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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ancarma

DPS Poppy, melt some faces!

Ancarma Last updated on May 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is how I play Poppy, I tend to focus on Attack Damage items, and I think it works quite well. The build is intended to pick up first blood in 5v5, hence the flat amount of stats on the runes.

Summoner's Spells:
I think the only good skills for Poppy players are Ignite and Exhaust, unless your tanking or if you like survivability over DPS. In that case you can consider Flash instead of one of the skills. I use Flash with almost every character, but not with Poppy. Paragon + Diplo = Life.

I don't think I'll have to explain the skills very thoroughly, but hey:

Heroic Charge:
I'm gonna do this one first since we're gonna take it at level one, and because it's gonna be your engaging skill. The catch with this skill is that it does more damage and stuns if you hit the target into a wall or turret or anything. In 5v5, you can use the bushes in the middle of the side lanes to your advantage. Try to knock them either into a wall, or 'into' your teammate. Pair up with Ignite and Exhaust, and they're bound to die if your teammate isn't sleeping.

Devastating Blow:
Whack 'em! This skill is primarily used as the Big Hit after you've charged the enemy. It won't grow as big as with AP builds, but you should see some nice chops in the opponent's health anyway. There's not much to say about this skill at all really.

Paragon of Demacia:
This is your primary escape skill, and it can be used offensively as well. The passive is really only speeding up minion kills, but you should activate it during PvP at all times. The speed is good for chasing, or positioning yourself for a wall-charge. If you get in trouble, pair this one with Diplomatic Immunity and you should live. I also use this when I'm running from shop to lane, since the cooldown will be gone when you reach your goal, and you regenerate mana equal to about half the cost when running.

Diplomatic Immunity:
Awesome skill, if only for the name. I personally think this ultimate is very useful because of its different uses. If you want to focus a target, use this one before charging. Your teammates should notice the 'cage' animation around your target too, so it's a nice beacon tool as well. The escaping part takes some practice though. If you're facing two enemies and you're in trouble, use this skill on the opponent that will hit you the LEAST. For example, it should be used on melee characters that are out of your range, or champions with low health that won't dare to chase you. Most of the time there will be one melee champion constantly hitting you while you run, and one who's chasing you from a little further. It's that guy you want to target.

Because of Poppy's passive, you are mostly seen as a tank. You might want to tell your team that you're on the DPS side so they can pick some 'real' tanks. DPS is still great for Poppy, and that's where we are putting are in masteries in. You only need the minimum amount of points in offense which would be 21. The rest of the tree is just not good enough for you. You're better off with some survival and regen found in the other trees. Now, onto the killing!


Early Game:
Grab a Long Sword and a Health Potion, and go laning with a partner. You could try doing mid, but it's way harder to pick up kills because you can't really regenerate health when you're low, or you'll have to teleport back and lose the turret.

Try to communicate with teammates about laning partners, saves some trouble. Good heroes to team with:

Ryze / Annie / Twisted Fate / Udyr / Zilean / Sion, or any other stun/disable hero. Don't go with characters similar to Poppy, characters that deal melee damage.

The items you're aiming for are Tiamat and Berzerker's Greaves. Since you already have the Long Sword, go back when you have around 1000 for the Pickaxe, or when you have enough gold to complete Tiamat in one buy. We're going for Tiamat first because it gives you huge minion-farm capabilities, which makes it comparable to 'gold per 5 sec' items in terms of how early in game you'll want to buy them. Movement speed is not so much of an issue anyway in early game, if you want to get to an opponent all you do is Charge and Exhaust, Boots won't help either you or him in such situations.

Mid game:
Once the first tower is down, you're entering Mid game. Everyone should have his ultimate by now, so don't be shy about using yours. It has a shorter cooldown than most ultimates, and it can and should be used every battle you get into.

Because you're farming pretty well now with your Tiamat and increased attack speed, money should be flowing. Buy Youmoo's Ghostblade next. This item takes some getting used to though. It takes some discipline to make yourself use it everytime you enter combat, but if you just drag the item to the first slot, it should be way easier to remember. You can also use it when there's one of those huge waves of minions coming to your turret, you can litterally decimate those in about 5 seconds.

Try to stay in lanes and push turrets with a teammate until you've destroyed the front turrets in all lanes. This allows for more secure ganking, since the enemy doesn't really have a turret to run to. Communication with teammates is pretty essential for Poppy as with any character, as you can do some nice surprise moves with a charge from the back, pushing the enemy into your team. Yay.

Once you have Youmoo's and Last Whisper, you can take down minions in no-time. Because of this, map awareness is pretty important. As said before, sometimes minion waves tend to grow two or three times bigger after combat once turrets are down. You want those waves for cash, and you will get them. Try not to push lanes beyond halfway on your own though, you need your team for that. Once you've killed some minions, move back to the group, or just go mid and call some friends over to push the central lane.

Buffs should be attainable at around level 10-12, and should be aimed for. It's also advised to kill any neutral mobs you run into, just because it takes about 3 blows with Tiamat. Lizard Buff is what you're aiming for.

Late game:
This is very situational, if you're winning you should be grouping up and stunning as much as possible into sides of lanes. With your attack speed it shouldn't be too challenging to get killing blows, so keep hitting em! Ulti should be up at all times, as well as the Paragon.

Your skill order should be:
Paragon , Diplo if you're focusing a squishy, Heroic into the wall, Devastating Blow, Ignite, Exhaust, and keep hitting them.

If you're losing you should try to turbo into groups that try to get your turrets down, and charge them into your base. When you do that, try to move next to your turret if they get cocky. Turrets like to shoot baddies : ) Poppy is a very nice character to harass winning teams with in my opinion, as you won't be focused a lot. "Oh look, that's Poppy, I'm not focusing tanks." Luckily for you, you're a DPS character with a nice migitating passive.

About the items, the passive is the one reason I'm not picking up health items like Frozen Mallet and Trinity Force. They may seem like great Poppy items, but I really don't like flat health amounts over the HP5 Tiamat gives you. Tiamat is the key item in this build, for its great farming ability and regeneration.

You can take a Sword of the Occult after Boots and Tiamat if you're laning with a partner capable of killing anything that gets too close, but I generally skip it to take Yuomoo's. The bottom half of the items are personal choice, but a Phantom Dancer is pretty essential to keep up with the growing melee power of your enemies. Lifesteal is marginal for Poppy in my opinion, and should not be taken over attack speed.

Thanks for reading, tell me how it went : )

**I'm still in doubt about the runes btw, the flat amount somewhat reduces your effectiveness in late game. Suggestions are welcome!**