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Yorick Build Guide by Remnic

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Remnic

Dominion as Yorick the tank.

Remnic Last updated on October 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yorick might be underestimated as a tank, but in Dominion is where his ghosts shine!

In this guide, I will only show you the tank version of Yorick as he is quite unique compared to other tanks in Dominion.

This is my first guide on Yorick, and I will be trying my best to give you some good information that seem resonable.

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The runes i chose for tanking is pritty much the same runes he use for damage, but instead of Flat Damage Quintences, i chose Flat Health Quintences.

Reds - Flat AD damage runes gives him control over minion waves that come towards any tower. And help his abilities to deal more damage, including his ghouls.

Yellow - Flat Armor runes for an easier laning phase.

Blues - Flat Magic Resist runes aswell for an easier laning phase.

Quintences - Flat Health Quintences to be able to survive 2v1 or if you want to go to Windmill. Which usually is 4v4/3v4/4v3.

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I chose 0/21/9 because:

A tank is a tank, however you twist and turn with the build the extra 4% reduction to damage and the 48 extra health in the start will help out a lot when you are facing 4v4/3v4/4v3 or even 1v2/1v1/2v1.

For utility, I chose Good Hands and Awareness because in dominion as a tank, you will die from protecting a tower or helping out your friends, and since you keep getting experience when you are dead the 5% from Awareness is a plus.

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Build #1
The items I chose for this build.

NB. (The main reason for no mana regen items, is because you have medic packs all over the map which give you a lot of mana)

Early stage 2min mark :

In the early game, you want to have a good amount of health in the beginning and boots. So i chose Prospector Blade and Boots of Speed. This will give you a good amount of health, but be cautious, your mana regen will be slow, and you have to be able to judge when to use your spells.

This choice was made specifically for the battle over the windmill in the start of the game. You will be able to survive long enough to capture it unless you are outnumbered.

Mid stage 11min mark :

At this stage, you should have Force of Nature and Boots of Swiftness. This combination will give you a fair amount of speed, enough to out run yi's ulti if you use your skill named: Omen of War. This choice was made because Yorick can tank, but he lacks a way to escape if things goes horribly wrong.

Alternatively you can get Mercury's treads if the other team has a lot of Crowd Control.

End stage 18min mark :

Welcome to my favorite part of the game, where you totally annihilate the other team with your build almost being complete, you now got Warmog's Armor and Thorn Mail, you can survive a ton of damage, aswell as create havoc. When you finally get your hands on Frozen Mallet, nobody can escape your fury and die a horrible death thanks to your team backing you up.

The last item is a choice item, you can choose between getting more magic resist, or more armor, epending on the other team's setup. I chose Spirit Visage because it has a good amount of magic resist, and makes your Omen Of Famine 15% more efficient.

Build #2
I have been experimenting a little with Phage in the beginning of the game. You will be quite slow, but you get more health, and a chance to slow your enemies. I'd say that speeding towards frozen mallet is a great because not only will it give you a lot of health, it will make sure that whoever you are attacking gets slowed so they can't escape you or your team. Also you will be gaining more hp in the beginning of the game, making sure that you will survive long enough for the team to take over top tower. However, if you are forced top, you should go with the standard build on build 1, because without boots, you will be too slow to get there and the team will die a horrible death.

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Skill Sequence

The Beginning

When you start off the game, you get 3 free skills to choose between. The reason i choose Omen of Famine twice is because it will help you a lot in the beginning, you will also get 1 level on the go which you can spend on your Omen of War.

What to max out first:

Max out E first because it will keep you up and running. The healing you recieve is awesome and the damage is great.

Having a balance between W and Q spell will show itself usefull, keep them at about the same level, you never know when you will need to rush towards a tower to save it or capture it. Running speed is the key.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Garrison. But Exhaust works great aswell against Tryndemere/Yi. First i will explain why i chose garrison.

I don't know how many times i laughed my *** off when 2-3 people rush into the tower range trying to kill me while defending it (EARLY GAME). I pop this baby right off, and keep my ghosts up, most of the times 2 people die and one run off with major injuries and my team get to kill them. This spell also make it possible for us to cap other towers without taking any damage!! How great is that? A tank that can reduce a tower's damage by 80%!! Your team will love you.

This spell is more focused on champions than at capturing points. This spell will help your team out against >all< AD champions. Example, if an overfed Tryndemere pops his ulti, trying to kill everyone on your team. You pop exhaust. His damage output is reduced by 80%, he can't do squat. Also, it forces him to run away because he can't kill anyone, also he will be slowed and killed when his ultimate ends.

I chose ghost aswell because it is a great spell combined with Force of Nature, Swiftness Boots and Omen of War. Also, it is great because you can quickly get to windmill in the start of the game. And fend off the bothersome champions, that is. If your team manages to get to you before you die. Remember, be a team.

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Pros / Cons


- Amazing when defending any towers.
- Amazing when attacking any towers.
- Good at chasing and killing.
- Good Initiator
- He can make 1 overfed teamate into 2.
- With the Lightning Shield, you are invincible, i didn't lose much health when i went 1v3.. Also, i do not recommend taking the shield as it is aimed for the carries only. You don't want angry teamates. Trust me.


- He needs team mates around him.
- If the other team focus down your ghouls, you will be easier to kill.
- Ranged Champions can kite you, making you unable to spawn ghouls to help you out.

- I am not sure if there are any more cons on this guy, he is a really insane tank. Just pray that the other team don't know how to deal with Yorick, and hope that they think that you are going dps.


Everything depends on your skill and how you use Yorick. With this build, i guarantee you that you will be able to kite champions, even with exhaust on you.

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Team Work

Dominion Teamwork.

I do not expect your entire team to see what i am writing here, only you as Yorick.

As Yorick, you want to be the initiator, everytime. You also want to be around your team mates. If you try to cap a tower far away from your team mates. You will die.

Being in the forest might seem like a good idea, but it's not. Instead, try to get the speedbuff as much as possible as it will help you initiate faster and escape from possible ganks.

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Last but not least.

Yorick is a great tank in this game mode.

Thanks to his passive, he will gain 15% reduced damage from everything, +5% with his ultimate up. Which makes it 20%, +4% from mastery tree resulting into 24% reduced damage.

Remember that Yorick can easily get kills, but who does really need kills the most on your team? The guy that tries to be immortal? Or the person that can kill the other team fast resulting into easy tower captures?

Sometimes, the ghosts tend to pick off the kills, but accidents do happen sometimes. Try not to be greedy.

Thank you for reading my first guide on Yorick in Dominion. If you have any additions to this guide, feel free to post comments below. And I will consider implementing them into the guide.

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None atm.