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Draven Build Guide by billutza1092

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League of Legends Build Guide Author billutza1092

Draven-definition of "opness"

billutza1092 Last updated on August 8, 2012
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This is my first build here on Mobafire, so any piece of advice is wellcomed.I would also like to support your ideas.Here we go...
First of all i m sorry for my english, i m not native so ...To start with, I ve tried all the "ad carry" stuff and to put it simply, to play with Drave is very enjoyable.He has an enromous dmg output, an unique playstile and he is very versatile.However u can be a total failure (as i was when i first tried it)if not played correctly.
Please excuse me for this "wall of text" I will improve the build whenever I can to make it easier to read.

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-unique playstyle
-insane dmg
-good mobility
-nice ulti if positioned right
-good steroid which has cd refresh.
-squishy as any other carry
-weak cc and not reliable(u can miss it)
-focused a lot
-hard to master
-positioning is a must!!

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I try to play draven as offensive as I can.His early dmg is very good and with a decent support u can outburst almost any1.Runes are aimed this way.Tipical ad carry marks/seal/quints.
Greater Marks of Strenght to increase your early dmg output.
I ve run some tests and it seems that this ones privdes better dmg than Greater Marks of Desolation.The ad marks also helps you at lasthiting making farming a breeze.
For seals I run on Greater Seal of Resilience.A bit of armor doesn`t hurt.Especially because u are facing another physical damage dealer.
The interesting part comes at glyphs.Here I skyped Greater Glyph of Warding and take Greater Glyph of Alcrity as well as a Greater Glyph of Strength.Why?Because in order to deal your maximum damage u have to spin and axe a lot.To do that u need atack speed.The last glyph is there because a friend told me a trick.If u run on ad marks and quints as well as 21 9 0 masteries u ll have +15 ad.Puting that tiny glyph there u will have +16 ad.Try it before u blow it.
As far as quints are concerned, standard Greater Quintessences of Strength for more ad.

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Standard 21 9 0 taking all the ad posible and some hp/armor.really nothing to be added.

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Start with boots+hp potions.U have to be able to catch those spining axes to do the maximum dmg u can.Hp potions =>increase u re laning phase,can farm more , can get away from sticky situations...when u are about to die pop them but be sure it s not to late.At your first retyrn,I usualy buy BF Sword.This item will increase your spining axe's dmg considerably.Now their ad carry will cry if u hit them 2-3 times and add the wicked blades proc.Farm as much as u can.Dont be afraid to trade blows with the enemy ad carry if u have your support nearby and the river ward says"dont worry, their jungler is not here".So, harass your oponent whenever you can.remeber to spam the blood rush to increase your as & as much as u can.Ad carry's primary gold income should be creeps.A decent ad carry should have >100 cs in 20 min.Supposing u ve ganked mid or went back often.
Finish your boots and buy a vampiric scepter.U ll get enaugh sustain from that.
Get a cloak of agility.Why this and not pickaxe?Well to put it simply,the crit chance is not that gr8 but when it hits your enemy will be "wtf?!".Trust me.
Finish infinity edge asap.Start building phantom dancer by getting zeal.Than get cloak of agility and finish Phantom dancer.Now your enemyes should ve get some armor(tank and offtanks)
so the next item will counter that.First asset the situation.Do they have >100 armor?If so, than get last whisper.An excelent item which will also increase the dmg output on squishies.If they have less than 100 armor than get black cleaver.The as bonus is also wellcomed.
The next item is Bloodthirster.Get a bf sword, the vampiric scepter u already have and farm farm farm.
Last but not the least, Guardian Angel.No explination needed.I noticed that in teamfights I get focused a lot and sometimes the enemy get me out of position and die.However if that s what happens they will switch focus to somebody else and after i m revived i can do some serious damage(till they focus me again)and depending on my teammates state(hp mana cd)we can win a fight even though i was focused and "killed"

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This is the most important chapter of this build so u should read it and understand it completly
First of all, as i stated before, i play draven extremly offensive so my support, and the best support for draven is blitzcrank.He can give you free kils(assuming u can coordonate with him)
Other viable choices are:Alistar,Nautilius,Leona but Blitz is the best one and I ll only refer to him.
When u farm use 1 spining axe.Try to catch it always and last hit as much as u can.If u have to and prepare for a fight use your spining axe on creeps,not only to farm but to keep it.
When blitz manages to pull someone hit again your q so u now have 2 spining axes.After blitz pops him up use stand ***ide to block your enemy`s way.While you do that remember to spam w for increase as/ms.Spining axe will lead draven so u had 2 spining axes.Chances are that u migh catch at least one (if not both of them) just by chasing the one u want to kill.hit bloodrush on and on.Ignite him and use ulti if needed.

In teamfights try to stay hide.dont show yourself before the teamfight.Get into teamfight after your team/the enemy team made their first move.Try not to get caught by cc.This will shut u down instantly.Dont be afraid to use utli in a teamfight.Dont keep it for finishing the fleeing enemyes.As a matter of fact,your ulti`s speed is much smaler than ez`s for instance or even ashe`s.So it can be hard somehow to hit it right.
Always stay behind your tanks. if u cant focus their carry focus the first targets first but switch the focus asap if u can get to their ad carry and u re not in a dangerous position.NEVER EVER go rambo(infront of your tanks)even if u have 20kills and no deaths.I ve witnessed some crazy moves which ended in a GG unbelivable(20-30 team kills diference and the team with less kills won cause of a bad initiation)Try to master positioning.Do not chase an enemy too much(your w should give u a boost of speed)because it can be a bait.Oh yea,do not ever go first in a bush if the enemy team is missing and u dont have vision there(either ward or let the tanks go in first)
As i stated before,positioning is very important for any ad carry but especialy for draven.Draven players have to asset quickly the situation and decide what to do, how to act.This is the fact, the thing that defines good Draven players from epic ones.One wrong call and u are dead instantly and your team is left without their main dd(damagedealer).
I usualy get easy kills before 20 min and finish my IE by then.I m not a good farmer(actualy I was terrible, but now i managed to lasthit better).
This are the main ideas I wanted to stress out.The strategy seems to be simple but 1 wrong call and it`s over.Chasing a spining axe while u shouldn`t 've done that can mean GG.
Draven is actually a very hard to master champ but a very rewarding one too.For instance today I`ve 3 or 4 shoted an offtank leesin(about 3.2k hp)which had stacked some armor.And off the reccord a friend stole my penta but nevermind.Play 4 fun!

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Should I be affraid?

As all LoL champs(or as it should be) Draven has his weak spots.Your worst fear is CC,especialy stun and slow.if u are stuned u cant do anything and your hp bar is very appealing for the enemy team.Focused first ,shut down.But this a common downside for all the camps.
Draven`s worst fear is a good caitlyn.She can easily zone u if your blitz cant pull her.Try to play a bit defensive,especially if she has a support which provides sustain(soraka sona taric )Also, caitlin has a terrible slow and gap closer and this is a very bad thing for you.
Terrible enemy:
Ad carry:

    Kog Maw

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I hope u enjoyed this guide and I m waiting your replies.It`s already too late but tomorrow I'll work on it to make it more enjoyable to read.