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League of Legends Build Guide Author Husserl

Easy and Basic Guide! How to build armor and why

Husserl Last updated on October 5, 2016
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Why this guide was made

I started to play League of legends 6 months ago, earlier I have been a counterstrike fan and played from before cs 1.6 and now cs:go. Cs:go started to feel boring and I wanted a game where the possibility of cheating was minimal. So me and a friend started to try out different MOBA`s. LOL was the best one we thought and started to level up to 30. There is a lot of good players(even in bronz level) in lol and most of them already know these tips but this guide is for those guy´s I play with that have no idea why they lose there games...

I got a lot of tips from my friends that is at a diamond level, and now I start to understand the basics of how to play(300 hours later), but more important how to build. In my level the most of players are better then me in 1 vs 1, but they build really wrong and they lose many games just because they buy items that is badly combined for there champion, and the situation. This guide is for those guys that don't really understand why they should build armor or magic resist at some point or why everyone buys shoes in the beginning of the game. This is the easy guide that I would have loved to read when i got started.

For those that don´t like to read a lot of text i made a video(first time for me:))

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The guide to basic armor building

Before i start you need to know that i am talking about ranked games here, if you play normal you can try anything out and that´s ok, but in ranked games you need to be on your toes and do the best for the team(if you like to win)

First of what champ to play?

1) Don't play a champ that is labeled as a high difficulty

2) play support or tank - that way you can learn how everything works without ****ing everything up for every one els -

3) Check what builds there are for your champ before playing ranked

What sort of damage is there?

1) AD = attack damage(Zed uses this sort of damage it´s based on basic attacks)
2) AP = ability(mages use this sort of damage, Veigar for exempel)
3) ADC = attack damage carry(the guy you need to help so he can kill everyone later on when he is strong)

How to defend with different armors?

first of buy basic shoes, this will help you hunting down players and run from them. It may feel better to buy something els but i think that everyone in the community would say that you should buy shoes at fist time back at the shop.

The second thing you should check is what the guy your playing against right now(your lane) is buying. Use TAB and check what your opponent is building.

if your opponent builds attack damage(AD)you need armor(armor reduces the damage he can make and in that way how much he can life steal from you)

if your opponent build AP you need magic resist(this is reduces the damage he can do to you)

This is the basics of how to build but if you are a tank you need to look att the whole team if you are lucky the other team is building for only AP or only AD then you only need to defend for one sort of damage but often you need to build both magic resist and armor.

Good Luck and Have fun

Majo von Husserl


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