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Evelynn Build Guide by Zetzuy

Evelyn Jungle/Vision/Support

Evelyn Jungle/Vision/Support

Updated on June 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zetzuy Build Guide By Zetzuy 55,440 Views 3 Comments
55,440 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zetzuy Evelynn Build Guide By Zetzuy Updated on June 11, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance



This is my first post here on Moba Fire, but im not a stranger to the website. Interested in the current meta i have gone far and short in trying to change it. Failing with certain champions trying combos and double jungling, and jungle with support and many dumb and "already tried" setups i continued playing the normal way. Until i came across this in my early stages in the game. Not only did this make me a better player but i noticed that only advanced players will be able to use this tactic to their advantage. I haven't introduced this yet to my current team. So i posted it in moba to get feedback from the public. Uses a support champion in league of legends is not to gain an advantage its to provide support for your ad carry for they can farm and get those items that will deal damage so you can win the game. Along with ganks from the jungler. The current Meta is a Solo Top, Solo Mid, and a support bot with an ad carry. you can also do the original which is 2 top , solo mid, and 2 bot. Thats standard. So this meta(prototype) consists of having vision over the enemy and controling territory with vision. If you can see the gank you can avoid it. You can make them waste time sitting in that bush and waste time getting the minion farm. You can know when they go and switch lanes. when they push where they went and you can have control over baron and dragon. That is... assuming you know how to ward. The different styles of warding. Situational/Defensive/Aggresive. Let me break them down.
Situational Warding consists of simply warding the gank bush in bot and top lane.
that bush in river that people come in to gank you from. or the two bushes already in your lane. If your a good player you don't need to ward these places you just know. Yet again, its situational.
Defensive Warding is a little tricky because you have to know when to do it, but it really pays off. This is most effective for a passive player that likes to sit back and farm, not really about the kills. If your playing from "Blue Team" side. You ward right under tri-bush but you position it so you can see anybody who comes into the gank bush, or anybody coming in from river. Although you cannot see into tri bush and into gank bush you can see when they get in there. A player using this technique has to be familiar with using the map. You can also ward the tri bush and a little over blue buff covering baron the entrance to blue buff and the gank bush giving you way more vision... for 75 more gold? Definetely worth it. 3 minutes of straight farm.
Aggresive Warding is obviously used for a team that likes to rake up those kills early and like to invade the enemy jungle. If your top you ward tri bush. if your mid you need two wards but its better. you ward the entrance to their jungle from mid to red buff. so you can see river, entrance to wraiths, and entrance to mid lane from the enemy side. If your on bot, you can ward their gank bush.. or you can go pro and wardright under blue covering entrance to blue gank bush and a little bit of dragon. then if you like you can ward their gank bush but that's situational. Having wards on the map allows your team to safely move about and allows you to counter jungle and move using exact location other than perception. Giving you a one-up over the enemy. Most people think its dumb, but ive seen games change because of a simple ward. If my top lane is being aggresive i can place wards in an aggresive position to better help them over take their lane. Helping the team greatly and vice-versa. Ward timing and ward placement has alot to do with how the game plays out. If they don't have a jungler, You won't need to be placing many defense wards... be more passive about it.. save some wards. help mid... push lane. Be productive. Aside from warding, you also need to know when to counter-ward. It doesn't help to place a ward somewhere if they already have a ward there. You want to do it when they don't know. You want map control. That's your role.
You provide your team with map control, territory, roaming vision, and light ganks. The ganks may be light but remember that this will only work if your team is compiled of already advanced players that wont die or overextend. It's very rare for it to be the jungler's fault that mid died, or that solo top died. In reality most solo tops, and solo mids over extend all the time and get caught by the enemy jungle. So without further delay, let me start with the build.
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Runes/ In construction

I just recently thought about this Evelyn Support jungle concept so the runes are weird to me. Evelyn has always been a mana hungry champion but since your only getting blue and going to set up wards(explained in later chapter)you won't need to spam much mana. This build requires that you be level two when you leave your jungle and level 3 when you ward bot. So you have attack speed and flat damage runes for that early blue... and then you have your gold generating seals and quints. pretty basic structure.. try to get a leash anyways.. but i can solo blue.
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Mastery/ Construction

So we get down to masteries, and we have many ways we can approach this. We can go attack for medium ganks, or we can stay with light ganks but more ultility. Either way the ganks are mostly light because evelyn is a weak champion mid late game(unless fed). But this playstyle you are support you give kills away not take them. You want that blue buff to last you a while. So you want to get the runic affinity, I placed the running speed mastery simply becuse boots of mobility are your only source of speed, aside from your ult. That 4% comes in handy. The mana regen, and the improved recall are very viable to this playstyle. you can add a little bit more defense or you can try some more utility. Summoner spell cooldown is preferred by me simply for the fact that i use that Clairvoyanve to check up on their ganks when i dont have wards and it helps my team
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Jungling Vision

Unless the enemy jungler starts at red (lee sin, shyvana) You almost always ward top in the beginning,then you run to mid. and depending on the situation you ask them if they need a ward, and if so what kind of ward. Aggressive or defensive.Remember- If you feel like they dont need a ward don't give them one. You spply vision to the map you dont just place wards at random. So after the ward in mid you want to either help mid push for like 5 seconds or you can quickly go bot place a ward. In on of three places.,, After this, you are going to need to level because you are only about level 2-3 while everyone else should be about level 3-4-5. go into your jungle and do wraiths, after that go do golems. If you feel satisfied with the gold you have. Head back to base. Any wards left over? Place another one somewhere. Need some exp? help solo top push. Aside from that your job is done for the moment. Your first buy is very important. You need to know what to buy. A philoshophers stone is 800 and you get health regen and mana regen but boots of mobility are 1000 but give you speed. youa re most likely going to have around 1100, so you can get boots and also get a ward, or maybe two, but philosophers stone gives you extra 5 per 10. So now you have 19 gold per 10. 372 per 3 minutes. Getting this item early will allow you to benefit from it early in the game. but getting the boots will allow you to move around your jungle faster. Get which ever you feel the team needs at the moment.
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Advanced Roaming/Contruction

Early game is easy. But mid game is where your team will either fall or start to win alot of fights because of those strategically placed wards. Here is where you have to start to counter ward. Destroying all the wards they have in river and in those bushes. Placing more of your wards in those key locations, and pushing towers. You don't want them to have vision of you as much as you do to them. So pick up a wriggle's lantern. The survivability and the free ward comes in handy. If you feel confident just pick up a kage's pick, and a heart of gold for that extra gold per 10. so you can farm out those wards. In mid game mid should become a priority because its closer to the nexus. You can place both defenseive and aggresice wards in mid lane if your whole team is going to push. or you can continue to lane with caution. Don't forget that you are the map, you can take their blue, you can ward their blue and their red(aggressiv warding) and take it or give it to your mid ap, or even your bot. Share you blue, and take theirs.
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Late Game Roaming.

Late Game is where warding becomes very hard. Later in the game its all about the team fights. Since you dont really deal damage and you have no life you become useless. So you have to take control of a certain territory. If your team needs that last top turret to get to that inhibitor. You want to ward top river and top enemy jungle for your teams safety. and vice versa for bot. You need dragon and baron control at all times, but mostly stay on baron, the enemy team can have dragon if it only happens once or twice. But don't get cocky dragon gold is a game changer at times. You have to start upgrading your items and you want to start becoming a team player, helping out in team fights. Your goal throughout the whole game is to try and die less than 3 times. more than three deaths is feeding. Wards are your eyes, place them where you think they enemy is most likely to pass by. If you pushed their mid and you thinkg they are going to defend it, place some ward in their jungle close to mid. to know when they overextend for that easy kill. You won't get many kills, maybe 2-4. if your lucky you'll reach 6 but don't count on it. But i garantee you will get those assists and you will get some gold to buy things. Try not to kill steal because you won't be making good use of that gold till late game. and your carry needs the kill way more than you. but you already knew that. Because only an advanced player would be reading this. Baron is a must in every game you play simply because you have so much map controlyou can do baron when they are far away without them knowing your even there.
(Dragon and baron nashor are practically the same ward scenario just that you flip it.
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Items/ Contruction

This is very difficult to master. This is not for everyone and you can change starting items and put a cloth armor if you feel safer. Try not to get your blue stolen if you do just go top till your level 2. Help out your solo top. Do something. Don't cry about it. You are a support. This is weird for your team, but you are providing vision and you are preventing your team from getting ganked and preventing the enemy team from getting that 300 gold. You need those wards and you need late game defense. Try to have an oracle's elixir ready before you buy your last item. Always make sure you have gold before you Recall. Don't recall because you are low health. You can sometimes stay those 5 extra seconds in base because you have that 5 per 10 gold. If you need that elixir or those wards. ward the places that you feel need pressure. This build is all about the vision. I recently took out the Wriggle's Lantern because it wasn't working out. Try out things just stick to warding tho.
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Skill Sequence/ Harrassing

Your skill sequence isn't meant to kill anyone but its meant to harrass them the best way evelyn can. You want to invis(duh), shortly after you can e and quickly ult to run away if your ganking mid lane, or top. Or if your solo top is fighting another solo top, you can invis, then you can e(ravage) q,q,q, then you can ult to either finish them off or to leave. be cautious and watch the map because someone might be close. thats why you have map control. Bot's a little different (it always is). Since you don't have a support there.(because you are the support) you have a tank with an ad carry. you want to harrass a little harder than usual to make sure your ad either gets the kill or forces them to leave the lane and go recall, losing valuable seconds on that clock. After leaving a gank, or a failed-gank(lol) you want to check the map and the time left on your wards. Ads you get used to this play style you will calculate the times by the clock instead of by clicking on the ward. Just takes time.
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Pros: Excellent map control. Perfect for setting up ganks. Effective against aggresive teams.

Cons: Very squishy champion. Medium damage during ganks. Mana Hungry.
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Summoner Spells

Your Basic summoner spells are smite, and clairvoyance. You want vision and you need extra golde since you are not farming which is why you also get the mastery in smite. Using Clairvoyance correctly is the definition of a good player. You can't just use it in bushes just because you don't have vision on them. Use them when you feel that the enemy jungler is going to make his first gank on top. Or on bot if they start at red. use it when you lose vision on someone you are chasing or when you need to check somewhere that is not warded yet. I haven't trued revive yet but i guess it can work, you revive and come back with the wards but its whatever. Smite and CV work great so far. Haven't experimented much yet.
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Ranked Play VS Unranked Play

Ranked play is played in teams. A team a 5 people that actually know how to play the game with the current meta. unranked is a bunch of random people playing for fun, not competitive(some people do play pretty competitive in unranked tho) I haven't talked to my team yet about trying this meta out because im starting to get the feel for it. but i will soon and i believe that in ranked the ganks are harder and better and players act faster so this map control will be more effective. because players in ranked are more aggressive. yet again i can be wrong. But i won't know until i try it.
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Team Work/Unique Skills/Conclusion

Evelyn is a very singular champion. I hope they buff her up because she is fairly just a bad champ, i picked her for this current meta because of her base stats she can run quite fast and she turns invis.. not twitch because he doesnt have a speed increase ult and you need that here along with invis. Havent tried shaco but he can only deceive not invis.. but You are free to try him if you like. Getting into a team fight is almost suicide. expecially mid-late game when someone in the enemy team has oracle's elixir. But what you can do is use your e when your invis to get that ad carry that ran away during the team fight and catch him off guard recalling in that far off bush. You can chose to fight when the enemy hs wasnt their abilities and attack when they are on cooldown. but you ahve to know the enemy champions for that. your e is your burst damage... use it. your q is your poke... along with your Autoattack. evelyn ult is used to move around or to chase. When you chase try to turn invis, and then e to slow them and deal damage, always leave when they are low life so your team can get the kill. You will still get the assist and the team will be greatly fed. So give your team kills. You. Are. Support. Don't you ever forget that. IF you have 12 kills and no deaths well, then your not support. and either the other team sucks really really bad or you are a very mean person and are KS'ing everyone on your team. Don't troll, play proffesionally. This is a new meta, and its very sensitive. Play your best and try to make it work to the best of your ability. This meta isn't for everybody. You have to have advanced knowledge of this game to really use this to your advantage a mediocre player will not understand this.
UNIQUE SKILLS: So this new play style is all about vision, as i have rephrased over and over. Make sure you have read the link i gave earlier on top. If you haven't here it is again. This will give you the vision needed to make that gank happen to take dragon early in the game and to have vision and territory advantage throughout the game. I have starting trying this with evelyn, but i will try with other champion as well. Just give me time. I started at evelyn to see if she could have a role that fits her champion.
Let me conclude with the fact that. This play style feels very weird to play, and you have many options because since you are not taking wolfs you have more time than the enemy jungler to get to mid. You take blue, place ward in top tri bush(for jungler gank) and you move on to mid then bot. you have options tho. you can stay top or hurry bot and stay bot.. alwasy try and stay in a lane when you can.. hold mid for ap when they need to buy .. you are support you can support in holding lanes also. no prob. And remember to relax and stay calm. You can't get mad because no one ganked when your ward was up and then they ganked when your ward expired.. it happens.. don't freak. just play your best. Your top shouldn't be overextending anyways. If this doesn't work for you then your team isn't doing something good. Or it just doesn't work for you for whatever reason. Give me feedback. If you find better ways to build evelyn or other tactics i should try. Let me know. This is new and its very sensitive. Try new things. Have ambition.
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Additional Notes

its been two days since ive posted this build. So i've been testing it out over and over and of course like every build. I see flaws... Late game you become... per say, useless... so i decided since late game i end up with left over gold... you can pick up some core items for AP. simply because your E has a 1:1 ratio. Remember you are support... you do not engage in team fights unless you see an opening to catch someone that's running. Buying a oracle is an investment. you want to counter ward. But you can't get caught doing so. Stick close to bushes even if you have invis. If you see that they also have fast champs you can always pick up a lich bane... but thats later in the game. Try out different things. New meta's are supposed to be confusing at first.. look at your map. Don't fed. Talk to your teammates
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