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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VACOtheTACO

DPS/Hybrid Fate - Kill Anyone, Anytime

VACOtheTACO Last updated on December 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Update: Switched Malady with Sword of the Divine, much more effective

So, recently I have seen a lot of Twisted Fate builds that rely heavily on rushing the BF Sword before any real damage can be done and not being effective enough of making the enemy team's tanks turn tail and run instead of tower diving your team and winning the game. This makes it very difficult to help your team if they're getting stomped, not working together, being stupid, etc. As a DPS carry, like Fate, you need to be able to turn the tide in any battle at any time during the game so your team can have a chance to make up that 10 kill deficit and 3 tower disadvantage. I've tried a lot of DPS Fate builds and this is the one that I consistently do well with. If you are able to get past Phantom Dancer and get that first BF Sword at that point in this build, you will already be destroying and it will only drive the point home that they can't beat a properly built, but more importantly, properly played, Twisted Fate.

Note: This build is mostly attack damage with an emphasis on making your E skill, Stacked Deck, occur as often as possible and do maximum damage while your auto-attacks finish it off. This build is for experienced Twisted Fates, not "Oh man I just bought Gambit, he's going to pwn" beginners. It relies heavily on being able to consistently pick your Gold Card with very few missed cards. (I mean when you pick a ****ing blue card instead of a gold one and screw up the gank or get yourself killed). Sometimes you can get away with a red card for the slow but Gold card is your bread and butter. It's not forgiving on the defensive side, but you will crush squishies, and eat tanks.


Marks and Quints = Armor Pen
This is a big part of your damage early game before and up until 6. Your auto-attacks will actually hurt the squishies and tanks will be surprised at your damage output early on.

Seals: Attack Speed
You need that extra attack speed to keep your Stacked Deck proc'ing as often as possible. That's a big part of your damage and the more you can do it, the better

Glyphs: Flat Cooldown
Being able to spam your Gold card every 2 seconds is amazing in a one-on-one fight or just picking out that one champ who over-extended into your team's range. I cannot tell you enough how many times being able to spam Gold card has saved my life as Fate. It's also a big reason why you don't get Flash.

It's also nice to have a about a 1 minute cooldown on your ulti, (like 72 seconds), towards the end.


Masteries are standard DPS/Hybrid with 21/0/9 set up. Some people say TF needs the defense to make him a little less squishy but the experience, gold, and mana regen are more important than a little defense. But it's up to you, personally I'd rather have the level advantage earlier on.

I personally like Exhaust and Ignite for the extra damage and the blind. Exhaust will save you from that Tryndamere, Jax, Tristana, etc that are singling you out in teamfights making your life a living hell. Ignite for the lifesteal champs like Warwick, Irelia, Sion, Yi, Mundo, etc. It's always nice to throw an exhaust and ignite on a carry lifesteal dps and see them melt.

Flash: I personally LOVE flash and sometimes I take it besides Ignite/Exhaust but for the most part it's not needed, if you're constantly getting killed because you're putting yourself in positions where you're getting screwed and you need flash to escape, you need to rethink how you play Fate and put yourself in better positions. BEHIND the tanks and initiators, protecting your casters, and generally causing their main DPS to **** their pants because you're destroying them.

Only other options that are viable for Fate are Teleport and Cleanse. Teleport to backdoor a little easier using the tele to get there and your ulti to escape the gank. Cleanse is always nice if their Ashe insists on arrowing you to initiate a fight. And once again, Flash is always nice to keep yourself out of the fray.


If you have a heavy auto-attacking team you can swap Malady for starks but the extra magic damage from Malady builds with your Stacked Deck and turns you into a little devil. If your team really wants someone with Stark's, then someone else can get it. You are far too concerned with killing the other team as your way of "helping the team." Getting a critical kill during a teamfight is better than giving everyone an aura that won't mean a damn thing if your team gets stomped. The extra damage from Madred's alone with Malady and Stacked Deck turns you into a force even before you get a BF sword

You must get Zeal early, the extra crit, dodge, and move speed is critical to keeping yourself alive as well as the phantom. You don't have a lot of lifesteal early on so you need to crit more to make up for it. 8% of a crit is far more hp gained then 8% of a normal auto-attack. You have to play smart and safe and get in a position that will best help your team win a gank/teamfight.

You can rush the Vampiric Scepter early after Madred's and Malady if you need more survivability but your team should be helping you and the other team should be dead before this becomes a problem.


With this build you should take mid and get to 6 as fast as possible. If your team has a Karthus or someone else who's ulti would be more helpful than you can figure it out with them. But 99% of the time, take mid and watch your corners. After 6, go buy what you can and then see if there are any candidates for ganking in either lane or a jungler doing golem who forgot there's a Twisted Fate on the other team. I always love finding a stupid warwick in my team's jungle and getting a free kill.

This build is meant to help your team break down the other team's tanks to the point where they can no longer do their job. Yes you don't have a whole lot of lifesteal early, yes you have no true damage items besides Madred's, but trust me, with all the stacking magic damage from Madred's and Malady along with Stacked Deck, your 4th attack will be quite the little nuke, and with all that attack speed, it's happening more often than not. Be smart, use your ulti when it feels right, i.e. - the last man from the other team is getting away from the fight, your team is being ganked, you wanna steal baron, ETC.