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Nocturne Build Guide by dontbother902

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dontbother902

Dont blink

dontbother902 Last updated on October 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Try the build before rating it.

This is my first build guide i dont know how to put images an stuff so instead of hating please comment and help me :)
And also my english is not verry good (im french canadian) so sorry for misspelling shtuff :P

Now... i know what many of you are probably thinking... noob build... but let me tell you something, noc is a great jungler ganker and... a great killer so... this build is focused on dps... i really dont know what to say in introduction frankly -.-" so... lets move on?

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Now for the runes i give myself a bit of resistance so i wont be too squishy and give myself a bit of armor pen. gives me the upper hand.

you can also pick crit. chance marks and glyphs this will lower the jungling efficiency but... will give you 98.95% crit chance instead of 85!

then blah blah blah people give you 100 lines about what each rune does... if you want that go to another build :P

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now for masteries i focus on offence giving it 21-0-9, masteries like brute force and alacrity will really help you in early gaming lethality and havoc will give you the upper hand in late gaming.i use god hands coz... i die a lot? and late game its really important to get back in before its too late :/ awarness makes you lv up faster and is always good if you want to be ahead of everyone ;) and geed... only if ur greedy

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Ahhhh... the interesting part :D now you should start with a vampiric scepter that will keep tou alive for a while before you come back to the spawn, verry good for starting off.

Next, most people buy boots... i usually dont, y? simply beacuz nocturne is waaayyy to squishy early game so the phage grants you extra hp, dmg and can slow the damn champion that hides behind the turret D:< (but if youre dooing good you can buy the boots first)

Now is the time to buy boots ull buy beserkers greaves. This will allow you to move quicker scice everyone else should have boots by now... anyways it also gives you the att. speed youre missing great starting item :D

once the game is starting to get in motion next you will want to buy the frozen mallet this is vital for mid game, it slows the enemy, so... no running gives you a decent amout of dmg. and 700 hp. so basically your not as squishy :P frozen mallet combined with duskbringer gives you kills for sure... no running away this time! >:D

Later on u can change this item for other defence items, for example if youre up against lots of mages mybe youre better off with force of nature or banshee's veil, if its a well balanced team and youre dying quite a bit, go for guardian angel, if there all dps champs aim for the frozen heart.

Now ur dooing good but not killing fast enough and you need more hp regen. so... bloodthirster. This is a must no if or but! blood thirster gives you an extra 100 Dmg. and 25% lifesteal! so please dont die ;)

Next time for attack speed! what is noc. without speed? o.O so yeah buy the Dancing Phantom
this is again a vital item, it gives you full of speed and movement speed plus... 30% crit. chance :D

now that you have Dmg. and speed, time for infinity edge! this item gives you 80 attack dmg. and 25% crit. so combined with a dancing phantom now your at 55%crit. (without masteries and runes) and so 55% of the time ull deal 250% dmg so yeah its needed.

Now if the game is finished well... its finished but if it isint, its time for you to pwn everyone you buy another dancing phanton (crit. chance now at 85%! ) plus ull need the speed.

Now for the final item... games are usually finished by now... but if it isint, get anothe blood thirster and replace the boots, the dancing phantoms will suffice for movement speed.
the 2nd Blood Thirster gives you an additional 100 Dmg! plus now you have 50% lifesteal!

Finally... at the end you have almost 100% crit. chance dealing close to 1000 Dmg per blow at a verry high speed healing 50% of the Dmg... you can even kill the baron of the summoner's rift without loosing 1hp...
so yeah... they shoud not blink

The only item thats replacable, is the frozen mallet, you can change it depending on the opponents ;)

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Summoner Spells

Now i take smimite and ghost and i jungle but... if your a low lv summoner and cant jungle without dying (youll need runes and masteries to jungle) then i suggest you lane instead if thats the case then instead of smite use ignite;)

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Skill Sequence

For skills youll wanna max out duckbringer 1st this allows you to lane, jungle better and is great for chasing down champs;)

Shroud of darkness, youll want to use 1 at the beginning to block enemy spells from time 2 time and get more att. speed :)

unspekable horror is th 2nd thing youll want, great for killing champs and monsters that are too powerful for you XD

Paranoia... max it out when you can :/

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This build allows you to kill any enemy in less than 5 sec., well i usually kill them in 1-2 sec. tanks 5 sec. last game stats were: 37-5-9 and im not that good of a player ;)

if there is anything i should change PLEASE TELL ME! :)

And no trolls plz

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Pros / Cons


-this build is a definite win on a 1v1
-great assasin

- if youre ganked youre dead... but since this build give a hell of alot of life steal, attack the dps car. 1st try to attack the wakest 1st so you get more health back and with a bit of luck you just may kill them all (if theyre noobs) but dont try running its useless...the only way is if you have flash or use paranoia on a enemy thats further away :/

-be aware of champs with items like frozen heart or thornmail :/ verry deadly, if so buy items to counter it... counter it? can i say that? counter it? i dunno sounds funneh XD

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Try farming champions XD

no but really


you should start off with the wolves (summoner's rift) then go to the Wraiths, use smite on the blue one, proceed to the golem pack.
buy potions.
When you're strong enough, kill them all from the golem buff all the way to the golem pack ;)
(from left to right) high lv. summoners can do it on their 2nd trip directly after returning from the 1st.