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Kog'Maw Build Guide by zReapz

AD Carry Doing Kog'Maw the right way (Patch 6.6)

By zReapz | Updated on April 5, 2016

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Hey Guys!My name is Reaper and I have been an AD main since the start of Season 4. I am currently the ADC for the California State University of Monterey Bay CSL team. I have been playing multiple ADC's but the ones I fell in love with are Kog'Maw, Caitlyn, Kalista, Corki,Jinx and Vayne. I am rather decent in all of them but I excel in Caitly, Kalista and Kog'Maw. Hope you guys enjoy my updated guide!
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Through out all the mixtures I did, I found these to be the best runes that work with Kog'Maw. After the new patch where they nerfed kog'maw, I switched my MR runes and switched them for AS runes to help him with his W since they removed the Attack Speed passive. There are different runes that you can use. In a match up where the enemy team has a lot of Magic damage, I would use normal AD marks, armor, and MR while staying with the AS quints. However, if you are facing a team with low Magic dmg, use these runes and you will melt people away.
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I played around a few games with the masteries and I had the best results with these new Masteries. They worked for me but each person can have their own preference. Since Fervor's update, it outputs so much damage. It works well with Kog'maw as he uses attack speed. More basic attacks you hit, more damage from the Keystone mastery.
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Items are somewhat standard for an ADC. The one item you definitely want to get is the almighty Rageblade. This item works extremely well with Kog Maw as it increases Attack speed,damage, and even gives you AoE damage which is simply amazing. Try it out and if you like this build and have success on it, awesome!
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Skill Sequence

Ever since the changes to your Q and W, you will always want to max W now. Even though they removed the attack speed passive, your W is still your main source of damage. Using the AS runes, you will still be doing a lot of damage to enemy champions. Max W first. You can decide whether you want to max Q or E next. I max E for the slow next. it can help you escape or catch opponents.
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The spells that I use as an ADC are Health and Flash. The little speed boost will save you along with the heal of course. Flash just to avoid ganks and or flash over terrain. These are standard Spells that an ADC uses.
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Laning as Kog'Maw has never really been easy. You have to play pretty passive early game in order to become anything mid-late game. Try to have your jungler or Mid laner gank bot pre 6. If they do not gank, play passive until post level 6 When you get your ult, try to poke a little bit. Remember to just poke when the passive goes down(so it will cost you less mana). When you get BORK you can play more aggressive. A lot can depend on your support as well. If you have someone with hard CC(Thresh,Leaona,Blitzrank,Brand,Alistar,etc), take advantage of that early game. If you have a utility support(Nami,Janna, Karma, etc) just farm up as much as you can. If you can survive the laning phase, you can hard carry easily with Kog.
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Mid-Late Game

If you can make it to this stage in the game, you have the opportunity to make changes in the game. At this point you are either Fed, underfed, or just farmed up. Hopefully you are either farmed up or fed. Youre getting strong now so try to find a few champs out of position to help increase your chances of winning. Always stay with your support or someone that can peel you. Remember you cant really kite anymore if you want to get that 5.0% Attack Speed. If you can get a few kills, that will boost you to Super Saiyan Level. Always be careful with your positioning as well. Remember, you dont really have a get away aside from your flash or E. Thats just about it! Play safe until mid-late game and you will outscale every other champ out there. Good Luck and let me know how to build worked out for you!
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Combos can be tricky with Kog. You need to know which one to use at the right time and which will work best for you.

For Example: E-Q-W-R
You can use this combo when you have a disengage or you know youre going all in.

You can use this combo in case you need help escaping and want to kite the enemy.
Go in after you use your Q(Lowers Armor and MR)and activate your W. If they fight back and you start losing, use your E to slow them down. While they are slowed, you can kite them and also use your Ult to make them back off.

You can also use the combo
> W-Q-E-R
I wouldnt really use this since it is not efficient enough on the W active but it can help you dish out damage fast and still get away.
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His ultimate can be so OP if you use it right. Due to the changes,his ult does more damage the lower the enemy's HP is. Only use it early to CS if you are being pushed back(USE IT AS MINIMAL AS POSSIBLE SINCE IT USES SO MUCH MANA)

In teamfights your ult will be so strong. You can also use the range on his ult to catch people that are trying to get away.
League of Legends Build Guide Author zReapz
zReapz Kog'Maw Guide

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Doing Kog'Maw the right way (Patch 6.6)
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