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Leona Build Guide by Mandhi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mandhi

Dominion Leona - Annoying stunning tank

Mandhi Last updated on January 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About the builds

Made some changes;

Build 1 is against heavy AD
Build 2 is against heavy magic

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Pros and Cons


2 stuns + mass slow with possible stun effect
Great initiator
Very good at peeling and locking down enemies
Can hold a tower alone for a while against 2-4 enemies
Great team player


Lacking good damage
Loses a lot of efficiency if alone
Nearly useless if team members are not helping after initiating

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Ive been playing Leona a lot lately, she's just so amazing with good teammates!
I'm not saying this is the best Leona build. However I have tried a lot of builds for her and pure tank just isn't cutting it for me. Trying to play her as a dps also is kinda ridiculous. She's not dpsy, she's a lock-you down, protects-her-teammates tank.

I find she's used best when playing with squishy carrys. She's amazing at protecting them, stunning enemies while they nuke them down and dont take any damage in the process. I know i've done my job if Ashe and kat havent taken any damage while we killed 3+ enemies. You also shouldn't be afraid to sacrifice yourself

Leona isn't very great at the beginning, but she catches fast after getting that first cdr item, and is annoying as hell and tough when she gets to mid-game.

My goal with building her hyper cdr is that she's as tanky as if youd build her pure tank when shes stunning everybody all the time, no time to hit you when they're standing there getting hit! This also makes her the Ultimate Squishy Defender :)

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Greater Quint of Fortitude x 3 : Lots of HP
Greater Mark of Fortitude x 9 : Moar HP
Greater Seal of Resilience x 9 : Some armor
Greater Glyph of Warding x 9 : Some M.R.

Pretty standard tank setup, gives you some of that nice survivability. However feel free to use any tank / cdr runes you have at hand.

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I like 8/21/1 best however 8/6/16 or 9/0/21 is also fine for that build.

I go 9 in offense to get that 3% cdr then build her pure tank. More survivability! If you prefer, going utility also works swell, with or without 6pts in defense.

However I find overall in dominion going more tanky works best in the long run. You stay there longer annoying enemies, protecting your pals and getting assists. Dont forget your goal is to get your teammates annihilating everyone while your locking-down enemies.

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In dom, you start with 3 levels and 1375 gold, which lets you get some first-hand freebies.

very nice start-up item, Some hp and cdr is just what you need. Also its cheap and leads up to other items
Since Kindlegem is cheap you have some money left for a pair of those. Not having any movement speed is a real moodkiller for her and the boots lets you stay ahead enough

In case of Heavy CC or AP carry team, i go for

If the enemy team has a majority of ap user i like to go for this first. While the healing effect isnt very great it has cdr, magic resist and hp.

When the enemy team has a majority of AD users, i will go for this. Mana shoudnt be an issue but the armor and cdr is great. This also leads to Frozen heart.

Shoes!!! This is what i usually go for after buying Spirit Visage/Glacial Shroud, if there is at least 3 ap users/ccers combined. if this isnt the case then i go for pretty self-explanatory, lots of juicy cdr.

MID-GAME : Tank item

After buying shroud/spirit visage and a pair of boots, i will grab 1 tank item depending on enemy composition

I tend to prefer those :
Awesome-o magic resist chestpiece, also gives you great hp5 and some movement speed (always useful)

very good armor. also gives you mana and 20% cdr (Awesome!). the 20% as reduction can be useful against as stackers and heavy-hitter ADs

Other good tank items:

Against AD chars:
Good, standard tank item. decent armor and good HP, However a bit pricey

Another great tank classic. that 100 armor will get you through bad spot and the passive can help you put some more pressure.

Against AP chars :
Not a fan of this for some reason .HP, mana and MR. Good but again pricey. Stores 10% of magic dmg done to you and allows you to releases it unto someone every 90sec. You can take this if you wanna be more bursty (meh)

Similar to odyn's but with passive spell block every 45seconds. tanky and pricey

Mixed team :

If you're up against a mixed team, either go for an item to counter whoever you're fighting most / is annoying/killing you the most OR go for one of these;
Great mixed item. Also the passive aura adds extra protection to your teammates.

Not a fan of this - the 5min use in Dominion means you wont get much love out of it

Not a fan of this - the 5min use in Dominion means you wont get much love out of it

HP items :

I prefer mr/armor to just HP but heres some usefull HP items :
Very nice. Lots of Hp, 20AD and your auto-attacks slows enemies

Warmog's. The ultimate HP item. Never used this on her as its pricey and blocks me on my way to cdr nirvana

If you're pwing big-time and don't feel like you need to be more tanky, skip to next item phase AKA go buy Shurelia's


Now is the time to grab tons of CDR. I will takeright on. It has HP, HP5 and 15% CDR. The mini-sprint for everyone use is always useful to make your team reach places faster. it will use the kindlegem you bought at the start and : Awesome! You're now over 40% cdr. This is great but- NEED MORE. At this point you could also just go for good tank items, if youre feeling adventurous, try more CDR items -->

Heres a breakdown of usable remaining CDR items:
You got it - Build another kindlegem, its a cheap 10% cdr if youre winning anytime now and just need a quick filler

10% cdr at a leet price. Not really certain if the AD and ARP really does anything for Leona.. Also, it only builds into Youmuu's

Another cheap 10% CDR item, which builds into AP dps items,

Remaining choices are pricey DPS items; grab one if youre close to winning and have to spend that money - gets some some burstor Morellos

This is how i like to build it - Feel free to mix and match to your liking!

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Team Work

With this build Leona is the ultimate team player. Shes tanky and can stunlock for very long periods of time, thus being awesome at protecting teammates. Also her dps is a bit low so she really does need to be with others.

Leonas passive does a considerable amount of damage in the game and should not be dismissed, so try and always stick with others. be part of the attack top team (unless you have to go defend cause you're the closest - you can go away when the spot if safe)

She's used best combined with squishy carrys. She protects them very well so they dont have to worry about getting squished, thus making a killer combo. She also does well with any dps really.

You have to always be upfront and initiating fights, rush to fights to protect teammates. Don't be afraid to be the one to die if it means others gets to survive and protect the tower.

She can hold a tower for a while against 1-3 enemies depending on their team comp and how tankish you built her

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End Note

***UNFINISHED*** (But will be finished/continued soon)

This is my first build. I am also a Dominion-exclusive player.

Any positive feedback/commentaries welcome! I pretty much took the time to make this build to see other players' opinions about it.