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Evelynn Build Guide by cata

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cata

Evelyn jungle

cata Last updated on September 15, 2012
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Chapter 1

(I'm sorry for bad grammar)

Most games i play as evelyn if its ranked or non ranked most people cry about her players with high levels of map awarness and good at timing will find evenlyn a strong champion her jungle starts off at blue a leash is very helpful as it is with most other champions losing the blue buff will but u behind but not out of the game continue to wolves then wraths then red watch for ganks then golems back to wraiths and finally get the wolves after this path will the runes selected and from creep kills youll be able to buy madreds razors you should have around 750 at level 4 is when evelyn can start ganking for these ganks flash and her speed increase ability a very important was well as timing and team communication. After geting madred's you'll want to try to go golems first unless a specific lane needs help right away if not grab golems and see if u can pick up kills from the lane closest to golems then move your way down or up the map. evenlyn does ok dmg but until sheen

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Understandably gold for 10 runes can be seem as bad I never see to many builds use them but by the end of a average game 25-45 minutes you'll have recieved about 1000-1500g and the build of items used is extremely costly using multiple of very expensive items rarly will you play a gamen long enough to complete the entire build as for dmg and ability power runes are useful u can swap them for level 18 runes or just go for flat ad ap runes it all depends if u want a few more points at 18 or if u want a better chance at a successful gank at low levels.

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Pros / Cons

The pros of Evelyn are
-Ganks have high potential
-Great tower diver mid-late game
-Great burst dps and once well itemed can maintain sustainable dps
-can very quickly get around the map
-Has great ability to chase and escape (really there are so many times when you would of died as any other champion because your not fast enough)

The cons of Evelyn are
-fairly squishy (which is why u get guaridans angel you can get this item earlier if you feel the need to maybe after madreds bloodrazor)
-Like most champions cc can be hard to handle
-Requires good timing especially when landing her ult to do maxium dmg and obtain the highest shield possible can really be the difference in a team fight
-Costs a **** load of gold to get all the items in the build

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Summoner Spells

Flash can close the distance very easily for a almost garenteed gank kill in alot of situations especially if they are over extending

Smite pretty much needed great source of money you can clear dragon between levels 11-13 pretty easily with it solo

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My personal experiences

My personal experiences with evelyn are not through a few games since her rework i've been playing her as jungle and VERY VERY rarly do i go more deaths than kills.

Evelyns is a weak laning champion she is too squishy early game very easy to feed unintentionally but as jungle is very useful.

Here is the links to msome of my games game as evelyn the whole game not just parts

However I have not had the chance to play high elo ranked games not much higher than 1300 however in the high number of games i have played i suspect ive gone against a few good teams plus with the buffs she is getting it only gets better.

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Skill Sequence

THE CIRCLE FOR HER PASSIVE MUST ALMOST ALWAYS BE WATCHED be aware of who can see you if your close to getting seen and be on your toes

Not much to say Spam Q use E when ever it is up chase with w use R as a possible initate to a team fight for shield and slow ganks get aways

Level of importance for your skills AGONY'S EMBRACE > Hate Spikes > Ravage > Dark Frenzy
Put at least 1 point into dark frenzy before level 6 idealy at level 4 you will probably wanna start ganking after u get the first item but you can utilize your flash at level 4 and gain a little more dmg and get Dark frenzy at 5 getting it any later can cause you to lose alot of time crossing the map and chasing champions at low levels boots might take up to level 6 to get sometimes.

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Covered just about everything i can think of that really needs to be known evelyn is a ganking champ get blue n red whenever u can can be pretty mana hungry so giving blue away might not be a great idea until after trinity really is alot better champion now. I cant tell how good she is in high elo but she is a good pubstomper for sure and has the ability to get out at least out of elo hell fun champion tower diving can get really fun team work is very important as well the better you can communicate the better chance of getting kills for the team but thats probably already known for most people. Late game as long as your not going against fed champions she i can 1v1 some of the best adc also she is a GREAT champion for getting those glass cannon champions and targeting down a certain target with her stealth

Her dark frenzy allows her to tower down low champions but be carefull of cc the towers can hurt but pretty much u dark frenzy in burst down the low champions and dark frenzy away you'll be surprised how many kills you can get this way.