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League of Legends Build Guide Author Taomaokakao

Elo climbing, and ranked plays

Taomaokakao Last updated on June 19, 2014
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Hello, im Franz Flemming and you can find me on the EUW servers. Im writing a guide how i climbed my way up the elo ladder. Im currently Gold 1, and i may not be ranked super high, but i have made progress on the elo ladder, and that's whats matter, and this guide is also directed more at lower ranked players (ofcourse higher ranked players can also benefit of this guide, but im unexperienced at the higher ranks than my own).

I have played League, for about two years now, but my interest in ranked plays is fairly new. My ranked journey Started in silver 5, i began duo queueing with one of my friends, and we reached silver 1. But then i lost my interest in ranked plays, and didnt played for a while, and i was demoted to silver 3. More recently i have started playing ranked again, and now i have reached gold 1, and towards my way to plat.

Reached plat 19-01-14 :)
Changed name to Captian fabulous (i know it's typed wrong, but didnt see the mistake before i changed the name '-_-)
currently plat 1, with 64 lp, so im very close to diamond :D!

But enough about me.

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Before the game, Mindset, and dealing with flamers

The first thing before your game, is to have the right mindset. Always try to stay positive, dont go into a game, thinking that you will end up with noobs, feeder, afk etc. and loose.

Look out for you mistakes, and try to improve them. For example if you are mid, and you enemy laner, going towards botlane, your teammates get killed, and you say it's their fault for overextending and not warding. But you could maybe follow the enemy laner, and saved the botlane, or maybe even getting a kill. But this is just an example, the point is too improve your mistakes, and when something bad happens you should think: was there anything i could help it, or prevent it?

Before you going into the game, you should always try to keep a good attitude, and your players are more likely to have a good attitude over for you. And when the relationship with your teammates is good, you are more likely to win.

And dont ever flame, it will bring you nothing good, and only increase you chances to loose. if one of you're teammates is flaming on you, or another teammate, either ignore him, or convince him too stop flaming. You could say: Stop flaming, it wont help us win. You will be suprised how many actually stop flaming, and sometimes even apologize. Though not always the flamers will listen, and then your only option is too ignore. And never, ever flame back, as said it will only make the situation worse.

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Champion select, and In game

When you reach the champion select, let's say you are the fourth pick, you love going midlane, but there is this other guy taking it. You say you main mid, and play it well, but he ain't letting go. Then you should just let him, dont make a too big thing about it, you dont want to get angry on eachothers when the game starts. I dont say you shouldn't try get the midlane (or what you play), but for most cases you wont get it, and dont try too hard getting it, you still want to have a good relationship with you teammate. Take what's left and keep a positive attitude.

The game is on, and you end up playing adc. You are allright with adc, but a better midlane. Focus on you own lane, and do as good you can, dont start thinking that you could have owned midlane, you are already adc, and theres no way to change that.

The thing you feared has happend, your midlaner is feeding, and he's 0/3/1. Dont start saying that he is bad, and should have let you midlane. The game has already started, and you already got your roles. So you could give him quick advices, such as he shouldnt try to kill the opponent laner, and just farm, or what you got on mind. Or you could just focus on your own game.

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Roles, and champions

The best thing i see for climbing the elo ladder, is havig a all around knowledge on the different roles, so you are ready to play them. But also aim for a lane/champion every game. For me, i always go after the jungle, and i have two champions i play in the jungle. Vi and Nocturne. The idea about this, is that you will get very expereinced with these champions, and are you are much more likely to do better. And it could also be in different lanes and roles, but keep your champion pool little, so you can get alot experience with them all.

So find some champions that is fun to play, because you will be sticking around those champions for a while, and then get experienced with them.

And always pick champions that you are experienced with over counters. I remember when i toplaned, i would always first pick Irelia, and usally the enemy would pick Olaf or Renekton, which is great counters. But the enemy have probaly just found those counters on champion select, and they are very likely to be unexperienced with them. when the game started i would always beat my counters, because i was much more experienced with my champion, over than they were, even though it's a counter.

Experience > Counters :D

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This chapter is about mistake, i see often.

One thing i see alot, is that many player overextend and then die, and may lead to a throw. Ofcourse you can overextend, but you need to have ALOT map awareness when you do it. such if you are top and splitpushing, you want to known where all the big threats are, that may be the toplaner, jungler and midlane are at botlane.

When your team have a lead, use it as effective as possible. Take as many objective your team can, and eventually get some kills, and try to end so fast as possible. When you are ahead, many players tend to have a lesser focus on the game, and have less map awareness, that leads to they get caught, over and over, and eventually throw the game.
I see hell alot of throw at baron, dont do the baron, unless their fed carries and jungler, is dead or either far far away, and you have to be sure that you can kill baron, before they spawn/reach you.

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Elo hell?

I think elo hell, is an excuse for low ranked players. If you are bronze 2 and you have played about 80 ranked games, then your ranking should be precise enough, and let's face it, you belong in that ranking. Though if you have played less games, you ranking might not be that precise, and if you really think you are better than bronze, just play more games.

But there's only one way to get higher elo, that's improvement. And theres a whole guide about it, just above^ :p

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Duo queueing

This section, people may have mixed opinions. But this is my experience so far

About 80% of my ranked games, i have done with one of my friends. It's easier to win, when you duo queue, you have much better communication with one more player (if you use some sort of communication program, such as skype), and it's more fun (well for me), and overall im more likely to have a positive attitude when im duo queueing.

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Last comments

Thanks for reading my guide, and I hope you have learned something from this guide, and feel free comment, and ask me questions


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