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League of Legends Build Guide Author Epicmaneuvers

Epicmaneuver's Guide to Twist the Fates

Epicmaneuvers Last updated on January 18, 2011
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I have been playing LOL since closed beta. I have seen, heard, and read mostly everything there is to know about this game. I have literally wasted the last year of my life on this game. Treating it like a full time job or a meaningful realtionship. I was up every morning playing from about 8am until the late hours of the night. I started playing TWISTED FATE because as a young noob i was absoultly destroyed by another card master. Not only was i raped, i was humiliated, since Twisted fate is such a bad *** hero. Most of his kills will inspire rage in his opponents simply because of the stylish ways TF moves. That and of course he was much more overpowered back then. And picking gold cards was actually a skill that took practice.

The above runes/masteries/items/summoner spells are for the sake of completing this guide, they are what i would personally use if playing an AD build in a ranked game. This guide will provide you with insight on both ap and ad.

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I find picking a rune page to be very personal. Depending on the way you play of course will determine the best rune page to build. Here are a few examples of what i use.


All armour pen
attack speed SEALS AND GLYPHS


ALL flat ap (Best for early game)


ALL Scalling ap (Best for ranked)

My personal AD rune page is Armour pen marks, Dodge seals, Cool down glyphs, MOVESPEED QUINTS

My personal AP rune page is Magic pen marks, Mana regen seals, Scaling ap glyphs, MOVESPEED QUINTS

This will work the best in high caliber play such as ranked or a 1v1 grudge match

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Pretty straight forward, not alot of options, i go down offensive tree if im playing either ad or ap, either go 21-9-0 or 21-0-9 based on if you grab dodge runes or not

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Okay there are alot of ways you can build TF. However all of his builds should revolve around his key item, sheen.

Sheen is the most important item on twisted fate. It adds another layer of damage.

Sheen works best with his pick a card ability.

When you activate the shuffle of pick a card, Sheen will proc, be careful not to auto attack with the sheen proc to waste it, click furiously while you wait for your card to show up, and attack with so that the sheen proc applies to the pick a card.

Yes that means the 100 percent bonus applies to the bonus magic dmg from pick a card.
One of the few heros who can abuse this since pick a card is not considered a spell but an attack enhancer in it self.

note: If this was dota, it would not stack since they would both be orb effects, but in lol they do.

So you've got sheen, now your going to turn that into lich bane or a trinity force based on if your playing ad or ap. Makes sense right?

Second item that is absoultely neccessary is the movement speed 3 boots. I am adamante on getting these since without any move speed bonus's tf has a movement of 300. With the movement speed 3 boots you get to about 390. Which as we all know is pretty terrible. If you get any other boots your simply limiting the number of gold cards you can get in while chasing and at the same time handicaping yourself by being the slowest target on your team.

Movement speed also synergizes with tf's play style, and that is to never be taking damage.

Tf is meant to be played in bursts since he is so squishy, Your not going to get far auto attacking an olaf.

Consider this:

Olaf attacking tf, tf pulls a card and starts attacking olaf back, sheen proc is wasted on a normal attack, you may even live enough to get your first gold card off, but after that your going to die.

A good tf will always be moving, checking bushes (safetley), and pinging locations on the map they think activity could be occuring. Movement speed will help you accomplish all these things alot easier.

You'll also notice that both lich bane and trinity force increase TF's movespeed (not a coincidence)

Now here are 2 item builds for ap or ad

AP: Boots + 3 hp pots -> Sheen -> Finish boots -> Rylias -> Lich bane -> The twisted fate hat (you know what im talking about) -> Void staff -> Zyhonya's hourglass
(I get rylias early for the cc and hp, and i build half the void staff before i complete lich bane just so i have some ap)

AD: Boots + 3 hp pots -> Sheen -> Finish boots -> Phage -> Zeal -> Trinity force -> sword of the divine -> Vamp scepter -> Madrids -> IE -> Blood thirster
(I get trinity force first for the all around hp, crit, slow on hit, and improved sheen buff, and sword of the divine quickly after because of the active armor pen. Finishing with hard AD items will make you go from being very dangerous to rediculous, also pick up the vamp early on so you can benifit from the lifesteal once you have over 1.5 attack speed)

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Skill Sequence

This is simple:



Always get E as a first spell, it costs no mana at level 1 which is good and it also is your key spell for early game last hitting, which is crucial if you want your sheen when you go back at level 6 to destiny gate gank someone. You want to max Q second always since it's damage is good early game for both AD or AP builds. Maxing W is a bad idea since it takes a while to get that 2 second stun, and having the other spells before the 2 second stun is more important for damage output.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is a ***** always, so consider it

Always get Ghost since it's to do with movement speed like addressed earlier

Consider flash when playing in low tier games and 1v1's since the ability to close that distance to get a gold card is very useful.

Never get teleport/fortify/clairty/cleanse/

CV is fun if no one has it Sure you can pick it up as your second spell

Revive is very unique on twisted fate, i find it viable if you couple it with the improved revive giving you an extra 400 hp or so. This used properly can be game breaking, i'll explain why it only works on tf.

Go and kill yourself early game to get the bonus hp to be beefier in the lane if you soloing. The way i build tf leaves him with his base 400 hp at level 1 which really sucks if your opponent knows your weakness's and has alot of gay spells to hit you regardless your micro ability. That being said, if you grab the revive nonsense and get the bonus hp you can get halfed attacking your opponent and when the buff wear's off you will remain fullhp (400 instead of 800 at level 1)

Secondly, having revive late game on tf is NONSENSICAL. you can have a 5 on 5 team fight and get focused down first, revive, Destiny gate, and be right back in the fight in under 5 seconds, and with an incredible speed buff turning a 5v5 suddenly into a 6v5.
Simply Game breaking.

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Ranked Play

Twisted fate is usually frown upon when picked in ranked, but don't be afraid to do it. I have had no problems playing him ranked. If anyone starts noobin out cuz you picked him just call them a ****** and don't get rattled.

When playing TF in ranked stick to what you know and above all play extra cautious because the enemy will always target you above all. i recommend the movespeed quints and ghost/flash or ghost/revive combo for ranked to give you maximum survivability

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    Tf is a pro
    Highly skilled hero, lots of room for growth
    High burst damage
    Global teleport
    Excellent Farming capabilities
    Loaded dice buff for your entire team

    Easily killed with a 2 stun combo
    Very slow movement speed
    Universally hated
    Always targeted in team fights first
    Low regen, relies on using ulti and b'ing at proper times

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Basiclly last hit with your stacked deck and blue cards

When playing ap, use your throw cards spell when minions are in a line followed by a red card to the caster minions, 3 gaurenteed last hits and you can use your 4th attacks to finish off the front creeps

I recommend foresting as soon as you get your lich bane or trinity force. Get blue buff first, and always try to have a red buff since it makes your chasing ability nuts

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Team work

I can't count how many times i have been let down by a team, when i go in to do something epic and the level of skill just isnt there from my teammates to back me up properly. If i team is smart, they will do ever ything they can to enable and protect TF.

I also can't count how many times a quick gold card or slow has saved an ally by a hair, don't be afraid to help out, you can stop a chase or even distract a whole team to chase you because as you will learn, everyone hates tf.

In team fights, ping who you are stunning and stay on them until you start to get focused, Move back, and pull a card again and repeat. Knowing when and how far to back off will determine your kills and assists. and ultimatly your survival.

Thats about it as far as team mechanics go, if you can, always KS since your build is costly.

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A rant by me

ILL EXPLAIN, okay, your level 18, your tf, you see an enemy farming alone on the map, You get a hard on. Thats normal.

1) get gold card
2) ulti and gate to the poor sap
3) as your ulting, activate your sword of the divine
4) throw your gold card and throw your cards at the same time
5) auto attack till dead

i guarentee you can kill any champ in the 3 seconds it takes to do this from full or your money back. unless they do some crazy **** like heal, get a shen ult, or flash your gold card.

lets break the dmg output down

gold card - 150
stacked deck - 150
auto attack - 200
sword of the divine proc - 100
trinity force proc - multiply the sum of the above intergers by 1.2
throw cards - 300
in the 3 seconds that you are auto attacking, with this build, that is about 6 and a half auto attacks, so about 6x200 = 1200 dmg plus your 4th attack is a troll card, and divine proc, so add another 250 at least,

now imagine if any of those crit, with 60 armour pen, yeah, its unstopable

OH I FORGOT ABOUT MADRIDS, so in that entire time, you prob made 7 auto attacks, thats 7 x 4 pecent max hp, thats 28 percent of there max hp just gone as well.

Now you might be asking why i dont get any life steal,

with the movement speed and tricks that is tf, you shouldnt even take dmg from the enemy aside from a few undodgeable spells and what not, maybe some minion aggro dmg

with this build, all you need to do is get a clear gold card off and you can pretty much destroy any champ, so if your running, jump in a bush, get a gold, and kill them in the time it takes for them to tardishly step into the bush before they realized they were up against god.

A tf with low hp is more dangerous than a tf with full hp.


ppl tilt, they see tf low and they want an easy kill.

so all you have to do is bait them into your tower, gold card, and they are dead.

Oh lastly, if you cant last hit, your gonna fail with this build cuz it costs alot of money to pull off, but once you have madrids and sotd you can pretty much rape show.

-Twisted fate