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Pantheon Build Guide by spaceshostpurp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author spaceshostpurp

Dominion guide to Pwntheon

spaceshostpurp Last updated on October 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Dominion guide to Pwntheon
Hey there space buddies, this is space ghost's first crack at a guide ever so I made it as fast and simple as it is to learn. (hopefully)
Pantheon is an assasin melee with great burst, survivabilty, mobility, cc, and decent range. he can excel in 1v1, some 2v1 situations, and great in team battles
able to disable and take well over 50% of squishies health within one rotation. by the time mid late game comes You'll be fed enough to take down 75% or more.

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Runes / Masteries / Summoner Spells

The goal with this particular set of runes is to ensure you clean up lots o kills, making sure squishies dont escape with 5% health, and good boosts to maximize your skills
Armor pen marks so YOU have max damage against squishEes and able to harass bruisers and tankies
Alacrity seals to help maximize your passive and stay in battle longer, get those important auto attack crits in.
Greater glyph of warding for better survivablity against pesky mages.
Furor quints along with 1 and 1 of seal and glyhs to reach 15% crit damage. may ask why crit damage? to synergize well with E. explained in more detail later

21/9/0 masteries going for mr and health in defense and straight ad
go for revive and garrison to be a terror in clutch situations and turn tables in a hurry

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Brutalizer and health potion to start out. brutalizer plus scars aura plus your runes gives you lots of arm pen at level 3 plus the bit of cdr helps with the first battle.

Boots first time back and pick axe if you have enough.

At this point theyre team will have some decent damage so its time for surivablity. look to upgrade your boots to mobility boots here for youre amazing defense potential. depending on the amount of ap or ad you are up against will determine your next item.
if they're mostly ad or tanky then a phage will be a good choice for the bonus health, damage and slow. Armor will be a less of an option for panth because of his insane dodging, but dont be a fool buy some armor if theyre 100% ad

A hex drinker is the 2nd option in this trip back if they're heavier on the ap side.

or a straight up bf sword if they have no tankies so your not having a problem getting to and incapacitating those squishies.

At this point you want to go for ur IE to help give u bonus crit for your crit damage

Upgrade your phage to a trinity force for your attack speed bonus, crit bonus, slow, and basically every other reason tri force owns on dominion

Or if u didnt get a phage upgrade that hexdrinker to the maw of malmawatchamacallit

Its your choice to finish ofF youmous or not. the active works wonders with ur runes and build an what not. but i find myself ending many games with the brutalizer left alone and going for more ad bonus like a black cleaver
the cleaver will help lower enemies defense in the middle of u combo to nuke the hell out of the with ur E at the end.

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How skills synergize with build to murdalize fools

Your passive is very op and allows you to 1v1 alot of carries . good panths count the stacks, get dodges lined up before battle

given the runes and spec order, your Q and E and are pretty much equal in damage and gives u the high burst through out the whole game

Q- great clean up skill and nuke
W- very handy stun that makes u dodge like a mother effer, able to screw kat or fid or any other channeler. this giveS you an instant dodge after use, as well as an added stack for ur passive dodge
E- main burst and main kill skill. this allows you to burst because the the aoe it does, but more importantly the passive. you gain 100% chance to crit When the target or targets are below 15% health... to help visuallize the effectiveness of this you must know how to cast ur combos.. explained in gameplay
R- game saving, game changing, game dominating ult. use for defending top or bottom. to backdoor their bottom or mid. or to get away from a 3 man gank at their bottom bush because you couldnt cap fast enough

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Combos- Your combos depend heavily on the number of stacks you have of your passive

remember after 4 stacks you dodge the next basic attack or turret... so say im running up on a lone champ neutralizing top. I have one stack, best choice is to hop on him with W allow your auto attacks to hopefully get two, if not one stack up, then u get two dodges ina row.
if you encounter someone with max stacks just dont waste Yourr W, close the gap running and once Your dodge is used up then u can jump on and get another dodge, some spells and auto attacks, and get that last quick dodge in.

in the long run whether or not u decide to q,w or attack to start off with. ALWAYS save ur E for last. the damage output is very easy to underestimate and can kill an enemy with in a second and a half

Try to play more of a ranged role and stun bot when having little skirmishes. dont melee fight ppl untill the main battles for defedending or taking towers
its always fun to unload on a squishy with ur combo whenever you see one alone, just to make them run home right away, helps keep the numbers on Your side. most champs dont have alot of options against panths hard cc and high burst so dont be afraid to bully 1v1

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Tips Tricks and Gamesaving plays

Panth can leave a team very pissed off and frustrated and these tips will almost guarantee that happening
cheap kills Blind kills- ever have a champ at top get away with 5 percent health and run to the health pack top to B in the bush? well run to the wall and E that ***********er to death. the passive combined with runes and their low health will let you get that blind kill with ease.. well what if they didnt die. and the ranged carrey attacks you from behind wall cause your almsot dead. well now they blew their fog of war so u can jump over the wall and finish the job
your E is very effective against stealthies like teemo, or akali. E bushes when its a close call and the enemy is 1 sec away from B'ing in your bottom bush after capping.

Using ur summoner spells with ur ult- this pretty much guarantees success. just got pwnt in a team battle for top now they got three ppl with half health capping? well then hit your revive, ult top, pop garrison if you still have the tower and get your W ready before you land so you can click to stun someone automatically when you land. most of the time you can get 2 or 3 kills this way.

Also if you want to cap a turret with some low health people sitting on their turret? well u can and will get that turet. ult in and stun one, you'll get a block off for the first turret hit then immidiatley Q then E to get that 2nd dodge off, THEN this is the time for garrison after you used up your survivablity. this not only minimizes the damage done to you, but also you might be able to save garrison for later if you kill them fast enough
try to save your revive at the end of the game if its close since it is a 10 min cd. you will get game winning plays with ur combo of summoner spells and ult if u play long enough. and it feels great