with his nimbleness and ease of escape - he is the prime candidate.

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Why pick what I did for Runes, Masteries and Items

You should pick your own runes. These are the runes I prefer. Armour, magic resistance and penetration really helps for the early game in which runes are the most useful. Other runes such as health and health regen are also good. It should really be as seen fit.

I like my masteries because I am too lazy to have multiple pages of masteries. With most characters requiring mana and damage, this rune set is a safe bet though perhaps not the best for some. A good set of masteries should account for early tankiness, experience boost, survival in an early lane fight and survival to harass while tower hugging. Personally, I would choose regen of mana and health in the Defence section rather than Offence or Utility.

Items are the most important part of Wukong's build so I will discuss why I chose each in large detail.

Doran's Shield is first choice. This is because it offers more armour, health regen and health. With this shield, you are more 'tanky' and it is of more use than a simple 4% life steal from a Doran's blade. Especially with little attack speed, the extra armour and health regen should be more useful if you are on the losing side of the lane and have to tower hug.

Building attack speed is key for Wukong and the best way to do this early on is to build Berserker's Greaves which also grant you speed to help catch your foes with your nimbus strike. After building Berserker's, move onto building more attack speed. This is significantly increased by Phantom's Dancer. Phantom's Dancer will give you crits and movement speed. Farming some creeps or jungling and killing dragon is now a feasible option for Wu to quickly gain some gold. With Phantom, Wu should next aim to build Trinity force to become a 'strong' Wu who is also fast and can spam his abilities. With Trinity, Wu is fast enough to out run nearly everyone. Flash and decoy helps in running. This allows Wu to backdoor - a significant asset in a game deadlocked in team battles. Gaining 450 gold from creeps will allow a purchase of a Vampiric Scepter allowing Wu to also kill dragon by himself and aid the team in gaining extra gold.

Many games have ended once I completed the following items. I backdoor too well with the speed xD However, if the game has not ended, I recommend Wu to farm creeps and gain some AD. Finishing 'The Bloodthirster' will allow Wu to possess painful and strong attacks as well as lifesteal. Wu should be very powerful by now. He needn't run so much back to base but forward to chase down enemies. Of course Wu shouldn't be the first choice of a tank and should let someone else initiate first.

The final two items really depends on the scenario. If Wu is required to tank, perhaps some armour or magic resistance. A thornmail if there is a painful AD around aiming for Wu. If he does not require to be tankier, building attack speed and damage is recommended. I tend to choose the Black Cleaver for attack speed and damage and the Frozen Mallet for some extra damage but also for the 700hp which will allow Wu to live at least 2-3 seconds longer in a late game with painful enemy attacks. The few seconds may be valuable in allowing a CD for Wu to escape.

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Wukong - The Master Trickster

TBC. I'll try post some screen shots and make this guide better on the weekend. I'll publish to help any having trouble with Wukong. I had trouble at the start, but now I am better at Wukong and he is fun to play. Especially by the tricks you can do.