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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by ibros2

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ibros2

Don't Feed the Fiddle

ibros2 Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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09 / 19 / 2011 - Fiddle for shizzle dizzle.

Here is a AP oriented Fiddlesticks build. If you start well your on a roll...

Fiddlesticks can get very OP once it got a slight margin with his opponent. You can really take advantage out a difference in funding and leveling. Crush that weak guy in the back and feed your thirst for kills.

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I will not get into runes. All credits goes to:

Pretty neat build too, but I consider this one as a good alternative. Usually the runes are really DPS Caster oriented.

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Standard AP caster build. Archaic knowledge is a must have on this one.

You must get all the Mana regen and cooldown reduction you can have. Maybe you will struggle in early game with the lack of mana, the masteries and runes should help overcome this weakness.

If you find yourself always down on mana, it could really slow down your already difficult farming.

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If you struggle early, don't worry.

Once you get, all your drains will get you back in business in no time.

I knowis a long way to go. So stay alert to gank attempts and FARM FARM FARM (Fiddle is great in mid, cause he can 1v1 almost everyone). Once you get Deathcap, they will cry for mercy.

Here's the tricky trick. I priorizeover many other items because of active and his cooldown. You can use this active for excellent burst damage in addition of terrify and drain. At this point you should have 350+ AP wich deals roughly 30% + 10.5% = 40.5% of champion total health. Remember you have a passive that reduce MR by 10 !

Then you can surely go to. This is excellent for chasing because you still get 15% slowing for every monster/champion you hit with Dark Wind. So it gives you a chance to cast terrify and then drain them to death while they are on 35% slow.

If you encounter a team thats pretty tanky or that start to stacks MR you should skip Grasp and Scepter and go straight tofor an excellent MR reduce. Once you got this you can tank almost anyone with Drain, and see them run away.

If there is money left you can go with Void Staff, Rod Of Ages or anything you might be using.

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Skill Sequence

Drain>Terrify>Dark Wind

Drain is your main skill. You can either use it to resplenish all your HP on mobs when no ones around, it has decent damage, it can save your partner life, can make a ennemy turret dive go really bad, etc... I get as many kills with drain than I get with my Ulti

Try using Drain in team fights when you have a melee fighter in front of you. If someone try to 1v1 your tank, you can drain a lot of his HP before he realize you just sucked him.

Dark Wind is usefull for Harassing, and slow down ennemies farming. If you start in mid and keep firing Dark Wind toward the ennemy champion, he will slowly take his distances, killing less and less minions. You will eventually make a level and funding gap. and then... BAM LVL6, Ulti on yo' face. Make that gap even bigger, let them feed and carry to win !

Dark Wind has his utility for CC. if you are being chased by 2 ennemy champions, cast Dark Wind and watch it going back and forth 2-3 times and silence them for more running time.

Dark Wind is also a Ranged Champion counter. Since you can hit a mob with it, great chances are it will fly toward the back of the battlefield and hit that Squishy Ashe hiding before her minions. Laugh while she step back and let you advance further toward that tower.

Don't waste too much mana using Dark Wind on mobs, you will surely get a lot of last hit but you will end up needing to go back to base and loose precious time. Concentrate on harassing champions with spells and creating more space for your auto-attack.

Terrify is your second CC skill. It can be used in addition of any of your Summoner Spells.

If you have Ulti on CD, flash from bushes - E - Q - W. Making ennemy go WTFLOLZOR? Works well on turret dive once you have plenty of spell vamp and AP.

Terrify can save people's lives. Not only yours...
When you see an ennemy chasing a wounded comrade, it's the first thing you should hit him with. Rendering him unable to get that precious kill in clutch moment.

It can save your own ***. 1v4 gank/kite ? No problem, Terrify on the closest one and then Flash your way out.

You find yourself low on health but doesn't want to leave the battlefield because nexus towers are almost down ? Terrify the guy that try desperately to save it and watch your carry get his ACE.

Crowstorm is really powerful. It's that kind of Ultimate that either kill em' all or nothin'.

You have to time your channeling perfectly. How many times did I see prey's coming blindly, channeling<-->same moment champion walks away. Since you have to wait for a bit of time, it will happen a lot for you to miss the guy.

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Ghost.

I Think summoner spells are more a personnal choice, you all have your own playing style.
Flash is both great for chasing as for running away and ghost can get you to one lane to the other in no time.

I've heard so many people complaining about Ghost. It is not a offensive spell, don't go chase on Ghost except if you are sure they don't have CC or high damage. I use it mostly to go and gank from one lane to the other in the blink of an eye. It's very useful for strategic positioning.

I'd rather give up my Flash then my Ghost meh xP.

Teleport is also an option, even thought you don't need to go back that often. You can still use it to go and protect that left alone tower.

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Fiddlesticks is a bit squishy but you can really survive on 1v1 thanks to CC and Drain.

If you don't feel comfortable with Deathfire Grasp you can skip it. I have myself trouble to truly master it since it requires great timing. I've been also using 2x Deathcap and it gave me some good scores, even thought it makes you really vulnerable in mid game.

You have to know when to jump in, especially with a power build like this. Or else, you'll end up getting chased by 2-3 guys and it can be really difficult to control.

Don't be afraid to gank or kite. Use strategies, but don't get caught.

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Pros / Cons


Great soloer, great for mid laning.
Best harrasser early game
Good for ganking mid game
Great Ulti for Team Fights
Spell Vamp/Drain
Decent Burst Damage/Combo
Can stay in lane for long time


Squishy from start to finish
Can be 2-3 hitted by melee champs
Vulnerable to CC
Drain make you still
Ulti can be negated
Easily Ganked

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Team Work

Remember to use Terrify a lot if you want your teammates to get many kills.

If you are in lane with even squishier, you can tank with Drain and bait the ennemy.

Use Dark Wind while being chased, that way your ennemies won't hit spells toward any of you.

Ultimate requires coordination. Even with Crowstorm you will die if you face more than 2 ennemies, jump in after the carry/melee/tank.


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Fiddlesticks is a bad farmer, but he keeps other from farming too. Thats why you should start in mid, or else you will be a nuisance.

I've heard of Jungle Fid, but I don't recommend it if it's your first time playing him.

Remember you can tank Dragon and Baron very well, thanks to Drain. While Dark Wind in between. It will grant your team a much needed boost and could be a turning point in game.

You will often carry your team, you will get load of kills and assists. Always in the center of action, but keeping your distances from no-man-land.

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Desperate comeback

If you find yourself wounded and chased by ennemy, don't give up and go press B. Instead you should either find empty lane or go in the Jungle and Drain mobs to regain full health and strike back.

Fiddle is very effective in Jungle and they will try to follow you, once you are alone with a ennemy you should be very confident on 1v1 him.

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Fiddlesticks the worst Chaser of LoL

If you see your ennemy running away, don't go and jump in blindly alone. Since you are very weak, if an ennemy appears from a bushe or kite you, your as good as dead.

Be very careful and earn the territory, you will see results will come.

Be patient.

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Fiddlesticks is very fun to play, because he is very different from the others Champions.
You can really mix up his abilites and create your own deadly combo.

You can see him as a AP Caster, he can support with all the CC, he can tank with lifesteal, he can easily gank and get quadra or penta kills with Ultimate. He does it all !

He's waiting for you to master his powers !

"I can feel your fear"
"Yesssss Masteeeer..."