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Evelynn Build Guide by Cakespan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cakespan

Eve- The Noob Build

Cakespan Last updated on May 18, 2012
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Hi, this is Cakespan, and I'm bringing to you guys a very noob build of Evelynn. The main point of this build is to give you a taste of what Evelynn can do while staying in the range of what beginner players (Level 10-15) can do. You won't be using this guide in intense PvP, but it is nice for small matches.

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So, what can Evelynn do?

Evleynn is the model of an assassin- She can deal damage very quickly, has a very good stealth ability, and she can pick enemies off. Being an assassin, she is normally squishy and has a passive on her ult that gives her health each time she kills or assists in a kill.

Now, hold on, don't buy her yet. Evelynn is hard to figure out and it is easy to make mistakes with her.

Here's the rundown on her abilities:

Passive - Determined Killer
This reduces the damage you get from minions by 50%. It is especially useful when you're chasing down enemies when you have low health, as it keeps you alive til you can get the extra health from the kill.

1st Ability - Hate Spike
This deals damage instantly to any one target around you, and deals 50% of that damage to a second enemy. Useful for farming minion waves and chasing down enemies.

2nd Ability - Shadow Walk
Shadow Walk is a special move. It renders Evelynn invisible for a certain amount of seconds or until she attacks, and it slows the victim of any attack made while Evelynn is stealthed. This allows Eve to be a very good ganker, and keeps you alive when you are being chased.

3rd Ability - Ravage
Ravage is a melee range ability that deals damage to the target and lowers armor/MR. It is useful when chasing down enemies and finishing them off, as late-game and with good AP it deals massive amounts of damage.

Ultimate - Malice and Spite
Evelynn's ultimate has a passive of restoring health upon a kill or an assist. The actual ability itself gives Evelynn increased movement and attack speed. The cooldown refreshes every time an enemy champ dies. It has no cost and can be cast while in Shadow Walk.

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What items do you use?

Personally, I like playing as a safe hybrid character that ends with armor and magic resistance.

When I begin a game, I get the normal Doran Shield. This is to make sure I can survive early-game. Once I get 500g, I recall and get Boots of Speed and 2 health pots. I use up my health pots, and get around 650g. If I'm feeling good, I won't recall immediately after getting 650g for my Boots of Mobility, but if I feel that I need the bonus right now, I recall and get my Mobile boots as well as 2 health pots to refresh my supply. After a bit, I start building Deathfire Grasp, an AP item that gives me mana regen and cooldown reduction. Once that is done, I make sure to get my Wriggle's Lantern to give my life steal and, if the enemy is making serious ganks, to place wards. I quickly start finishing up my build with Lich Bane, a legendary item that is very good late-game. I totally finish up with Wit's End, a good item that gives attack speed and magic resist, a good thing to have when enemies are high level and have AP.

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Why do you level up your abilities like that?

Evelynn depends on her abilities to get kills. There might be a small chance you could get a kill with basic attacks alone, but Evelynn is normally too squishy to stay in a basic attack battle for very long.

When I play Evelynn, I try not to depend on Shadow Walk to help me kill enemies, but I use it more as a get-away, hence me not getting it until level 4 and maxing it at level 18.
I start off with Hate Spike because it is a good early-game method of farming creeps. It is also good at harassing and keeping enemies away from you. I take a point in it at level 1 and max it by level 14.
Ravage is a wonderful move to have throughout the whole game. It gives you the power to kill enemies early-game, sustains you through mid-game, and becomes godlike by end-game with AP. I take a point in it at level 2 and max it by level 15.
Malice and Spite is of course your ultimate, and it helps get you kill 50% of the time. As per usual with ultimates, I take a point in this at level 6 when it unlocks, and level it up at levels 11 and 16.

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My runes that I get with Evelynn focus mainly on her ability to output a lot of AP while staying alive.

For my Marks, I took 3 of each: Greater Fortitude, Resilience, and Warding, to increase my health, armor, and magic resist, respectively. This increases my early-game survival rate.

For my Seals, I took 3 of each: Greater Intellect, Potency, and Strength, to increase my mana, AP, and AD, respectively. This allows me to dominate early-game and still have mana left.

For my Glyphs, I took 3 of each: Greater Insight, Intellect, and Potency, to increase my magic penetration, mana, and AP, respectively. This allows me to, again, dominate with my spells.

And for my all important Quintessences, I took Greater Insight, Potency, and Swiftness.

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And finally, we end with Masteries.

For my offensive masteries, I take 3 points in Deadliness and Archmage's Savvy, to increase my critical strike chance and my AP, respectively.

For my defensive masteries, I take 3 points in Resistance and Hardiness, to increase my magic resistance and armor, respectively.

For my utility masteries, I get a bit more complex. I take 3 points in Good Hands and Perseverance to decrease my time spent dead and increase my health and mana regen to make sure that I don't die. I also take a point in Awareness and Expanded Mind. Awareness increases the amount of XP I get, and Expanded Mind increases the amount of mana I have, so I can stay in the lane and level up faster. I take 3 points in Meditation to increase my mana regen even further, and give myself a point in Greed to give myself just a bit more money. I of course get a point in Insight to give my allies the same amount of mana that I get from Clarity, and I take 3 points in Quickness to give myself that early game boost. I finish off my masteries with 2 points in Intelligence to decrease my cooldowns.

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Conclusion and Summary

When playing Evelynn, try playing her safely. This build will not work if you don't at least attempt to keep yourself alive throughout the match. You will die a couple times, but having the Good Hands mastery helps respawn you in time so you can catch up with the rest of your team.

Evelynn is a champion that can be tricky, but she is very rewarding. The key here is to practice.

Thanks for tuning in to this League of Legends champion spotlight...