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Corki Build Guide by magestik12

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League of Legends Build Guide Author magestik12

DOMINION: Corki is so O.P.! (by Majestic6)

magestik12 Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Corki can be amazing if you play him correctly. Though he is underpowered on inherent damage, he is O.P. (overpowered) on escaping, catching, dodging, and general range. Make sure you use all of these advantages if you plan to succeed.

- Jump over trees, corners, turrets and back over enemies using Valkyrie.
- Use your Gatling Gun every time you engage enemies.
- Return to base often and buy the next item.
- ALWAYS be moving like a mad-man. You're squishy, and things like Nidalee's spear will take 1/2 your life off. Strafe, go back-and-forth, up-and-down... jump over walls, flash around. Never let the opponent know which way you'll go next!

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Summoner Spells

YES. There is nothing worse than being in a vicious dog fight, and not being able to kill someone because you can't Valkyrie to them. Or you get caught in a precarious position with no way to escape. Your Phosphorus Bombs reveal people, and it sucks to lose people in the trees when you don't need to: Those Missile Barrages are a lot easier to hit with if you've lit the person up for 6 seconds! All of this DEPENDS ON CORKI'S LIMITED MANA. So, take "Clarity" and help out your team, too. Even at level 18 it will completely refill your mana bar! OP!

Preferably, you want "Flash." Most champions will be able to chase you over 1 wall: With "Valkyrie" and "Flash" you can jump over two - I cannot begin to tell you how many times this has saved me!

You can substitute these in place of flash if you'd prefer:

You don't need "Heal" - You don't want to be in the middle of all the actions, anyways - stay back.
You don't need "Ignite" - because you already do a **** ton of damage, and you're able to catch just about anyone... ever.


Nothing else is viable.

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Beginning Game

- You should be bottom lane with a support/tank champion. People may try and tell you to mid... that's fine, but you're better off letting an AP champ get fed in mid. Solo top is not an option.
- You should use your phosphorus bombs to check bushes before roaming in (assuming your support/tank is not there with you at the time, or you're with another squishy.)
- Remember to purchase wards, and stay vigilant with the mini-map.
- Stay healthy by drinking red sodas: if you consistently have a lot of health people are less likely to jump you. Mental games can win the battle!
- Keep your distance, and always have your Valkyrie "ready to fire!" Remember: you stay outside the fight and just send death and pain into the center of all the action!
- Last Hit like a BOSS. You want that < 17min Infinity Edge!
- Stay in lane AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Leaving will reduce experience, and $$$! Clarity and Red Sodas will be your best friend!

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Grab your first level boots, and some "red sodas." One of Corki's biggest strengths is MOBILITY. We might as well play off that - you want to be able to get away, and stay away, from all the damage being dealt to your team.

You should be able to sustain lane long enough to AT LEAST get these items on your first go back:

KEEP BUYING WARDS all throughout the game. I know you're not a support character, but get them anyways. Part of escaping, and living, is knowing when/where a gank is coming from. Be prepared. Be savvy! Be the best on your team! Make people envy your amazing playing skillz, and tactical advantages. Play like the boss you are!

Now you need to start building damage items! Get your Pickaxe/B.F. Sword first - don't worry about the Cloak of Agility until you have at least 1 of those items. Then get your Infinity Edge.

NOTE: If you're playing him well (couple kills, couple assists, no deaths), you should be able to get the Infinity Edge by 17min. It's a good benchmark to shoot for.

Now that you have damage you require attack speed, and more movement speed. Get that Zeal, then the "Double Red Swords!" NOTE: If you are having issues with Ability Power Champs killing you, then grab a Wit's End instead.
or, for those pesky AP Champs, replace with this:

Now that you're hitting fairly hard, and fairly quickly you gotta start working on that max life. Other champs will be doing considerable damage, and you need to last a while.

More attack speed! More Damage! More armor shredding!!!

I left the 6th spot open in your inventory so that you can put whatever you want there. Here are some good ideas for Corki. Each is dependent on what the match is like. Do you need more Magic Resist? Mainly more Attack Damage? Is the match about to be over, and a less expensive item might be best? Do you already have 6 items, and need to replace one? Be smart, and notice what you're up against. Who is challenging you the most? Who is a worthless opponent?

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