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League of Legends Build Guide Author FalseBacon

enemy! *three slashes later* oh what? hes dead..

FalseBacon Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Hi! this is my kinda personal guide for everyone. this is not an in depth guide its more of a build that i always do and win every time with at least a 16 kills and 0-2 deaths. So for all of the people who are kind of lost and really want to do well with yi, THIS IS THE BUILD 4 UUUU.
I dont know what it is but i feel really good about making this and the nice music playin is making me feel great. please give me feed back. I am new to this game but i do have plenty idea of what to do.

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I always start with a Brawlers glove, 8% crit
And a health pot or two with the remaining money.
From there I get a zeal.
Then aim for executioners calling or get the pick axe for your late game infinity edge or even zerk boots.
Basically your endgame goal is a
-Phantom Dancer ( or 2 depending how late this game goes)
-Infinity Edge
-Berserker Boots
-Executioners calling
- if u don't like the idea of anotehr phantom dancer maybe a frozen mallet which will also give u something u need.

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Pros / Cons

- kill kill kill late game you can take on half there team and kill them all with in 10 seconds at most
- Deadly skills
- Even deadlier when used in the combo Q>E>R

- Just the slightest squishiness ( but with your atk speed and leach u should be just fine :))

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Try to last and and mid game if everything is smooth hit the jungle once in a while for some quick cash.

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Skill Sequence

I always start my first point on Q for some safe harass.
Then E is the next things to get.
Alternate those and get your R when able :)
only late game should u get W ( heal ) but if ur really having a hard time and finding yourself low on health all the time and those pots arent working, then feel free to ^^


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Summoner Spells

Flash for me is a must for me. its just perfect for tight situations and even chasing

Your second summoner spell can be whatever u think u need.

Ghost, Ignite, Exhaust, what ever is your play style. ( keep in mind yi runs quit fast and does A LOT of damage)