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Nautilus Build Guide by KaceyRetro

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KaceyRetro


KaceyRetro Last updated on September 27, 2012
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This guide is purley for tanky nautilus jungle guide why i think nautilus is really great of getting u out of elo hell is because of his cc and the ability to have succesfull ganks almost 80% of the times :D ill guide u on how to do it

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This item must get if they have an ad top or 3+ ad will help you tank alot better

this item here is so good just becuase of the aura this is a must have early game to have an advantage. + makes u and ur team alil more tanky.

only get this is u need more health and they have alot of ap cc.

This item is usally better than a banshees viel just because of the movement speed and the extra amount of mr :D

and again a must need for naut with this item you are a massive presence in a team fight u can slow and slow down adc attack speed which is a must and making sure people dont get away

This is so good for naut ur team can easyily follow up and its just like having a ghost every minute lol and the cooldown is soo good get this really early then sell late game if need be

You can usually sell shurelyas for this item late game just because usually at lvl 18 u want to have much more health

This right here is such a good aura , get this imediatley after you grab ur self some mr.

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Naut's Cons in ganking champions

Straight up a pain in the *** to gank , just because she can spell shield and is quite tanky and if u get caught by her stun its pretty much over for the gank, try catch her off guard if u can pull morg before she activates the shield its pretty much over for her unless she flashed then just come back another time

Jax is such an annoying champ to gank he can jump to minions and is pretty fast also he can stun u if ur not to carefull , its almost really hard to kill this champ with summoners unless his really pushed and wasted all summoners usually gank this champ at lvl 6 to have better chances just pull and snare with passive and if he trys to run just ult and u and ur team should have enough time to either tower dive or kill him.

This champ is quite annoying because of his speed buff but if u can catch him with pull its pretty much over :D

Almost ungankable sorry :D , but if u can stun her before she flys away u and the mid can do alot of burst damage easy. try catch her off guard with flash.

Singed is just tanky as hell u either need to gank him pre level 6 or catch him with out summoners simple as taht

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Okay so when ever i dont play jungler and i watch other people jungle the worst thing a jungler can do is procrastinate "Gank top now his pushed" "Ill gank top after i kill wolves 2 sec!"

big no no u gank straight away because even that 2 seconds can change a gank entirely if u see a lane pushed or in a fight help straight away and get fed taht way and earn levels that way


okay so when ur about to gank bottom lane usually the river is warded if the bottom lane is past the half way mark dw just power in through the river and catch them ur bot should follow up.

if there playing passive go through the tri bush into ur team brush and make sure that brush isnt warded and suprise them that way. either with ult or pull.

Ganking top should be the same.

When ganking mid lvl 4 it is very important that most junglers will also be on the other side of the brush trying to gank at lvl 4 as well lol so be carefull and outsmart the other jungler
either by catching him in his brush or by baiting and getting the first few combos first.

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okay so ur mind set is to gank constantly gain levels from ganking and help all lanes get most of ur gold from gp/5 but ur levels must be from ganking dw about powerlevling in jungle no point just gank gank gank level level level get fed gg.

in team fights ur mind set is to catch a player other than the tank with ur pull and make sure ur team follows up with shurelyas. in team fight never leave ur carry's stay with them peel off bruisers or pull their carrys into ur carrys and help kill. easy. utilize ur ult to get them into a better position and use randiuns to help them position also.\

Okay so when u play this build naut dont be afraid to go in first but make sure u go in smart u can soak up alot of damage with lvl 5 Shield , so utilize that alot. , When tanking make sure to also keep and eye out for ur carrys pull bruisers away from them and try to get them into a good position as possible

Naut is such a good baiter just because of his shield if u are low dont forget u have items to soak up damage as soon as they come for the kill pop ur shield and then let ur ad carry's do the work.

NO 1v1!
Naut is horrible at 1v1 trust me just run away from 1v1's unless there on 2 health bar.

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follow this guide and gg easy elo :D