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Pantheon Build Guide by xaki23

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xaki23

dpsish pantheon

xaki23 Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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hello I am xaki23 and this is my first guild ever and it will be on pantheon
so please take it easy on me. now then where do we start huh...well usually I play taric but I got tired of being support that I wanted a melee champion and pantheon catched my interest this build on him was something I made in result of that and I havnt looked back since

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Pros / Cons

-good damage
-good ability
-very awesome passive
-awesome ultimate

-squisy early game
-no escape mechanism
-item dependent

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the reason I choose this runes are simple I wanted armor pen over damage because early game you are abusing your skills more often than your auto attack which is why i chose the cooldown glyphs to spam the skills more often early game as for the seals I choose flat hit points because pantheon is very squisy and this helps with survival

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the masteries I thought were the best for him not really sure how to explain them seeing how they are self explained

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pantheon is very item dependent at the start of game I go long sword with no hp pots and work my way to brutalizer then avarice blade and keeping it there for the income of money after so i buy boots of speed and start to work on warmog buying first the giant belt then ruby crystal after i buy warmog I go for altma's impaler after this I finish into ghost blade then I go to work on phantom dancer and finish the boots of speed into boots of swiftness for max movement speed and finish it up with a blood thirster though later in the game you can sell ghost blade for infinity edge for more attack damage

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to get items of course you need to farm and the best way to do so its to kill champions but thats only if you are good with him if not try to farm minions heart seeker also helps farming by either getting them to a low enough health for one hit kills or using them on multpules of low health minions also if you are laning against long range harrassment use the spear to last hit minions that or show them who is boss :D

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Summoner Spells

I choose ghost and exhaust for the lack of movement speed during the game ghost helps chase or get to areas quicker and exhaust helps by slowing enemies and picking up kills remember that it can slow so there fore can be use defensively and offensively as well other options are flash and ignite while they are good skills flash only covers and short distance and may help with your escaping but i dont find it as good as ghost on pantheon and as for ignite while it is a good last min kill you wont be in range after you use the spear and so i dont find it as effective also i tend not to use ignite late game

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Skill Sequence

I first get a point on spear then aegis of protection then heart seeker strike I get spear first for harrassing until i get aegis of protection when you have done a good job on harrassing aegis can pick up a kill with the stun and exhaust. after so I go put one and one on spear and heart seeker keeping heart seeker one level above spear and aegis at one reason being is that spear should not be your main source of damage heart seeker is and the combo goes like this W-E-Q landing heart seeker takes some predictions I know some people perfer to use it as soon as you land the stun but i find my self missing alot because of that so I try to predict where they are going and i do this during the stun. first i stun the target and auto attack during this time i try to predict where they are going to go and i do this by assessing the situation. situation one i stun and ally is near by more than enough they are going to go away from me towards their tower so I point it in that direction. situation 2 has two parts to it one range and one melee, the range one of course will try to create some space between you and it often i find them moving away from me towards their minions and so i point in that direction. the melee one i find the trickest sometimes they stay sometimes they dont but dont panic if they stay they wont move so just do it in that direction of run from you guess what they are gonna go towards their tower so again point in that directions. now finally situation 3 they are chasing your low health ally haha easy enough just point it towards your ally. now then after you assess the situation and land the heart seeker hit them with q and depending on health follow up with exhuast chase and pick up the kill easy enough right another way to use heart seeker is to make your enemies pay for last hitting remember that heart seeker has range on it use it on top of your low health minions as your enemies try to last hit making them pay and some times this will lead to a kill by following up with aegis of protections followed up with exhaust and right when they are gonna get away heart seeker or spear them to death >:) . now using the ultimate is a tad bit difficult just know its best to sandwich your enemies rather to land on them for example you and your allies are chasing some low health enemies first thing you do is ult not to far in front of them but far enough so they wont see you landing and bam you cut off there escape route and with you in front and your allies behind them all is left is to sandwich and kill muahahaha another use for the ult is getting into teamfights that are to far away for you to run there though this isnt always recommended the most useful one is wiping out a whole minion wave stopping your enemies ***ult on your tower also remember your passive every time you attack 4 times or use a skill 4 times or combination of both you put up a shield that block the next normal attack that does more than 40 damage also remember that his w puts up the shield after use

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Team Work

team work is very important to pantheon early game to pick up kills and getting fed so with a laning parter remember to tell him when and who you are gonna stun for you can both just wipe him out use the exhaust skill for a quicker kill also tell him where you are gonna ult for max effectiveness

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thank you for reading my long boring build please dont be harsh on it. its my first build and i dont know how to pretty it up with colors and icons also can critsism would be helpful