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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Luvs2spl00g3

Don't call Ghostbusters!

Luvs2spl00g3 Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, Spl00g3 here. This is my first build so any and all help / critisim is good! First of all, this hero is probably one of my favourite melee characters so far out there and with that i felt a build for him is required!

P.S if the rune numbers or anything is funky excuse my fail, i will further explain later on!

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I went 3x Arp 3x AS 3x CD reduct and for my quints I used 3xArp.
I chose these runns cause Arp on any melee character is a must imo, on top of that His passive abilitiy is amazing with AS and the CD reduct is good for his Q/E and helps with his ulti later in game. I was limited to what runes i had to use but so far these are the best! ( been using dodge experimentally, its 50/50 xD) If you do choose the Dodge rune over the AS rune it does help with your nimbleness proc but you will lack abit of AS until your get your "w" or until black cleaver is in your hands!

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Okay! For masteries I went 21/9/0 as it seems to be a standard melee mastery. On top of that the attack speed buff helps out amazingly same with the CD reduction, and the armor pen!

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Okay now this is what totally messed with my mind was the items for him. First thing that came to mind reading his abilities was built him like Master yi( DEWOFire's build) but it seem'd like WAY too much AS for my liking so I Free bird!

I Started with Dorans blade as this recent buff to Doran's (100hp +10 dmg +3% LS) seemed like a fitting place. After FB assuming you get it, I got for 2 long swords off the bat. Now your like omg why you no have boots? Well if your using your q alot boots aren't a nessesarcy thing until after you achieve your Brutalizer. After you achieve this delicious item, I go straight for Black Cleaver, the attack speed and dmg is well worth a item spot on Nocturne on top of the Armor debuff its brings to the table. ANd by this time you should beable to faceroll alot of people, and also you should be gettin targeted SO this is where i get starks for AS/LS/armor debuff and then i go straight for 2 BF's to finish it off! you should literally have amazing AD and AS in late game (lvl 16+) and 1v1's along with team fights are not an issue!

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Skill Sequence

K this is something that i struggled with, because any of his moves makes a good starter, but I personally ended up picking his Q cause its great harass, along with nice MS and AD buff. Then i go for his fear abilitiy for more burst early game and in combo with Q to use as a escape mechanic. Now alot of people are like zomg why not get his shield? Personally, I don't get it because his passive is being filled in by black cleaver assumin you get it early. If however your fight a group of champions with AoE ult's then rush the shield at lvl 4 to now get subjected to that. When laning try and use your Q and E in conjuction with your passive ability for max dmg output and a last minute heal on ganks and 1v1's.

Also, when using his ulti I find that Using it to escape is nice but on top of that as a Surprise attack and it strikes fear into their team so.. just spam when you can! (also not a badway to escape ganks as well)

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Pros / Cons

-Wicked early harraser/decent mid
-Amazing burst potential
-Great 1v1, and good support for teams
-Good Jungler( if you so choose to be)
-Great farmer/pusher

- More than likely to be targeted in all team fights
- Ulti will kill you!
- If picked off at the very beginning hard to make a comeback

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Thanks for reading my guide all please comment and rate and what not and also don't be afraid to bring up any points of fail in this build! ( still learning) also sorry i couldn't include the pictures and skill moves and such was unsure how to do it!

Thanks for reading and happy ***-whoopin!