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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by coldstone769

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author coldstone769

Dont fiddle with fiddlesticks

coldstone769 Last updated on October 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Team Work


The really important thing to being a successful fiddlesticks is knowing your team and knowing your enemy. A lot of fiddlesticks's moves can be interrupted if your not careful. Make sure to allow your team to use their stuns before you fear an enemy because their stun will render your fear mute. Also watch out for heroes on their team that have stuns or crowd control and make sure to fear them first, buying your team those precious extra seconds it needs to triumph in a team fight.


Consider drain your life line, but never enter into a team fight with low health hoping to heal yourself up on another champion. They always take notice when you suck the life out of them and are almost never happy about it. The only exception to this is during a 1 on 1 fight, and you have Terrify on cooldown. Be ready to run however because when team mates see a fight go down they tend to run straight at you, and fiddlesticks and take awhile to bring heroes down.

Dark Wind

Great early game trails off a little late game. Always make sure to use this spell as soon as possible and as often as possible. The second stun that this spell offers is great right in the middle of team fights. Alot of hero's depend on their abilities to survive and to kill.


This is your main initiation and best team fighting spell in your arsenal. Always enter into a team fight with this move if you can and try to aim for the squishy hero's hiding in the back. This spell in combination with flash is an excellent way to close the distance to any position on the map. After getting to the position you want quickly cast Dark Wind, Terrify the main damage source and then Drain someone with a goodly amount of health to fully utilize the 5 seconds of Drain. A lot of times people make the mistake of being greedy and cast Drain on low health champions for the quick kill. These champions will melt away and die inside your Crowstorm so using drain on them are a waste of time and will often get you killed. Drain someone with lots of health to make sure you still have lots of health after the initial scare and initial focus your bound to attract.

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Creeping / Jungling

Follow this sequence for Jungling:
1. Blue buff [Smite]
2. Three Wolves
3. Wraiths [Smite should've CD-ed, DON'T USE IT ON CREEPS]
4. Red buff [Smite]

THEN you go gank mid! You should be able to get to lvl 4, tell mid you're ganking. This is essential for the team's success, if your team loses mid lane, GG for the other team, BG for yours.

- Start blue buff with a leash from mid, you should start Draining in the bush. Keep up with auto attack as your W is on cool down. You should be able to smite the Blue Buff after the second drain.
- When you're killing the Wraiths, your smite should've CD-ed, DO NOT USE IT ON THE BIG WRAITH OR YOU'RE SCREWED. Save it for the red buff, when you get to Red buff, you should be level 3 with 1lvl on E and 2 lvl on W
- Always keep track of dragon, Dragon spawns every 6 minutes after its death, while Baron spawns every 7 minutes after its death.

In case you get counter jungled, and you can't get blue buff at level 1, follow this sequence (do not hesitate to leave blue buff if you're counter jungled):
1. Wraith (smite Big Wraith - the blue one in case you don't know)
2. Three wolves
3. Recall and rest
4. Blue buff (ask mid to help you leash, you still need help, SMITE)

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Excellent soloist (if they have no CC)
- Great early game tank (because of lifesteal; watch out for ignite!)
- Can stay in a lane fairly long because of lifesteal
- Great team player, especially in team fights


- Squishy if he gets ganked with CC
- Not good at killing minions/pushing a lane
- Can get UP if enemy starts stacking MR early game
- Not good against champions with farther range than his abilities (or Mordekaiser *shakes fist*)

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how to use abilty

A question some of you will ask - why leave fear until level 5?
Fear is a great spell but at low levels the 0.5-1seconds won't make a huge difference, you shouldn't be getting into situations where it's needed. Having Dark Wind and Drain stronger will most definately be more helpful to gain the First Blood.
Level 2-3 Drain!! It'd be a mistake to get Dark Wind again at level 3, Drain will get you the kill and keep you alive v.s. any melee that engages at this level.

Early game requires you to multi-task. You're weak without the items but you must keep them from farming.
The Early Game.
1.) Throw Darkwind at the enemy hero whenever the CD finishes
2.) Be sure to keep an eye on the enemy mobs getting the last hits
3.) Once the enemy is on 50% hp this is when you're capable of initating for the FB. Darkwind, Flash behind them, Drain, Ignite (Ignite can be casted whilst Draining). This should be enough to garuntee the kill.
Note - If you can't do 3.) continue to harass and outfarm the enemy.

Level 6, the fun begins. Harass, pretend you're going to another lane. You can go to the other lane, decide where you can profit best. Sit in that bush, ultimate out and drop everything you have on the enemy. After level 7 getting kills should be easy.

Your ultimate can be used from over walls or bushes, you can be further away than expected and still jump in by following up with a Flash. Cut off fleeing heroes by flashing after them.
BE SURE TO FEAR THE HERO THAT POSES THE MOST THREAT! Or equally fear the hero you want to take down.
Crowstorm - Fear - Darkwind - Drain - Ignite. No squishy hero should be surviving this combination.

Mid-Late game. (Always try to have blue buff, this will allow you to maintain Drain 24/7)
Later on in the game more serious teamfights begin. At this stage you should be around 3k HP and capable of taking a beating but NEVER initate the fight. Wait patiently until the enemy are close together and hopefully focusing the tank, this is the perfect time to jump in and dominate the situation. Make clever use of fear to save other carrying heroes and keep up the damage with Drain.
When you're not in a prime position hang an inch behind your team always ready to fear overextending heroes that are not a tank.

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For idem i like to start out building a Spirit visage for extra heal with drain and yer heal summoner spell If you call me a noob for using heal idc because fiddle is mega squishy

Then i go for my boots and get my extra stats some time i go for recommended boots and some time boots of swift depending on who im in a lane against and if i jungle

Next i hit up the hourglass and it has plus 100ap so that is nice for me plus some armor for a squishy character and i like the extra passive effect it saves life's

Next i go for a death cap or my gun blade the death cap is good for ap but gun blade has a ability for running enemy and some life steal for after big team fights u can get some hp with passive attacks on minion

I'd recommend getting soul stealer or rod of ages or really any thing i get soul stealer because of when im fully geared i can rape

I hope later to have bb code listed for idem and im haveing trouble can some 1 msg me i need help wit bb code

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Fiddle stick rap