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Evelynn Build Guide by Reyliegh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reyliegh

Evelyn - Best top lane Champion

Reyliegh Last updated on November 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First Guide

Hello everyone, this is my first guide :( , so i have no idea how to do this :D
But i wanted to share this with you guys - my Evelyn build. I'm playing Evelyn top lane, that's right. I hope you enjoy and like it :P

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I'll start with Runes.
For early game burst and harrass damage i get flat AP and Marks AP Penetration. This way even the most tankiest champions will get hurt if they want to exchange harrass :)

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We got enough early game damage with our Runes, now we need defense and Masteries are great for that. 9 in Offense and 21 in Defense won't make you early game a good tank but it will help you to stay on lane longer :P

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Items are Situational. Rylias is a must every game, i always Rush for it first even before boots. Make sure at your first trip to get Kage's pick for gold (we will not upgrade it into a Deathfire Grasp), Sunfire is a must also. After Rylias and Sunfire check your enemy, if they have strong AP get Abyss or Banshee (i prefer Abyss for more damage) Sadly Against AD champions We can get only Rylias for HP or Sunfire HP+Armor. Zhonyas is a bad choice because either you will forget to use it, or there wont be a situation you can use it. Mejais, dont build it ever. It gives burst but to stay in a fight longer is much better. You still only with Sunfire and Rylias will do a lot of damage which is insane.

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Skill Sequence

As for skills, i max Q first for harrassing and awesome farming. Dont max E first , it will ruin your lane totally. You will need to keep distance from these annoying bruisers at the same time farm and harrass , believe me when you do it perfectly - you win lane easly. Also keep in mind Skill leveling and Item build always depends on the current game situation. Dont follow guide step by step. Use your head and think, for example: if i feel at level 2 i will get ganked i am leveling W for escaping or if enemy is playing passive, then no need to level your E because it will be pointless, better level W for not get ganked. Remember that.

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Summoner Spells

Well here's pretty obvious.
Flash - awesome escape ability or to catch those who run. IMO best spell in the game.
Ignite - believe me , there will be so much "Luck" if you wont pick this spell. Always getting a kill. Crazy spell
Can't recommend anything else because these 2 are Perfect for Evelyn! :P

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Ranked Play

I am playing Ranked only Evelyn top, because i'm confident that i will carry and it's a strong lane. But if even you mastered her perfectly and win all them time top(like me) sadly... people will not believe you, people will start flaming you (omg evelyn top) because it's not meta... because pro players doesnt play her that way. Which is really sad and really annoying... when you know that you can win that way but people starting complain, losing their motivation to play and ruin the game ... T_T so if even you have 13/0 and you lost the game, don't worry it's normal just keep playing, keep improving... this is probably one of the main reasons i made this guide - to make Evelyn top META.

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Pros / Cons

so here it is GOOD and BAD, LIGHT and DARK , ALFA and OMEGA:


Strong Harrass
Incredible Mana Regen when stealth
Can exchange damage even with Darius
There is no counter
After level 6 easy escape or easy kill
Can Roam easly
Can stay on lane much longer than others top laners
Unbelievable damage and tankiness


Like i said no counter but Jayce and Irelia can make your lane a little harder
If youre ganking bot make sure Jungler defends your top or it's easly destroyed
Requires a lot of practice how to play against each champion.

P.S. these also cannot be considered as cons if you mastered Evelyn, so basically there are no Cons (or atleast i don't see them).

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Team Work

Now this is why your team will say again and again:
"This Evelyn"
"Omg so good"
"Evelyn won us this game"
"You won only because of Evelyn"

Trust me that feeling when people say these stuff about you is just...Incredbile. :D

The point is you need to pick PERFECT i mean it, PERFECT moment to initiate.
Enemy's mistake, Predicting enemy's engages, Ultimate as many enemies you can, Nuke the most deadliest and squishiest champion (Usually Burst and Tankiness is so high that sometimes i dont bother focusing :D). Playing as Evelyn it's not just Concentration.. You will need to use your head and read your opponents. It's not like Oh i am fed i just go in and faceroll... So many games lost because people become greedy. Dont be GREEDY ever. Always think few steps ahead, read your foes movements, where will they go , what spell and how they will use it... All this can be aquired with practice, practice and PRACTICE!

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This is also a trick. You will need to use your Q to farm without pushing. That's right i did not perfected it myself yet but close enough. This is the hardest thing you will have to learn. To do 3 things at the same time 1)Farm 2) Harrass 3) Do not push... If you think you will be able to kill a creep with autoaattack , DO IT! Even with incredible Mana Regen you don't wanna burn your mana that fast.

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Well that's it folks, My first Guide... No pictures, no video, no icons :( I will try to get better and update the guide, also after Global Changes (New items, New jungle, New masteries) i will remake the guide :) I just hope that i helped someone, so please if you like it leave a comment and vote :P
Thank You very much for spending time and reading my noob guide ;D
Take care - Reyliegh, EUW.