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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeepestWaters

Dominating top with the Lion for noobs !

DeepestWaters Last updated on February 15, 2014
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Chapter 1 - What is Rengar?

Rengar is one of three things and I will go over them extensively.

First we'll discuss his kit.
His q damage is extremely strong when playing against squishy champions and can almost one shot ADC's, this is amplified by doing 100% of his AD when you're full ferocity. His w is an AOE AP skill that gives him MR and Armor on hit, which is useful to max if you're playing against top laners who will out dps you at all times. His e is a slow that escalates to a root when it's full stacked. I usually max this against people who I can't straight up trade with, so I need to poke them down first, as this skill has a good AD ratio and the cooldown isn't too bad. His ultimate puts him in stealth for several seconds and reveals everyone in a certain radius. This is his engagement skill and can also be used to chase, escape, or even just make sure the enemy team is at baron without risking death.
Now we'll discuss what he can be.

1. A bursty assassin.
With a high damage AD kit that scales very well Rengar is a huge presence before and during fights. Max your q in lane and burst down anyone who comes your way. The key to this playstyle is bushes 24/7. When you're in the top lane maxing Q to assassinate the enemy laner you want to stack your ferocity by taking a cs with your jump and then bola'ing the enemy as you walk back into your bush. Repeat this until you're at 4 stacks then you can jump on the enemy and burst them for maximum damage.

2. An off tank trader
With this playstyle you do damage but you're not exactly damage-y enough to just jump on a target and completely annihilate them. You have good poke by maxing your bola and the playstyle is pretty similar to the assassin, except you bola any time it's up and you have enough health to straight up trade without worrying about ganks 24/7.

3. A pure tank that can lock down an adc for your team.
This build is utilized by maxing the W as it gives increased armor and mr if you hit someone with it, turning you into a monster of a wall. I'd play this against extremely strong champions who you know you won't be able to win against. This build allows you to *Recklessly* initiate with your ultimate and not worrying about getting cc locked because if the enemy focuses you your carries will kill the enemy team.

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Your build can vary depending on who you're up against but usually I get my black cleaver as a core item and then build situationally. If you're playing tank rengar I recommend getting brutalizer and then Randuins, or if you're against someone like Malphite, Shyvana, Elise, etc., rush Spirit Visage. Some great items for Rengar are Ravenous Hydra, Maw of Malmortius. Spirit Visage, Last Whisper, and even Trinity Force if you're far ahead. Boots are pretty situation but I usually get Tabi or Merc threads.

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Who you need to worry about.

Rengar CAN beat anyone in lane but I'll list a few of the people that give him the most trouble.

- Pantheon -
I hate versing Pantheon. Hate it so much. He outpokes you, his shield is really good if he uses it well, he has lockdown to stop you from comboing, something most top laners don't have, and this is generally a hard match-up. I max either W or Bola depending on how the lane is by level 3.

- Shyvana -
Shyvana is so tanky that doing damage to her is just such a pain. She gets extremely tanky just naturally and her burn damage prevents you from fighting her straight up. Max your bola, poke her often, and sit tight and wait for your jungler.

- Renekton -

The only problem here is Renekton's sustain. Maxing bola is useless because he can heal that up more than you can throw it, making the lane hard to poke with, and usually he builds pretty tanky so maxing Q isn't very good. If you really want to try the poke game go E but most of the time I max my W against him and build randuins first.

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What runes and masteries should you use?

My standard rune page is an armor pen page.

This allows you to do more damage in general and against most standard AD top laners will be really good for you.

This page is for top laners who do magic damage like Elise, Mundo, Shyvana, etc. It just swaps out the armor blues for MR and you keep the armor for the auto attacks, because they add up early game.


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