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Annie Build Guide by haisoon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author haisoon

dps annie for real and lolz

haisoon Last updated on July 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone this is my first build and before you say anything this is not a completly serious build. This was the frist test i did and it worked pretty well but i warn you this is more for just throwing enemies off guard. I will explain pros and cons later but i am open for any suggestions.. The reason i thought of building dps annie was that she deals so much damage with her spells without many items. Now this build i dont think could work in ranked unless you had some runes.

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okay get armor pen marks and quints
i think she needs a bit more attack speed so get attack speed glyphs and its up to you once you test the beuild out if you want more attack speed or a little mana regen or magic pen

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Pros / Cons

-she has long basic attack range
-she can rip people to shreds by using her stun and then basic attacks(unless tanky can 5 hit)
-she can lane forever once she gets first bloodthirster (lifesteal)
-its fun seeing wtf all the time and having kills
-if other annie is lower lv you can stun and kill with spell combo + basic attacks once you get black cleaver
-it fun to play as her because you can burst once person and dps a other( get double killls easy) and can rip supports and other mages to sreds
-can farm like a beast one hitting minions end build

-her spell combo quits anilating people once they get past lv 12
-she lacks the ability to easily destroy a fed bulky tank
-she cant use one spell combo and destroy squishes as easily
-she gets no survivalbility and is kinda glass cannonish
-you need to get some early kills to get the items before everyone gets their core items

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i always get the the dorans ring first because until you get gold your dps will suck and the enemy wont know that you gonna surprise them

then i get sorcers shoes so that the spells penetrate some armor and can still hurt squishies

after that i wait till i get 3000 gold and i get black cleaver(i buy it all at once to hopefully let tanks start wasting their gold on magic resist after you might have killed them a bit with spell combo)

then i get a zeal for some attack speed and a vamp scepter for a lttle survivabilty

after that depending on how its going i get a phantom dancer or a bloodthirster

then after that sell your dorans (if you havent all ready) and its really up to you and your preferecesas to what you build next

i get a second phantom dancer then i get a second blood thirster(you may substitute the second blood with a infin edge if you like)

after that if the game is still going i sell my shoes and get a third phantom dancer....with the move speed boosts of 3 of them you dont notice much slower movement and you will crit for most your attacks

i personally like to stack bloodthirsters because i like the life steal and you can get 200 damage from them if you get 2 (once stacked)

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Skill Sequence

for skills always get disinigrate first then incinerate and tibbers whenever you can

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Summoner Spells

honsetly i havent done a lot of experimenting but i think ghost and exhuast are what may work best exhaust because it can shut down someone focusing you and make them do less damage, and ghost to escape/ chase

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Team Work

the team work with dps annie is simple dont try to solo 5 people, dont try to be first into fight, try to be behind some of your teammates and let them take some of the damage, focus the squishies first and use you stun on the most dangerous one who is destroy a team mate, use your stun on people like ww and mal kat etc whose ult you can stop

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Unique Skills

well dps annie would ceartainly be unexpected. she is pretty fun as well

but you can hybrid though replace a bloodthirster with a mejas or deathcap and you will still hurt real hard(annies skill get a large perscent of ability power not like some who you need to get 500 ap to get + 270 damage

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the key to dps annie is gold and since respawn times can get high for enemies you cant get quite enough gold from kills alone so you need to always last hit, kill as many minions as possible and get lv advantage. farming is key to the build

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summary....try her out in ai or custom game first....this is a plausible build but plz no commnets about how terrible it may is more for lolz when you have a good team and you are agaisnt a easy team because think of how bad they feel if they got pwned by a dps annie

this is my first build i dont count it as my first real build and some day later i will post some real build on some other champ...this should work with other strong casters like anivia etc(although she has slow animation

feal free to comment what you think may make it better and if i knew how to make it have pictures i would do so....but i new to build making buisness and i will be updateing it later