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League of Legends Build Guide Author B34stM0d3

Double! Triple! Quaduple! Penta! Ace!

B34stM0d3 Last updated on November 14, 2010
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To be honest, I have only played a handful of times. The first couple of times I played him I followed a pre-constructed build and it worked out great. This time, however, I decided to try my own build, and I found even more success with him. My personal best score with this build was actually this morning when I scored 22 kills, 6 deaths (I was testing out my limitations) and around 10 assists. That was also the game where the name of this build derived from. When played correctly, technically speaking, Corki could annihilate a 5 player team on his own because of his ultimate ability.

This is my third build so far. I still have a lot to learn about writing guides and about the game, LoL, in general. I realize that there are probably going to be a lot of corrections to be made to this guide and that is a GOOD thing. There can always be improvements made to anything in life. In this case, it can't be done without YOU. I need your feedback to know how I can improve this build and construct the deadliest Corki out there! And, with that being said, let the guide begin!


For the mastery trees, I just went a standard 26/0/4 build. Corki deals a lot of damage and this helps him with that. He also deals a lot of damage from far away, so he typically won't be taking a lot of damage, so defense really isn't necessary. I wanted to concentrate mostly on physical damage talents because that's where most of Corki's damage will be coming from.


Nothing too special about the runes. Like I said earlier, we're dealing mostly physical damage so I went with ArPen runes. I have a little bit of MagPen because we will still be dealing a respectable amount of magic damage. I finished it off with some CDR because CDR is amazing. 'Nuff said!

Skill Sequence

The order in which you level your skills is and always will be, no matter what, situational. I always start of with Phosphorous Bomb, because it is a great harasser. If the opposing enemies are being really aggressive and you find yourself constantly needed an escape mechanism, prioritize your skill sequence around . And, of course, always level whenever you get the chance (Level 6, 11, and 16).

When I was deciding which items I felt would suit Corki the most, I took into consideration the fact that his Ult scales both with AP AND AD. It's not either or like other moves. Another really cool thing about him is that his applies on hit effects, like the ones from (to yourself) and (to your enemies). Not only does it apply those effects, but it hits multiple enemies at a time, applying the effect to each and every one of them. This makes you not only incredibly powerful but also supportive in team fights.

To start...

Sapphire Crystal, Mana Potion, Health Potion

At the beginning of the game, you'll find yourself running OOM a lot. This is a great way to slow that process down. You'll have a larger mana pool as well as a means of keeping it up with your mana pot. You'll also be able to lane a little longer because of your health pot as well. The Sapphire Crystal will also be the first step in building your .

Berserker's Greaves

I go straight for the boots instead of finishing because in all honesty, Corkie does a lot of damage straight from the start because of his awesome passive, . I just like to get this out of the way because of the AS increase and the increase in speed is obviously a must-have.

If you feel as if the extra damage you'll be getting from Manamune will be more beneficial to you, than you can swap the position of the two items in this item sequence. There are a lot of variables in this game between each champions and hundreds of different lane compositions so it's important to know when something will be more effective. Don't follow this guide blindly, use it as a stencil but be open to trying new things that work for you. After all, that's how this guide was inspired.


This is a VERY nice addition to Corki's item build. Once you get this, you will no longer have mana issues. It also steadily makes you stronger because it increases your AD by a percentage of your mana pool and increases your mana pool every time you use an ability. Because your Ult is on a 1 second CD, you'll be spamming abilities a lot. This item is so nice for Corki I wouldn't be surprised if Riot made it FOR him (even though i know that's not true!).

Hextech Gunblade

This item right here is quite nasty (in a good way)! It gives an awesome amount of both AP and AD which will make your Ult scale fabulously. It has Lifesteal AND Spell Vamp which is beautiful because your damage is a balance between both physical and magical damage. This will yield a noticeable increase in your survivability and damage output.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

This item coincides nicely with Hextech Gunblade because it too gives both AP and AD which will increase your Ult damage quite nicely. The second half, and incredibly attractive aspect, of this item the on-hit buff it gives. An increase in AS and AP that stacks up to eight times! That is awesome because it will make it even easier to clear out any left over fodder after team battles!

Madred's Bloodrazor

This is going to make you even more of a killing machine than you already are. Your Gatling Gun is going to rip apart the enemy team and will make tanks want to kill your first born child. They won't be able to though, because they'll be spending most of their time waiting to revive!

The Bloodthirster

This is pretty much icing to the cake. It has A LOT of AD and some nice Lifesteal to help boost your survivability. To be completely honest, this last item spot doesn't really matter. Other appropriate alternatives would be or for survivability. Pretty much any AD item will work depending on what your game particularly calls for. If you wanted to stack a little more AP you could build or for an extra nuke. Like I said earlier, play around with this build. Make it your own. Experiment. This guide will do nothing for your LoL skills if you follow it blindly.


Out of all the champions I play regularly, Corki is up there on my list of favorites. He's just an overall fun champion to play and can be a very valuable addition to any team. The first part of the game play section will include the 3 stages of the game (Early, Mid, and late). After that I am going to include a section explaining in detail how to utilize Corki and his arsenal of awesomeness.

Early Game

Don't be too aggressive unless your lane partner has the ability to support you well. Hold off on the aggressive behavior until level 6, when you get your Ult. Once this happens, say GG and proceed to pwn. Your Ult is on a ridiculously low CD and has an even lower mana cost. Spam this as much as possible, don't worry about hitting creeps instead of the champions dead on because it deals AoE damage. Every time your about to fire "The Big One" though, try to hit the champion because it deals a lot of damage.

If your mid, the same still applies. Try not to be too aggressive unless you know your opponent is under skilled or intimidated by you.

Mid Game

By now you probably have your and possibly if you're getting fed. Try jumping from lane to lane and gank whoever you can if your partner is comfortable pushing on their own. Don't be reckless though. You are not invincible and you certainly are not the best Corki player in the world. Be smart, be cautious and know your limits.

Corki does have slight mana issues early on. If you feel like this is gimping your game play, pick up the Golen buff for insane CDR and mp5.

End Game

By now you should have most, if not all, of your item build completed. Just stick to the same strategy you've been using. Jump to different lanes, pushing as much as possible and killing whoever is in your way. You know you're in the end-game phase when team battles are arising every few minutes or so. DON'T EVER INITIATE A TEAM BATTLE. You will already be focused enough when people start to realize how much of a threat you are. has a very long range. Hang out in the background firing those off as much as possible. Drop your whenever you can to lower the chance they have to hit. Push, push, push, push and push until their Nexus is destroyed and have fun feeding on their tears!

Additional Pointers

Corki is a really awesome champion because of his versatile moves. Learning how to utilize his moves to the best of your abilities and taking advantage of the different benefits they yield will make you incredibly lethal to you opponents and invaluable to your team mates.

is a great way to finish off those annoying runners, but so is your . Try to save your Valkyrie for when you're being chased and need to make a clever get away.

lowers the chance an enemy has to hit you. When you're in team battles, try to hit as many enemies as possible and drop it right before your team engages.

When you start to get crazy amounts of kills, you'll feel very tempted to run into a team fight and light everyone up with . Do not do this. There's a reason why the score I listed earlier has six deaths on it. You are not invincible. Be cautious and smart.

Spam your as much as possible. You will not be wasting mana and you will not go oom, I promise. You will rip team battles apart if you learn how to be aggressive with your Ult.

I hope you have enjoyed this build! Please, please please let me know if there can be any improvements made to this build. I am very open to feedback and positive criticism. Please don't vote without a comment. Also, if you like this build, let me know so I can know if I'm doing good. I have no idea how I'm doing with my guides because I have no feedback whatsoever. Please help me out by commenting, even if you just wanted to say you did or did not like it! Thank you and have fun!