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Draven Build Guide by xIR3ap3rIx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIR3ap3rIx

Draven - Keep on Spinning

xIR3ap3rIx Last updated on June 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my guide for Draven, The Glorious Executioner(also my first one). I want to share my guide with you and I hope I get some feedback for it.I played him
several times and also won a ranked game (3v3 8/1 stats).Me and my friend tried to figure out what could be a good build for him and now I want to share what we decided.Also feel free to post any suggestions for the guide but if you do please read the whole guide.

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Pros / Cons

I want to start with the Pros/Cons of Draven


+Good Ad-Carry
+Good at harassing and chasing
+Global Ultimate
+Good Passive


-A bit squishy
-You need some skill to catch the Spinning Axe

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Skill Sequence

Wicked Blade (Passive)

Dravens passiv is activated when he uses his Q or crit. the enemy.
The enemy bleeds (get damage) over 4 sec. when the passive is applied (like ignite
just stronger).

Spinning Axe (Q)

The Q skill is the core skill of Draven because your auto-hits get extra damage.
When you activat the skill the auto-hits get stronger and when you hit the enemy the axe
returns.If you stand still it will come back where you stand (there is a chance that it
falls a bit to the left or right). If you move it will fall along your path so if you use
the skill at the enemy tower make sure to turn around befor the auto-hit hits your enemy
to let the axe fall into the safety-area.

Blood Rush (W)

The W skill is a nice addition to Draven (and his Q).The W is a short buff to your
attack-speed/movement-speed and the CD is set back after you catched your (Q)
Spinning Axe.This skill is good for hunting down the enemy

Stand Aside(E)

Your E skill is pushing your enemys aside and slowing them.This skill is good for saving
you and your teammates when you get hunted but you can use it to start a fight or slowing
the enemy at a hunt.

Whirling Death(Ultimate/R)

Your Ult is good for killing the enemy champions if the are out of range for your auto-
hits/skills for example they escaped and are at their tower or running to their base.
The Ult lose damage for every target it hits, when it reverse the direction back to you
the damage is full recovered.The ult reverses if they hit multiple champs/the end of the
map or if you reactivate R.The enemy will be ready for the returning blades so when they
want to dodge the returning ult you can guide the blades by moveing.Also you can cast the
ult again right infront of your enemy so they cant dodge.

I skill the Q first because it deals extra damage with your Auto-hit and that is the core
thing about Draven.

Than I skill the E second because you can avoid a fight with this skill.

After that I skill W so i can hunt the enemys down if i get a chance.

Than I max my Q first for teh whole damage , after that my W so I can Avoide pursuade or
hunt the enemy and the CD is set back when i catch Spinning Axes.I max my E last because
it deals soem extra damage but the important is that you can push the enemy aside with
taht skill.

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Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells

For Runes I use damage output and armor penetration because I think Draven got enaught Life.
If you have problems surviving with him you can change the Glyphs into Life or armor and if that is not enaught you can change the seals but I would stay with the Armor penetration Marks.

For Masteries I use damage for more Ad lifesteal because you can get Hp back early.
Atk-speed because you can hit the enemy faster and deal more damage and Armor penetration so no damage is lost.

For Summoner Spells i used Heal and Flash (standard Ad-Carry)
Because with Flash you can escape sticky situations and I pick heal instead of Ignite because your passive is similar to Ignite and with heal you can recover faster.

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Core/Situational Items

You start with Dorans Blade so you have a stable start.
After that you get boots so you go faster , if you can buy berserkers greaves
After that buy a Vampiric Scepter so if you get harassed you can recover life with it.
Than you buy a B.F Sword and save money for Infinity Edge.
Than buy another B.F Sowrd and than you can get Bloodthirster because of more damage
and lifesteal.Than you have to buy zeal and save money for Phantom Dancer.

Here are the Core items in an overall view:

Berserker's Greaves

don't forget to buy Vampiric scepter first

Infinity Edge



Phantom Dancer

Situational Items

You now have to decide which Items you need for the specific situiations
for example if you have many Tanks as enemys with many life you can buy
Madreds Bloodrazor

(Deals magic Damage to the enemy in amount of 4% of their life)

If they have many Damage dealers and you die often you can buy a

Frozen Mallet

For extra life and damage ( and you can slow the enemy)


Guardian Angel

to get revived and get some extra armor


you buy another


for more lifesteal

If you want to go Classic and deal more damage you can buy another

Phantom Dancer

to get more Atk-speed and Crit. hit

or go critical with

Last Whisper

to get more Atk-speed and Crit. hit

or Attack-Speed with

The black Cleaver

To deal more damage and get more Atk-speed

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For farming I cast the Q and make the lasthits with it because you make more damage with the skill and you can farm easier but you have to catch the Axe.

If an enemy comes near by you and you have your Q active you can cast it again (after CD) and
your W to hunt the enemy down (because of two blades you can hit them faster with more damage).

But dont be too greedy, harass the enemy as much as you can so you can easily catch them when they are low. If your Spinning axe is falling near by the enemy let it fall because if you try to catch it they can damage you as long as you try catching the blade.

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In teamfights try to attack the enemys from behinde your teammates to avoid getting focused and if you see that they are low life you can start the hunt or kill them with your ult but dont try to hunt one enemy down if the other enemys could stop you easily by stunning/slowing you and then kill you.

Also you don't need to kill with your ult, you can burst the enemys hp down so sb. can kill them or even get multiple-kills and ace.

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In summary Draven is fun to play and a good Ad-Carry (if you can handel the Spinning Axes).I hope i could help you with this guide maybe it was useful for you.Please give me feedback,rate and comment on my first guide.

I hope you have fun playing The Glorious Executioner.

PS. I have to add some Chapters (coming soon)
but i will keep this guide up to date.