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League of Legends Build Guide Author hlupaco

Do you miss fortune?

hlupaco Last updated on May 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, thanks for visiting my guide on how to play Miss Fortune. Due to Corki's OPness on lane she is underestimated, but still I love her most from all AD carries, for being balanced and still strong and skill reliable.

Have fun reading through and excuse my english please, as I am not native speaker.

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Pros / Cons

+ Maybe the best DPS carry for mid
+ High mobility even without boots
+ AoE slow
+ Amazing range of lock-based DoubleUp
+ No AD item needed early (Impure Shots)

- Easy to focus
- Weak vs mages
- Hard to use ultimate skill properly
- Cant help lanes or gank often

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Various lane strategies

Going mid is what Miss Fortune is made for. There still are characters that you should be afraid of and pay attention when midding vs them. Those are most of mages and some tanks, altho its everytime fight of skills. No champion exists yet that would completely cut me out of xp range, at least for longer than one minute.

Generally, your strategy should be just harras with DoubleUp, lasthit with RMB and W, harras under tower with E. I have a little trick or strategy that I do every game, that is farm until you have 1800 gold, then wait for next minion wave to come, send and ulti right in the moment they come in range and press B button. Buy a BF Sword and 2 Sight Wards. The enemy will have to draw back to tower, fight the minions, then go in mid and fight next wave. Thats enough time for you to come back and not lose a single HP on turret.

I will try to name some of the midding chars and how to fight them.

VS Mordekaiser
This is a hard one, but not impossible. In the moment he gets to level 3 you are going to sit under tower and watch how he farms. Therefore only way to stop Morde or make him underleveled is to FB him. Thats not really easy, MF isnt champion made to FB and neither is this build. If you still want to try this, get Dorans blade instead of Vamp scepter. Go mid, wait until he appears and start shooting him the moment he comes close to minions. Dont let him hit a single one and if you are succesful at that, just stand between him and minions and reject him coming closer. Not recommended for beginners or 1st timers with Miss Fortune.

VS Brand
Brand is the first one who made me go back 3 times before I bought BF Sword. His "pillar" deals just too much damage on too big range, same as the other spells. You are the DPS, yes, but this burst is too hard to match with autoattacks. If you meet a skilled Brand, I suggest you max out E spell and give up on lasthitting.

VS Veigar
Stun, faceroll and run away. Pretty hard, still focusing him early game as well as Brand and Morde (start shooting him just when he gets close to minions) might make your work on levels 5 to 10 way easier. Already mentioned, MF is one of worst first blood champions, but on lvl 1 every DPS rocks.

VS Caitlyn
No, you cant match this range and damage of Peacemaker. But you can be constantly focusing her, because basically, caitlyn has long range so she will stand behind her minions. Spam DoubleUp, when she tries to "own you" by going on the same range from you as minions are, use Make it rain. I can tell you before that she will move back to get outta there so that you wasted mana. But, this is when your DoubleUp comes handy. If she moves forward, you have time to run away as she is slowed down from your AoE.

VS Ashe
Famous duel MF - Ashe. If you arent first time you have no chance of losing this. I feel Miss Fortune was made especially to counter Ashe and I helped this a little bit too by getting Cleanse. Every of your spells make you ten times stronger in 1v1 than Ashe, and then Ashe has nothing to farm minions with. Not like you, having 2 spells just for that. Simply, if you get to mid versus Ashe, you can be happy and maybe even expect first blood.

VS Katarina
Katarina is hard one regarding the strategy. In the beginning you have to target her only too but dont try so hard as with brand and morde, or she will punish you along with her minions. Most katarina-playing children like to buy full rune page for flat AP and Marks for magic pene. Considering exhaust, they buy themselves a first blood. You cant avoid this but you can do one thing - farm lots of minions so that you get more gold than you will give her from kill (one minion is averagely 15 gold, so you get one kill for every 20 minions you beat).

I dont recommend this at all because MF needs lasthits on minions, thats all she can do in early game. There are so useless or bad pairs that you will be able to harras them but still. This is luck reliable, no way in ranked :)

2v2 with support
Soraka, Taric, Alistar. Try one of those, but only premades. If you go with some random supports, they will hit the minions so lovely that you wont be able to get a single lasthit. Otherwise its good idea.

No idea why would so excellent AD carry go on lane with second regular player, but there are smart***es that will make you do this after you lock in. Try to lasthit although you will be forced to surrender in about 30th minute, if your mid AP or second AD carry (lol) doesnt get fed like hell, because you personally will be totally useless.

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Summoner Spells

Cleanse - This is how you beat Ashe on 1v1 and escape ganks. Miss Fortune goes down too quickly if focused, so you want to keep yourself clean.

Flash - Same reason, this is how you escape from ganks and focus area in teamfights. Cool to combo with ulti to take down weak enemy under turret (= one of skilliest ways to firstblood). Thats done by flashing in turrets range, clicking R and then aiming it in the direction of enemy. He probably wont be fast enough to escape, the less life he has the better chance for you. Again, dont try this if you arent sure you will kill, because otherwise your sacrifice is too big (flash, about 1/2 hp taken by turret, ultimate skill).

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Skill Sequence

Change this according to your gaming style, I tried going for all of the skills first and all worked (get 3 or at least 2 points to W anyway, otherwise you wont lasthit :P). Just this way is the, how to say, "most damaging" one. Best harras for other AD champs or not too hard AP ones.

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Vampiric Scepter - Why not Dorans blade? Let me say, Dorans blade is bought to increase your AD, therefore let you lasthit. But you have skill Impure shots that gives you way bigger damage, why would you waste gold on Dorans then? Vampiric heals you for about 7 HP a shot, with Dorans it moves around 3 HP, and then, you dont have to sell Vamp scepter later. If you for some reason still like Dorans blade... Go for it :)

BF Sword (and 2 wards) - From this moment you wont miss a single lasthit and your DoubleUp as well as normal attacks will deal so much damage that you should control the lane without problems (considering you had no serious problems all the time until now). Put your 2 wards on each side mid can be ganked from and happily push right into the tower.

Zeal - A bit of AS along with movement speed, needed to chase down running enemies.

Mercury Treads - Another way how you avoid focus. You can buy Ninja Tabi if enemies have too many DPS champions or you are being focused by one of them.

Infinity Edge - The earlier you buy this, the earlier you get your first triple kill.

Phage - Enemies cant run from you now and you can survive a little bit more.

Bloodthirster - Lifesteal needed for every DPS, combos well with DoubleUp.

Phantom Dancer - Ending of IE-PhD-BTh trio, these items give you just amazing DPS.

Frozen Mallet - Incredible amount of HP along with significant slow.

Guardian Angel - Play this item only with team you can trust, premades etc. If you are in normal game and random team, just get another Bloodthirster instead of Guardian angel and try to finish the game as quickly as you can.

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Marks - DPS, AS. Nothing too hard to understand about that. Helps you lasthit as you can switch targets faster, and also endure FB attempts.

Why not Armor penetration?
Generally yes, armor pene runes are the best for DPS, still I have some reasons why I go for these. In early game its way easier to lasthit like 5 minions out of the 6 on every wave, you dont have to plan so much because you can shoot all the time. For lategame, as you can see, I dont build any other AS item than Phantom Dancer. Together with Impure shots I gain 105% attack speed. And thats not much, so I get these marks to raise it up to 120% or so. Then I dont have to build Black cleaver etc.

Seals - Looks like I made it this way by putting together all runes I had, eh? Well, I cant deny that, but fact is that this works. As DPS you dont need so big mana regen, but still you need some. And then the bonus HP will help you survive more for sure.

Glyphs - These are weird choice. Considering MF is a DPS champion, so she doesnt like mages, you will need this to survive their faceroll and find courage to fight them back.

Quintessences (Armor Pene) - Every DPS needs this, for lasthitting and harrasing as well. It simply rox.

Quintessences (Fortitude) - For first-timers or those who dont like starting with 5 life bars only. Might be a slight compensation for not having Dorans blade.

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Once more thank you for reading guide to the end. I have already recieved - votes without commentary before, so Im gonna enable "Require comment to vote", sorry.

I hope I will be able to read your feedback and improve this and my future builds according to what you request.