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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItzaSheep

Divide and Conquer

ItzaSheep Last updated on May 14, 2012
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Champions from around Valoran group up to battle in DIVIDE AND CONQUER! Divide and Conquer is a Dominion Draft Mode in which players stay in their lane.

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Once the game begins, both teams capture their MID and BOT Capture Points. from then on, 4 of the players have to stay in their lane (2 top lane, 2 bot lane) with 1 player roaming.

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The Laner's main goal is to push to capture points. They cannot use any buffs except the Health Relic behind their Capture Point or the Relic in the fog of war near the lane.


- Laners cannot leave lane to the fog of war, unless they are just grabbing a Health Relic.

- Laners cannot CAPTURE a point themselves; the minions have to do the capturing.

- Laners can recall as they please.

- Laners can manually capture a point if it is NEUTRAL. NOT IF IT IS CAPTURED!

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One player fufills the position of the Roamer. The Roamer travels around the fog of war, attempting to kill the enemy Roamer or ganking a lane.


- Roamers cannot farm minions or capture a point.

- Roamers cannot have Garrison or Promote.

- Roamers can have any buff in the fog of war.

- Roamers can recall as they please.

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The goal to win is simple: it is just like the original Dominion mode. Players must have enough captured points to get the enemy Nexus to lose all of its health points. REMEMBER, NEITHER LANERS OR ROAMERS CAN CAPTURE A POINT!