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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Neo Daedalus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neo Daedalus

Dominion Sir Prize Blitzcrank

Neo Daedalus Last updated on December 22, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my Dominion Blitzcrank short guide. This is quite an uncommon build for Blitz, but it makes quite an impact on the game. The idea was given to me by one of my friends and I decided to try it out, since I have been playing Blitzcrank for about a year now and really liked him since I bought him (6300 RP, my first bought champ ;D).

There are some facts that I want you to keep in mind while reading this guide:

1. This is a guide for Dominion blitzcrank, it makes very little sense in Classic.
2. This is mostly focused on movement speed, while prioritising physical damage over magic damage.
3. Play this build ONLY IF YOU PLAYED BLITZCRANK BEFORE! This is not a guide for players who are new to Blitzcrank and especially not for players, who are new to LoL. Since this is a dominion guide, I expect, that you have played LoL before and know the basics, but as for the champ I feel that it is important, that you know the importance of certain of his abilities and his capabilities.

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As we all know, movement speed is very important in Dominion and Blitz excels at that. That is why this build is adjusted to that. Besides movement speed it also emphasises attack speed, sheen procs and CDR.

Item sequence:

Boots of Mobility + Sapphire Crystal - the first two items, that you buy at the beginning of the game. Thanks to the Wealth Mastery you will have 1415g at the beginning, wich is more than enough to buy both of them.

Sheen - this is Blitz's most important damage item, it stacks very nicely with Power Fist and if used correctly, it gives you 70% more damage from almost every basic attack.

2x Zeal - This is for extra movement speed, attack speed and critical strike. the critical strike might not seem that important, but later on it really makes a difference.

Trinity force - Probably the most important item in a Blitzcrank build, I can't remember seeing a single build without it. gives him the damage, mana, health and two very important passives.

3rd Zeal - By this time, most of the enemy team members will gain the speed you had so far and this will add the last bit you need, to become the fastest rolling golem without rust :D Seriously, chasing gets much easier, runnning away almost never fails and backdoor cappings are much more effective, if you get to the point earlier. This item can be sold in the end for a sunfire cape, but honestly, which dominion game lasts that long?

Frozen heart, Force of Nature, Sunfire Cape - These are the last items of the build, giving the much needed resistances, CDR, and regeneration. In most cases, you will be able to build Frozen heart, but the last two items you mostly won't build at all, since the games usually end sooner.

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Here, I take the most I can in CDR, movement speed and physical attack at the same time.

Offensive tree:

Since this build focuses on physical damage, I feel that this tree helps more than the defense tree and not by any means as much as the utility tree. That is why I chose the armor penetration and attack damage, speed.

Utility tree:

This is the best tree in my opinion for investment on Blitz. the mana for his barrier, movement speed and CDR are very much needed in Dominion and gold really helps getting the items you need. Many of you might think like: "Wth, why gold in Dominion, that is totally useless!" Well, I can prove you wrong (right now only with arguments, videos might follow). The wealth gives you enough gold to purchase two very important items at the beginning. Boots of Mobility are obviously needed for good move speed and syngerize well with Overdrive. Sapphire crystal gives you some extra mana for your mana barrier, which is almost guaranteed to proc in the first fight at the windmill and also brings you closer to building sheen. The passive gold might not have the same inpact as in Classic, but nevertheless helps.

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Summoner Spells

The choice is simple:

Exhaust: Probably one of the best choices in Dominion, stoping your enemies from escaping or chasing you/your teammates, or, with mastery point lower the target's armor and magic resist to increase the damage output and save valuable time.

Flash: In this build seriously beats Ghost, since you will have enough movement speed. Also good for escapes and aggressive play (Flash -> Power Fist / Flash -> Rocket Grab). With this build You will play more aggresively, that is why I didn't pick Garrison, but if your team needs it I recomend switching Flash for Garrison.

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This is my short guide, I will keep adding info and more details in the near future, so visit it in every so often. I hope you've enjoyed it and will try it in the future. If you have any questions or requests, fire away, I will be very happy to attend to every single one of them.

Also, if you want to add me as a LoL friend, I am on EU East & Nordic: Ocean Dragon (currenly only online during weekends)