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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klarkas

DooM is coming

Klarkas Last updated on December 23, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Improved Rally

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Utility: 27

Lets get down to business

Passive enemy magic resist decrease.
Abnormally fast champion.
Can fear his enemies to provide a kill or an escape.
Able to drain his targets health.
Good harassment.
Strong farming.

Very squishy early game and slight mid game. (8 armor at start)
Usually main target due to health.
Situational mana complication.
Item dependent.
Hard to place ultimate.

Summoner Spell Choices:

- This is a necessity with this build, you will find yourself using quite a lot of mana due to the cost of your drain ability. Having this will help you stay in lane and kill others and grab the various map buffs with ease.

- Even though you are already a strong speed based champion, it can't hurt to have that little extra umph. There'for I always use ghost to evade and catch up to my enemies. Having this will also allow you to have more time to place a well timed ultimate. Not to mention, in the talent tree going improved ghost is a steal of a summoner spell.

Playing Fiddle

When playing fiddle I highly suggest you take a side lane with someone who can push the lane up and deal heavy damage early game. When playing fiddle make sure to harass with dark wind and last hit minions, heal with drain when needed.

The important part of the laning phase is to make sure you dominate the brush as fiddle, in doing so you could really predict the outcome of the game. If you dominate the brush till level 6 you could easily get a kill, you could gank mid, top or just kill the enemies in your lane. When dominating the brush most people will think your still down in the lane , which you may but you really could be in another lane ganking.

Mid Solo

I highly suggest you let strong mid carries like Ezreal,Annie, tristana etc take mid solo it will really benefit your team a lot more.

Try to last hit as much as you can even though you are going to have to auto attack them. Everytime they get in range of you drain then fear, draw them out of xp lane so you get the upperhand in leveling and farming.

Once you hit level 6 you need to gank the side lane that needs the most help. Run to any side lane or ask your team to put down a ward in the brush then teleport to it (this is only if you take teleport as your summoner spell obviously). Crowstorm>Fear>Dark wind>Drain (flash to your enemies if your not in range)

Mid Game

Continue to gank if people aren't staying with their team, as fiddle you need to buy wards and put them down in brushes where you are going to hide otherwise you may get ganked when trying to position yourself to land your ultimate. If they dominate the brush in team fights stay at the back of your team and when your tank initiates crowstorm in and target the carry don't target the ******* tank or this will cost you the team fight. DO NOT EVER CROWSTORM THE OTHER TEAM IF YOUR IN FRONT OF YOUR TEAM OR EVEN IN THE MIDDLE YOUR ULTIMATE CAN BE INTERRUPTED BY A STUN WHEN CHANNELING.

Late Game

If you have been doing your job, the game should easily becoming to an end, one thing that you have to do is make sure you start to build magic resist/armor, a lot of fiddles or even anyone else keep stacking more damage instead of getting items that help you reduce their damage input which will cost you the game, even if it seems that your team is dominating. Make sure to buy a bunch of elixir of brilliance's and fortitude if you have all that extra cash.

Ashe: Though her slow and crit rate might scare you early game, don't be afraid of still harassing her with your Q and an auto attack. Good Ashe players tend to distance you between them but with the use of our Shadow Dance you can close that space. Another thing to look out for is that Ashe is a champion with no escape skill, she's one of those champions like Miss Fortune, Kog'Maw, and Sivir. They may be difficult to face pre-level 6 but once you know what to do against these people then it will be easy.

Mordekaiser: Ah, the big bad Morde. Shout out to a guy named dema888 because he's a HUGE Mordekaiser fanboy. But moving on, Mordekaiser has a pretty weak early game. With this said, whenever he tries to charge his shield on you try and tag him with your Q before he tags you with Siphon of Destruction. If he misses and you don't this is your chance to go aggressive on his ***. Most Mordes run away after hitting their E but with Akali having short cooldowns you tend to shred his shield down before he has a chance to bring it back up. Harass Morde before and after he goes to charge his shield. Even though I've said to be aggressive with Akali against Morde remember the differences between a smart and dumb move. Once both of you hit level six and if he's more than half health with you at half just blue pill back to base.

Vlad: I really don't find Vlad a threat anymore. Just bring the fight to him and he will fall. With your ignite his heal will be cut to half, and with a good eye you can sense when Vlad will use his ult. This is when you either move, dash to another spot, or flash behind him. Some people don't approve of wasting flash but hey, as long as you kill the guy right? Just be sure to not waste your flash left and right mid to late game as these become more and more valuable as the match goes on.

Kennen: This guy must be one of the champions I have trouble with. It may be the case for others too or it may just be me being bad, either way here is my 2 cents on Kennen. He's a pretty good counter to Akali in my opinion because all his skills, apart from his Electrical Surge passivedon't require you to have a visual on your target. What this means is that a good Kennen will stun lock you for a solid amount of time and you won't put out enough burst to bring him down. If he gets a mark on you just wait it out. Keep harassing him with your Q while hiding in your shroud frequently , keep in mind this gives you extra armor and magic resist. What your shroud also does is it usually taunts an enemy Kennen into using his Lightning Rush to try and tag you in your cloak. So a good combo would be to tag him with your Q, pop your shroud, if he closes in auto attack him. If he keeps his distance then you've got a good amount of time to last hit minions. When a fight breaks out between the two of you there's almost a 90% chance you will be stunned at some point in that fight, and when that time comes you want to be in your shroud. So time it right and practice well, Kennen is a tricky opponent

dont now what else i cud do for this build so get fun playing mine build (Good Luck)