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Evelynn Build Guide by umadibet

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author umadibet

Eve 1500+ Ranked Play, The Dissolver

umadibet Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Eve is an extremely underrated and somewhat underpowered compared to what this hero used to be. In the old days, I would have considered her one of the best heroes. She had a multi stun opener, and had enough burst to kill a target and repeat. She was the only hero when I first started that sufficed my reckless, suicidal play, but instead rewarded me with many pentas and raging enemies. I do miss her but I do believe her to be extremely fun to play but in need of buffs because unless you like being a stealth character and just love killing that 300cs vayne that ****s your team because they don't understand she needs to die, well that's where you come in!

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Skill Rotation Scenarios, Summoner Explanation( jungle), that passive..

In my previous guides I didn't feel the need to explain myself here and wasn't writing them to shed light on what people consider a troll hero. Here I have to defend my favorite jungle and make sure people say wow, she is fun!, but she needs buffs so give them to her Riot. I really hope you to try her and not only do so but play her at the potential she deserves because no other hero has this mobility and freedom with such damage.

(Build 1 is for normal jungle, build 2 for dominion)

So you are stealthed and you see someone you wanna open on. Other guides I have read really like to relie on an AA to activate your sheen proc after stealthing, this may be true as your next ability choice would proc a sheen so I agree here. Optimally on an opener you want a sheen proc from either stealth (w) or if it dissipates your ult and then right click. After doing so in this ideal situation press e ( your 1-1 ap armor/mr debuff) and begin q spam until dead. Say this target has an oracle and you will be punished for you melee range sheen need, abuse a bush and ult and hopefully they cannot react in that split second to your e opener followed by q spam.

Eve is weak against non skill shot disable since mobility counts for nothing here as click taunt or click stun will delay you. Imagine you open on a lux with you ult active, instead of autoing after your opener continue to q spam while running circles around her as your here the animation prepare to move and if you dodged it shes dead!

Eve also has the ability to reset after an opener gone array due to her W! So say you derped it and there were 5 ppl in a bush and you saw 1, flash ult restealth and yaya they burned probably and ult or 2 or exhausted/ignited you like champs.

Her passive is terrible.... I vote auto oracle or kayles sweet *** passive (not gonna happen)

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Jungle O Jungle, Early Game

I start my route at wolves and level that dern q. How well you can jungle is dictated by the rune set, choice, and masteries there are various choices I have tested but my preference is more so of damage focusing the innate on the ap side while item choice more heavily on the ad. Get a leash for blue and go get a lvl 2 kill. I mostly gank top for whatever reason it's a whose got the biggest scenario at 1v1 and they like to harass early so that lvl 2 burst is pretty decent with a sub 100-120 dps (guess here but feels like it w q spam and auto) hopefully fb is snagged and you can finish the madreds.
Start clearing and go for kills if you see the opportunity. I find it more worthwhile to invest your ganks in the solo lanes, mainly because I like to control the enemy jungle and shame him as I steal the buffs and kill him. If you do this enough you will notice they pay the most attention to you positioning and work with you so much more than that of taking a chance with 2 derps on bot.

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Mid Game, Ward Wars, Oracle ***s

Madreds into wriggle, should have boots by now, the game now becomes ward fest for you! Always have wards and ward them on major jungle routes and enemy buffs as well as dragon which you should be controlling because you are eve!
People will not push and vision wards and oracles will come into play at this point so you have 2 options. To counter a vision I like to wait for that solo to push ( remember I hate bot and only babysit if I am duoing with them) hopefully your solo has some form of disable and with you sitting in the bush with an active ult you can follow up this disable into a kill regardless of enemy summoners then stick your ward where his was and laugh. As for oracle, go kill that ****er.

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Late game

You should be one, tanky ***********er capable of dealing as much dmg as any player on the field ( not the carry obv) but unlike them as you kill herp derp you get healed!!

Positioning dictates everything w eve so in a team fight scenario if you can't act as your role because of multiple oracles (role meaning anti carry ye I said that) then help your carries deal with those derps on them and when the opportunity arises go kill that ****ing vayne.

You should be rock trinity w an atma at this point. Here you have a choice to add flat hp rather than mr, I usually go banshee at this point but ryai here could be a good thing if you have a solid team but usually banshee. Lastly, game will not last this long, sell wriggle for a gunblade for the ls/sv.

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This game type is.. lol for her.

Everygame I pick her I end up with an extremely high amount of kills and very few deaths and usually never lose.

Rush a sheen, run with ghost ignite here, and start out capping mid. Here you abuse shrines you should always have this buff, always as well as the storm shield. After you picked up some kills grab some boots of mobility or a phage, you want a trinity as soon as possible as this what puts you ahead of every dps, I mean every. If eve could achieve this equal of farm regularly in a normal game she would never not be a force to be reckoned with, this game type allows her to be played like a real monster. Once trinity is obtained I hardly ever go back because frankly there is no need you should be racking in kills every time they leave their tower and if it's someone you can dive go for it!

Atmas next and finally banshee or ryai, your choice here.

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I really hope this changes your perception of Evelyn. I really hope you try her or get all of those kills I promised :D