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LeBlanc Build Guide by G Raptor

Do The LB Boom [Leblanc Guide]

Do The LB Boom [Leblanc Guide]

Updated on May 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author G Raptor Build Guide By G Raptor 9,434 Views 2 Comments
9,434 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author G Raptor LeBlanc Build Guide By G Raptor Updated on May 13, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hi Everyone, welcome to my 1st guide (be easy on the criticism ><)

I am a casual player who is making this at the request of a friend, I'm open to suggestions and opinions nor do i mind criticisms or insults, feel free to speak your mind xD

So 1st thing 1st, why Leblanc? When i 1st joined League and was looking for a hero to buy, i was like "ohhhh sexy purple chick" then i saw her Prestigious skin and i was like "Sexy white chick who looks like she owns a circus! (i later renamed it Ringmaster Leblanc ━(゜∀゜)━) and i bought her. after the 1st few games using Leblanc i thought to myself "... THIS IS REALLY FUN"

since it is my 1st guide, ill try my best to cover what need to be covered and explain what needs to be explained. Sooooo... ONWARDS

note* i cant seem to make pictures work, so bear with me and just be entertained by my colored text
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Summoner Spells (aka summys) + Masteries

The top two choices I recommend for LeBlanc is Clarity and Flash.

Other viable picks: Ignite, Teleport

I'm sure y'all know which summys spells are good/bad for certain heroes, and it's mostly a matter of preference so I'll leave it up to you.

inb4hate \(◎o◎)/!, I use to run Ignite/Flash on LeBlanc, and I came to the conclusion: "LEBLANC DOES NOT NEED IGGY(Ignite)". As a hero who specializes in one shot kills (BOOMs), i found that I never needed to use iggy. Even so, people still say take Teleport instead of Clarity. Teleport works, I won't lie; but I like clarity for various reasons, mostly being that a OOM LeBlanc is less harmful than a baby Teemo, and like heal bait, you can clarity bait. Another reason is that mid fight you can run out of mana, which happens more often than not. The main reason though is to keep that damage flowing.

Standard AP carry masteries: 21 0 9, again mostly a preference of choice
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Greater Mark of Insight... magic pen on LeBlanc... 'nuff said

Greater Seal of Clarity, nice for keeping lane presence, some people say Greater Seal of Replenishment is better, but seal of clarity turns over at level 6, I still run mana regen seals even though I also take Clarity, which is clarified in the summy spells

Greater Glyph of Potency, helps you win damage trades in mid, MR runes are okay but I don't recommend them

Greater Quintessence of Potency, mo' AP equals mo' BOOM

Explanation: All the runes are geared towards early game damage, and the mana to keep the damage going. With this set up, you should be able to net a kill or 2 without already having to recall to purchase any AP items.
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Skills + Items

Ima start with this: A LeBlanc who can properly use chain, will go far...

Mirror Image... aint gona lie, this dope takes practice to master, use to juke, trick and confuzzle your enemies (I lul'd hard when a Veigar ulted my clone)

Sigil of Silence this is your bread and butter skill, your main source of damage, 1st skill maxed. "Ahahah I boom you" button, really helps win trades against AP mids due to silence and them not being able to cast back.

Distortion Your standard blink with a twist, the power to be able to recall to your original spot makes your jukes becomes easy as pie, I highly recommend you use this only as a finisher, don't harass with Distortion, don't use Distortion to get close enough to Sigil then back out...I don't know why I see LeBlanc players do that but, it really irks me (ーー゛). Since it has a long cd, use it sparingly for harass but by all means pop this slugger if you're going for the kill, although I suggest to keep it as a last line of escape if things suddenly turn for the worst. Max this second after Sigil.

Ethereal Chains, I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, YOUR ABILITY TO USE THIS SKILL CORRECTLY WILL SEPARATE YOU FROM THE GOOD LEBLANC FROM THE GREAT LEBLANC. I suggest taking a point of it in level 1 and max it last, even though its your weakest skill (since you're maxing it last) it holds the best chance for you to net a kill. this is your combo starter, your initiation skill, the most important skill at your disposal. It will take time mastering this, it's one of the slowest skill shots I've seen and has a deceivingly large hit box that will inadvertently hit a minion. BUT THIS IS WHAT YOU USE WHEN YOU WANT A KILL

Mimic this is what you do the LeBlanc BOOM, it's a huge chunk of damage if you use it with Q, it is probably mostly used with Sigil, sometimes Distortion, never Chain. Mimic allows you to be original in your combos which I like, but its usually Q-R, allows good escapes with double Distortions, and even tho it's useless in a fight, IT LOOKS REALLY COOL SHOOTING 2 CHAINS

Items: There is really only one way to play LeBlanc, pure AP, I'm actually getting quite impatient with writing this so I'll be short and straight to the point.

Build straight up AP, Deathfire Grasp, Sorcerers shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Void Staff, Lich Bane, and a Guardians Angel.

Another viable item is getting a Mejai's Soulstealer instead of Deathfire Grasp, I sometimes switch between the two depending on how many kills I already managed to get before I had to recall, if you notice that the enemy team is really tanky, try getting Deathfire, if you have been forced back before you manage to save up 1.6k gold, but don't have enough for a Soulstealer, then get Kage's Lucky Pick and work towards Deathfire.

Why not RoA (Rod of Ages), Rylais, Zonyas, Abyssal, and WotA?

Many top players pick some short of tanky item, mostly RoA, but I'm highly against it, as this is more towards casual play and I'm a firm believer that an assassin is squishy and should build damage over survivability, LeBlanc's role is to be able to boom the enemy threat, once she does that she has rather long cds that puts her out of business for a chunk of the fight until she can do something again, so make that one BOOM really count!

Item path: I take boots first + 3 hp potions, take mid and try not to recall till I have enough for a Needlessly Large Rod, from there finish your boots after you get large rod, next focus on your Kage's Lucky Pick/Soulstealer then get a Void Staff, if you went Kage's, finish your Deathfire Grasp and ta-da your core items are done. I highly recommend Lich Bane because it adds even more OOMPH to your BOOM and gives some nice movement speed, for your last item you can get a GA or Banshee's Veil, matter of preference, I personally never liked Banshee's....
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Okay, here's the game play part where I give tips and hints....

-Take mid
Always try to take mid lane if you can. I don't know where else LeBlanc can go, however LeBlanc can take the 0 cs support role in a jiffy if your team comp is really messed up and that other AP carry refuses to give it to u even tho u took AP mid first. LeBlanc is one of the few champions that I believe is able to FARM ENEMY HEROES instead of creeps.

-Last hit when possible
If u got mid, put it to good use, last hit, last hit, last hit, and even though you run mana regen seals and clarity it doesn't give you the right to use q to last hit, Kass is an exception because he has a lame lil' sword with melee range. u got a range auto attack (with a good animation/missile speed), USE IT

-Setting up and getting kills
I usually try to net kills the moment I hit level 3, from 3 onwards try to safely harass enemy champions with your Q, just keep spamming Q on them until they are at about half. If they're experienced, they know that they have to back off because fighting a LeBlanc at anything less than full hp is like committing suicide. Remember when I said Chain is your most important skill? Well, this is where you need it. Being able to land chain properly takes time to master alone, but once you do y'all be glad you did. The enemy will always run towards something in the lane phase, try to predict this and land a chain. Post 6, being able to land Chain would mean a huge damage trade in your favor, by starting with Chain you're able to perform a full combo and even modify your combo to add more damage.

-Skill combos
The generic LeBlanc combo is Q-R-W, this is what LeBlanc newbies mostly do and it still nets a few kills against enemy squishes. If you use Chain first, you're able to add another Q to your combo with ease, E-Q-(wait at safe distance for snare to activate and your Q cd comes off)-Q-R-W, this is useful for when you're fighting someone like Morgana or Nunu, generally towards tankier heroes

-Special reasons why I love LeBlanc
When you take mid, DO NOT FEAR JUNGLER GANKS *pass lvl 6*, not to be confused with being stupid, if you're playing LeBlanc well, your enemy should be hugging tower in fear of their life and will probably call for a gank or lane help. This is where you start bringing the BOOM, Shaco is my favorite enemy jungler because he's so squishy. Just make sure enemy mid is too low to come help when the enemy jungler ganks; then, proceed to BOOM the ganker and more often than not, take double buff or just a buff, best feeling in the world! Then you walk around all like <(`^´)>. Keep in mind that you're mid and therefore reach level 6 faster than most other people in the game. In early game, no one is tanky enough to survive a full LeBlanc combo.
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This is the end of my LeBlanc guide, thanks so much if you actually read this sorry excuse for a wall of text, I added colors to some text tho :D, I couldn't get pictures to work ._." keep in mind I did this for a friend of mine so I was a little more casual then I should be but feel free to comment, I encourage comments be bad or good, once again thank you for your thoughts (^O^)/
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League of Legends Build Guide Author G Raptor
G Raptor LeBlanc Guide
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Do The LB Boom [Leblanc Guide]

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