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Kayle Build Guide by Boomuroom

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boomuroom

Dominion Kayle

Boomuroom Last updated on October 27, 2011
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Kayle in dominion!

This is my first build ever. I'm fairly new to the game, thus I do not feel experienced enough to build any sort of guide for classic game play, but dominion is new to everyone, so my experience here is just as much as anyone else.

Now, this is by no means a comprehensive guide on how to play Kayle for dominion. Its simply how I play and get fairly good results.

I've been playing with different builds. I've had a bit of success with a physical damage build (#2). This one emphasizes more on physical and also seems to have higher returns from the life steal / spell vamp than the magic build (#1).

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Pros / Cons

In dominion, you get a lot of gold very quickly, which Kayle needs to become powerful
Hybrid damage so armor stacking and magic resist stacking aren't very effective against her
Passive reduces armor + magic resist, enhancing your damage and your teams
Excellent damage and life steal / spell vamp (after hextech)

With this build you have no defensive items (except hextech but that requires offense to activate), so you are fairly squishy
You do not have mobility boots, so you are not the fastest person on the map
Kill Steals are hard to avoid (if thats a bad thing) due to splash damage

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Runes are pretty much preference. I haven't done any number crunching, but magic pen, armor pen, and attack speed are good choices for marks.

For seals, you could choose health per level (since you level up so fast its far better than flat health) or armor. In dominion you have fairly limited problems with mana on Kayle. You either recall, pick up a health pack, or die before your mana runs out usually.

For glyphs, you could use AP per level or magic resist per level. Again, even if you do nothing, you level up incredibly fast, so there's no need for flat gains.

For Quints, Armor pen, magic pen, attack speed, ability power, health, magic resist. Its really all preference or what you have for this slot.

I don't see attack speed in many builds, but Kayle's fury gains MOST of its damage from base levels in the skill, so faster attack speed is the best way to optimize this skill. That's the main reason I suggest attack speed runes.

For build #2 the suggested runes are about the only ones that work, possible subbing in defense or resilience for seals (armor / level or flat armor)

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Yet another set of preferences. I am not level 30 yet so I have not had the chance to play with different masteries all the way down the trees. I chose to mostly ignore brute force, because it doesn't seem to add a whole ton to your damage overall, but again, this is mostly preference. I do think getting archaic knowledge and sunder are two fairly required masteries. They are by far the largest damage boost you'll get.

I've seen many builds suggesting going down the utility tree. The reasons I did not choose to take that path are:

    Kayle does not need much on her CDR. Other than keeping fury up in fights theres not a big need for it
    Your summoner spells, while useful don't really need to be up all the time as a good portion of the game is spent moving from point to point capturing towers.
    There are no jungle buffs to get, so lengthening them is pointless
    Kayle's mana regen is fine as it is. She doesn't need much more than her base and items cover what she does need
    The increased movement speed is nice, but with divine blessing, the speed shrines, and starting with enhanced movement 2, you move plenty fast to get to most capture points in time to save the day

For build #2, masteries are still a preference but because damage is much more physical, crit and crit damage masteries will do a bit more for you.

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The wonderful items list

First off, YOU NEED BOOTS!!!!! I have seen so many games where someone starts off without boots, and every single time they are the last one to a fight, and so the fight is already over when they get there. Dominion is about SPEED! I choose to start with berserker greaves because 1. They are cheap 2. They give you enhanced movement 2 (yay!) 3. They increase attack speed. Kayle needs attack speed, and needs to get into the fight at the same time as everyone else.

Malady is amazing for Kayle plain and simple. She does almost all her damage through auto attacks. Her passive reduces enemy armor and magic resist. Her main damage ability adds magaic damage to her auto attacks. Malady adds to this bonus, is always up, and works well with her passive to lower your enemies resists to, or close to, 0. On top of all that, its got a hefty amount of attack speed. Overall, wonderful item for her.

Next up, I grab Nashor's Tooth. I start by building Stinger, then go for the tome, then finish off what I can get when I can get it. Another good choice for Kayle. This thing adds some attack speed, ability power, and brings your cooldowns into the range where you can keep your fury up nearly 100% of the time. All usable stats that benefit her well

At this point in the game, enemies are usually focusing me in team fights, so Hextech Gunblade is next on my list. I grab the vampiric scepter first because its the cheapest item for returning life. If I have the gold for it, I'll grab the revolver, but that usually isn't the case. Either way, after getting one get the other. Life steal + spell vamp components are the ones we're interested in here.

Usually by this point the game is pretty much over, but if not, fear not, because your next choice really ups your damage and attack speed! The blood razor replacement. Yet more attack speed to boost your damage more, increases your attack damage for a little more per hit, and then the real bonus, its deals damage equal to 2.5% of your target's life per hit. At this point you are attacking really fast (not sure but somewhere near 2 per second), so this bonus can really shine at this point. Earlier in the game your attack speed would be a bit slow, which is why i postpone buying this til late game.

I've never had a game last long enough that I could buy this last item, but I was working on it (got up to zeal). The phantom dancer really adds some frosting to the cake. Biggest attack speed bonus item available, massive crit chance, and movement speed buff.

Of course, this is all suggestions for items. Depending on your enemy team's comp / attitude you might want some defensive items. For instance, I find most games, most people choose AD champions. To help counter that you might want a frozen heart or thornmail. If your enemies are always together, you might want Ionic Spark instead of the bloodrazor (does chain lightning every 4th hit and still adds a good amount of attack speed).

Choose items to adapt and play off the weaknesses of your enemies.


For build #2, I still suggest starting with boots then rushing malady. Simply put, its an amazing item for Kayle.

After getting malady, I grab stinger. Its a nice boost to your attack speed and a little CDR to keep your spells up when you need them.

Next up I grab sanguine blade. I usually start with the B.F. Sword unless I'm getting destroyed by the enemy team. The sanguine blade will really help you put out more damage and heal you up a decent amount at the same time. The reason I don't get this any sooner is: your passive, this item, and your Righteous Fury all stack up faster with more attack speed.

After that, I'll grab another B.F. Sword and end up turning that into an infinity edge. This really stacks up a lot of damage for you and with that crit bonus, you should be hitting enemies fast AND hard (AND in a small aoe thanks to Righteous Fury).

After that, if the game time permits, grab yourself a phantom dancer. Wonderful item at this point. Gives you everything you need. More delicious attack speed -> more hits -> more damage + life stolen. More crit chance -> more damage + life stolen. More movement speed -> gettting where you need to be faster -> more caps + defends -> winning

Now its unlikely the game will continue on much longer after you reach this point, but should it drag on, go ahead and finish stinger off into Nashor's Tooth. There isn't a major gain from doing this, but its a little more stats for you, and its not going to hurt if you pick up after dying or coming back to heal. I would not suggest coming to buy it just to buy it though.

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Skill Sequence

In dominion you start at level 3, and usually reach 4 before fighting anything.

My first choices are to grab 1 rank in each spell, then follow a priority for maxing them as follows: R > E > Q > W

You can choose to vary this, if your enemies aren't too bright, and leaving towers undefended as they zerg in a circle around the map, take more points in W so you can move faster to pick up the towers they leave behind.


Even though build #2 is physical and not magical based, you still want as many points in Righteous Fury as soon as possible. Its more damage for you, period.

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First off: General strategy. Holding more towers than your enemy hurts their nexus. There is no way around this fact. A team with 0 kills 500 deaths but holds all the turrets WILL BEAT a team with 500 kills 0 deaths and 0 turrets.

Next point, minions can take a tower on their own, but because lanes are short, and minions take damage while capturing a tower, even a neutral one, this is not a reliable strategy. An enemy champion can usually walk up and wipe out a minion wave in seconds.

With those in mind, I give you your priority list: Towers > Kills > Minions

You wont win without towers. The longer your enemies are dead, the longer you hold the towers you have, and lastly your minions can push a tower or work as a nice distraction for you.

You'll notice I did choose promote. Its a wonderful spell, with a little lane help + a promote you can set a lane in motion to steal back a tower while you run off and take another one. It also works well if you are having trouble taking a tower back because your enemies are piled up on the tower. Push the lane back up to their tower, then cast promote and watch your minions do the capturing while you do the fighting.

Most players don't expect your ult and barely recognize when it happens. Keep this in mind to "trick" them to end up getting the kill on them instead of them on you.

Also don't be greedy with your ult. If you aren't taking damage but a nearby ally is, give them a hand. Dominion is mostly about how good you are 1v1 or 1v2, but if you can save an ally and make it 2v1 on the enemies, even for just a couple seconds more, go for it! Saving an ally in a fight usually leads to killing all the enemies, which leads to capping a tower, which leads to winning.

If your team has 3 or more towers, don't keep pushing for those extras unless you guys are totally dominating your enemy. This isn't like classic where its all about your momentum. I've literally seen a game turn from (enemy)400:16(us) to a victory simply because our enemies got cocky and tried to 5-cap us.

While defending, keep your towers in play as much as possible! If an enemy is capturing a tower, it won't shoot ANYONE. All it takes is 1 hit to stop them, and then your tower does some impressive damage to help you out. With your E dealing splash damage, your Q and E granting you a decent amount of range, and R giving you a few seconds of free reign on your enemies, you should be able to keep them off a tower by yourself pretty well. I've gotten TONS of double kills using this strategy, and a few triple kills.

Another note for defending towers: Garrison will break all enemy captures going on at the moment of its casting, and regenerate a decent amount of the towers "health", but it will not prevent future captures. Do not use it if you are going 5v1 at a tower because you will die too fast to prevent your enemies from capturing it. It will only be beneficial in semi-fair situations. 1v2 or 1v3 sometimes, depending on how powerful the enemies are, and if your ult is ready.

If used offensively your ult drops the damage an enemy tower will put out by 80% allowing you to enter in and fight enemies there without getting decimated by it. With that in mind, do not use garrison on an enemy tower if the fight will last much longer than 8 seconds, or you have a good chance of losing the fight anyways. Use it to level the playing ground so you can win quickly with minimal loss.

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This build is pretty powerful for dominion, but as I've said, it comes down to preference on a lot of things. Most people have Kayle now so I thought I'd drop in a little advice for those of you who'd like somewhere to start when playing her in dominion.

If you have any advice / suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments. I will probably try all of them, and if any are better than what I've got I'll add it in and....give credit where its due! *gasp*

Good Luck to you all and hope you enjoy the new game mode