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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Edd13Mac

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Edd13Mac

Easy Support Blitzcrank (Tank and DPS builds)

Edd13Mac Last updated on June 29, 2012
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Tank Support/DPS Support

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 8

Honor Guard

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Utility: 22

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- If you find yourself not needing gold as much, you can switch out your quints for 1.5% move speed instead.

- The reason for the Armor Pen Marks is because Power Fist is your main source of damage, being that it doubles your next standard attack. Couple this with Sheen/Trinity Force and it's incredibly short CD and you'll be putting some serious hurt on whoever is getting launched in the air.

- The reason for the 4 points in Awareness is due to Supports typically being the slowest to level, since we rarely get the kills and hardly ever CS. This helps keep up with the rest of your team, if only slightly. Take a point out of this and put it into Sage if you feel confident that you'll be dominating your lane and getting a lot of assists. (Which, honestly, you will usually rack up a ton of assists if you are good at your job.)

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Item Buying Guide

The items displayed above are a general idea of what you would buy as a support tank/support DPS in an average game. Obviously it can be adjusted to cater to the enemy team's strengths and abilities.

If they have a Talon mid, Darius/Wukong Top lane and a jungle Master Yi, you can probably completely forgo Banshee's Veil and Mercury's Treads in favor of something with more armor and Anti-AD like Thornmail and Tabi Boots.

The General buy order though will be the same for you for your first 4 items. Getting a fast Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold can make or break you in late game, when you'll need to be buying and placing lots of wards.

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General Concept

Blitzcrank as a tank should typically only be taken if you already have a lot of damage on your team, and as a support you will be going bottom lane with your AD Carry.

Keep in mind that with a Blitzcrank on the team, it is very, very easy to invade and steal the enemy jungler's blue or red buff at 1:55, since you can grip it through the walls and pull it to your anxiously awaiting team. If the enemy team is waiting for yours, you can grip on of them instead to draw first blood.

Your general job once the laning phase begins is to support your AD Carry and Harass the enemy as best as possible. Mid to late game will comprise of you being able to land your Rocket Grab to initiate fights and/or ganks and setting up wards in key locations across the map.

Your Rocket Grab is a skill shot, with a semi-long CD and a high mana cost early-game, so you should not spam it. This also means it will take you a bit of skill to land the grabs, or a lack of skill from the other player to dodge. Wasting Rocket Grabs is a bad thing to do. Don't Grip unless it is for a damn good shot.

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Early Game

(NOT INVADING? SKIP AHEAD) If your team is going to invade, all of you should obviously be there. Whether on the top or bottom half of the map, you will be able to grip the Blue Golem from the bushes that lead up from the river. Use your Clairvoyance at 1:52 at the center point between these bushes, the bushes above or below (depending on what side you are on) and the far bushes that curve around to the blue mob. This will give you vision into all 3 areas and where the Mob Spawns, and if someone is in the bushes next to you, immediately grab them and get First Blood. Your team should be able to chase off their jungler and take blue buff manually after that.

(SKIP TO HERE) Once this is done get down to your bottom lane and support your carry. You'll have Rocket Grab, and anyone who plays this game knows exactly what that is and does (and if they don't they'll find out soon). However you should NOT be spamming this ability. You'll want to harass more with Power Fist from the bushes on bottom, and only use your grab when you know you can get one of them out of position for some good damage or even a kill.

ROCKET GRAB: Being skilled with this ability will make or break your bottom lane. Contrary to popular belief, it should rarely be used as an opening attack early on. The only times that it is used to open is either diving a turret or pulling enemies into your own. Holding on to Rocket Grab until they use an escape mechanic is key; it secures the kill and makes them waste an summoner's skill like flash or ghost. If they get hit in the air by Power Fist and flash away, that is the time to RB. Keep in mind that most good players will likely be hiding among creeps, so if your AD Carry is smart they'll be doing their best to clear the waves enemies hide behind so you can grab them easier.

When you get 750+ gold and the opportunity presents itself, B to base and buy a Philosopher's Stone and a couple wards. Your next back will be when you get to 1k gold, and you'll go back to buy your Heart of Gold and another couple wards. You will not need to rush boots since you'll have 2 points into your Overdrive by level 8, which keeps your speed the same as most champs with +1 boots. At around 1400g, B to base and buy +1 boots and Tear of the Goddess if you are going DPS or Aegis of the Legion if you are going tank. Once you get tear, you should be spamming your Overdrive and Power fist every 3 seconds to build up your mana pool.

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Mid to Late Game

Mid Game typically happens between 10 and 20 minutes into the game, and rarely are all turrets up at this point. Continue buying/upgrading your items, and continuously buy wards. Setting them in locations like Wraiths, Dragon, Baron, and Red/Blue buff bushes. If you feel like you can afford it and are not likely to die, grab an Oracle's Elixir and start denying their wards. Just be wary of ganks.

When it comes down to team fights, Blitzcrank has one of the best initiations in the game. This is where you open with Rocket Grab. Pull someone to your team, knock them in the air, and the rest of your team will immediately jump in on it. You can pull thru most walls, and if you stack in a bush, wait for them to get to you, Power Fist them into the air, and if they begin to escape, Grab them back. Being good with your skills will be a deciding factor here.

Late game is going to comprise entirely of you warding the map as best as possible and keeping your teammates alive during team fights. Katarina using her ultimate? Power fist into the air. Ashe shooting arrows at your team from afar? Rocket Grab them into a Power Fist. Save your ultimate for when you are surrounded by their team and can hit all (or nearly all) of them at once, or use it when someone is about to get away with a sliver of health and your grab is on CD.

Get an Oracle's Elixir while you are warding up the map so you can get map control and deny your enemy the same benefit. Just don't get caught alone in their jungle or you will have just wasted 400g.