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Elise General Guide by the terminated

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League of Legends Build Guide Author the terminated

Elise the new OG support

the terminated Last updated on May 25, 2015
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how i came up with this

i just recently bought elise and i was playing her in the jungle but as i was playing her i had a very intriguing thought strike me. In the current meta, how would elise work as a support? I've never seen this and as i'm a very experiment based player i'll be making a guide on how to support and essentially carry your adc into being a theoretical damage god.

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gameplay and focus of role.

now the main thing i think you should do is focus on trying to poke using your q as much as possible and try to get the enemy bot lane down low enough for you to stun one of them use your spider form q and then have the adc get the kill then go after the second kill while trying not to be too greedy as this will get you killed and lose you the game basically.

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flash and exhaust would be good on her because flash can let you catch low hp targets and make a quick getaway over a wall coupled with your e in the right spot=life.

exhaust catch low hp targets and due to the reduction onmr and the slow you can burn through the enemy champion very quickly and it will make it very hard for them to get away this can also make a good getaway tool as the slow it applies can give you enough time to get away or catch an enemy adc annd give yours a free kill.

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Team Fights

try and peel for your adc and get quick damage off on enemies trying to get them. if you kill the enemy teams front line immediately try and catch one of their back line with your e preferrably the enemy adc so that the rest of your team can chunk the apc and win the fight.

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Pros / Cons

+ extremely high burst
+ can make short work of high hp targets
+ fairly high amount of utility if used right
+ cc & peel for adc
+ doesn't rely too heavily on items
+ level 1 ult
- very slow with no boots
- hard to stay out of range of enemy cc
- team fighting is limited unless enemy is out of position
-extremely high cd on her cc ability
- lacking damaging ability on r
- ungodly high skill cap

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I run 9/0/21 on masteries because you can get all the damage and survivability you need from items however early game her move speed and mana pool leave something to be desire, while running her as supp you won't be getting kills too often and you won't be csing either so you need a place for gold income and such.


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