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Ekko Build Guide by TheJaynator

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheJaynator

Ekko AD-Offtank TOP:

TheJaynator Last updated on August 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Guys. I'm TheJaynator (Platinum) from EU West. But enough of me, for this guide is not about me. It is about Ekko AD-offtank top.

Ekko AD-offtank on the toplane is very powerful and yet rare. (I've actually only seen myself play him like this) But this guide is made to show the World how good it actually is!

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Why Ekko ad-offtank? AD and spells.

People might see Ekko ad as a bad thing, simply because none of his abilites get better as he build ad. However, all his abilities Work well with ad, despite they Arent enpowered by it. I will now go through all his abilities one by one and explain how they Work well with Ekko ad.

Passive: Z-Drive Resonance - Every third time Ekko deals damage to a target, he will deal bonus damage and STEAL a great amount of movement speed if the target is a champion. Ekko relies on his movement speed and the passive will help him sticking to enemies as he brings them a slow and inevitable death.

Q: Timewinder - Does not deal that much damage, when you build ad. However, it creates a slowing field, which will help you sticking to the enemies. Additionally it deals damage to multiple enemies at once, adding 1-2 stacks of Z-Drive Resonance to ALL targets. In this way you can go from enemy to enemy, dealing massive damage and stealing massive movement speed. It is also a good poking / farming Tool if you are under pressure in your lane.

W: Parallel Convergence - The shield from this ability will not be improved since you do not build AP (except the small amount from Trinity Force). But that does not make the ability bad. It is hard to land, because you have to guess or read the enemy movement, because it will first become active after 3 seconds after use. But if you manage to land it perfectly you may stun an entire enemy team, which may be enough to turn a fight. It will also allow you to punish all stunned enemies with your awesomeness. This ability may also be a Tool to scare away enemies. If they know it's power they will likely try to evade it. When you are on toplane the enemy might also think there is a gank incoming, since it is a good way to open a gank, which might be enough to make them fall back.
Note that it is best to cast this ability from out of sight (fog of war, or brush) because the enemies will have even shorter time to react.

E: Phase Dive - This will be your primary damaging ability. It gives you great mobility, since you can jump over walls, Dodge skillshots and so on. This ability is perfect along with Sheen or Trinity Force, which will put your AD into the ability. Wow it Hurts.

R: Chronobreak - Since you are not AP, the damage output from this ability will not be the same at all. So you should maybe switch stragety about this ultimate, and not always try to hit enemies with it. I mean it still deals damage, but you might need to use it differently. It grants a certain amount of mobility if you move over a greater distance because it takes you fully 4 seconds back. That can be pretty far. You can use it to dive an enemy, then press 'R' and get the hell out of there Again if you are low on Health. You can also use it to turn a fight if both you and your opponent is quiet low, since you will heal a lot of Health if you use it right after you have taken a lot of damage. In that way your opponent will still be low and you will have much more Health. Boom. Fight won. There are hundreds of ways to use this ability and I could go on and on. Overall, its a strong ability if used correctly. But a suicide ability if you use it wrong.
Note that the ability heals even more with Spirit Visage :)


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I will now go into the items from the core build and how they fit with Ekko ad-offtank.

Blade of the Ruined Kings: Well, it gives attack damage, life steal and attack speed. All useful for Ekko. It is also very useful against tanks since it deals a percentage of their max Health. That is also good since the build gives so much attack speed, and when every strike deals percentage of max Health, it takes only seconds before they lie on their knees before you. Additionally the active steals movement speed, just like Ekko's passive. Great when chasing enemies. (If your opponent is a tank like Shen, you would probably go for this item first.)

Trinity Force: This item has it all. Ekko uses it all. The crit might not be that useful since you dont buy other crit items. But it's fine since the rest of the item is all Ekko needs. It passivly gives movement speed which will help Ekko, when chasing or running from enemies. Additionally he gets movement speed when he is attacking (Rage), now this is useful. In this way you stick with your enemy constantly punching them with your... uh... glowstick. Their only escape is now that they slow, stun etc. or flash away. It also has the spellblade passive, from Sheen. This boosts the Phase Dive (E) damage as I have already talked about.

Spirit Visage: Gives you Health, and magic resistance which helps you becoming more tanky. Additionally you recieve more healing from all sources, including lifesteal form Blade of the Ruined Kings and his ultimate, Chronobreak. Very useful indeed.

Dead Man's Plate: This new item is super powerful. It gives Health and armor, good for your tankiness. You also get more movement speed and you travel, and grant more attack damage on your first strike. You can roam better, chase better, and suprise enemies with your super movement speed.

Ninja Tabi: You will need boots. These gives armor and reduce damage from basic attacks. Pretty good. Homeguard is a free choice, but I think its best.

Zephyr: This item gratns great movement speed, (even more) attack speed and a Little attack damage. All good for Ekko. It also gives Tenacity which you would usually get from Mercuries Treads boots. That is the reason I mostly buy Ninja Tabi, since this item is perfect for Ekko and gives the tenacity which can also prove very useful.

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Pros and Cons


-Very strong
-Unique movement speed and mobility
-Fun to play
-Good abilites, even with AD


-Abilites are not enpowered by his AD
-Ultimate can be a suicide step if used wrong
-Parallel Convergence (W) is hard to land