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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxleg3ndxx

eating with nunu

xxleg3ndxx Last updated on July 23, 2010
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hello and welcome to my first build! this will show you how to do well with nunu and usually go positive. nunu is considered a tank but in this build he will be played as a caster (the way he should always be played) and by doing this you will be able to nuke your enemies to death and still have an enormous hp pool for a caster.

why i choose ignite and flash:

flash: to keep you from getting ganked you will not need clarity or heal if you play this character right because his skills keep his hp up and his mana full

ignite: sometimes you get someone low and they start to run and you will need that little extra damage to finish him off, do not pick exhaust because your snowball slows them and 90% slowing is always nice but is not needed to kill someone 40% is enough. in the middle of a fight you can use ignite to also kill steal, (considered noobish but if you dont care go ahead) while your teammates are in the middle of a team fight and someone is being focused on pop ignite and BOOM +1 kill for u.

how to play nunu:

early game
ok first off your going to start off with a sapphire crystal. nunu will have mana problems if you do not have this crystal and you will have to go back and get mana constantly if you do not do this. so go ahead and and get your level one ice blast and use this to harass the enemies in your lane to no end! and remember to use your passive as much as possible just hit a minion 7 times then you get a free spell!!! abuse this and never run out of mana. then when you hit level 2 get your consume to keep your hp up. try to keep your hp at 100% or as high as possible so you do not get ganked, your goal here is to get banshee by level 6 so you can take full advantage of your ultimate. without banshee it is very hard to hit someone with your ult because usually someone will stun you. at level 3 just to add to your owning you add blood boil for your next skill for that extra run and giving your lane partner that little extra attack speed and movement to get away from ganks if needed or to get the kill

mid game
by now you should have your ult and now kills should be becoming easy for you (unless your lane partner is a noob) owning with nunus ultimate takes skill and teamwork. it does not work by running in and hitting ult. also you will really want banshee because if you dont you will more than likely be stuned during or just before the spell or just get to damaged from a nuke to get close. here are some tips on how to use your ult:

1. use the ultimate on a single enemy when he is by himself and his hp is kinda low. you might say NOOB you have to use it in a group of enemies or its a waste but trust me it is not. if you do not hit him with your ult, thats ok because more than likely you will have slowed him and that allows your team to catch up for the gank

2. your teammates are your best friend when it comes to using your ultimate. communicate with them when your going to use your ult and tell them to use stuns and slows to keep them in. or make your own plan. my favorite is to tell everyone to rush in and they will think oh we will win easily, ult in the middle of the fight and boom!!! triple kill or double kill if your not lucky or not used correctly. *got penta kill with this!*

3. if 2 is not working for you because your teammates are just noobs and dont listen your ult can still be good. hide in the bushes near the middle of the fight ( if your hiding it will usually be a 5v4 and your team will start losing) one of your teammates will get low and usually noobs run toward a team mate instead of a turret. so the noob will go hey theres nunu in the bushes he will save me cause im terrible at the game and need help! and wait for the enemies to get close. then hit ur ult and then get ready to type gg cause the other team will get angry and quit.

How NOT to use nunus ult
this ult is very powerful, it is considered one of the most powerful nukes in the game, but it can lead a team to disaster if not used right. one of the most common mistakes with a nunu ult is that a nunu will run in and ult the whole other team and your teammates are not there. you will bring the enemy team to low health but you will more than likely die anyway. usually you will have 1-2 (if your unlucky 3) noobs on your team. they will see that they are at low hp and then they will run in one by one at get nuked to death just like you did except they will not damage anyone and then you will have 1-2 teammates left hugging turrets trying to survive or you will get aced

now back to the mid game part
while using these tips to make your ultimate effective, you will need a soulstealer. one of the cheapest ways to get a TON OF AP in a build if used by a skilled player. remember buff your teammates that are getting the most kills because if they kill someone with your blood boil buff you get a +1 for your soulstealer because thats an assist. getting your ice blast to lv 5 is your main priority then consume then blood boil so think of your skills like that then add points to ur ult when available then you will be building your skills right then just follow the item build in order and you will own

late game
if you have done your job the other team will probably surrender at 25-30mins but if they dont here is some ways you can put the nail in the coffin!

1. you can tank baron at lv 18!!! with your team you can take baron because consume works on him!!!!! your team will be like wtf when u hit the baron with 900's and destroy him. then ur team will overpowered with the baron buff. Initiate the fight but dont try to solo, nunu usually cannot do that. if the other team is going for baron just run in and ult and that is gg!! (that is one of the only times you just run in with your ult because they will all be low hp cause of baron ur ult will finish the job)

2.your in their base and your super minions are on the nexus turrets and the whole other team is hugging them trying to keep them up. tell your team to rush them and get in the middle of the 2 nexus turrets and cast your ultimate!!! this usually allows your team to get an ace but if it doesnt it kills all the minions and allows your team to go in and finish the job as well.

enjoy owning with nunu!!!! he is a very unappreciated character and is so good for only 450 ip! so go on ahead and give it a try!!! you wont be disappointed!

recent game scores

date / score
7-22-2010 / 18-1-7 *got first penta kill this match!!!
7-23-2010 / 15-2-18