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League of Legends Build Guide Author masonjam

Evelyn, Surrender at 25

masonjam Last updated on December 20, 2010
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So yeah here is my Evelyn build.

I'm not gonna teach you how to play Eve, other guides do that, and experience is the best teacher.

Mainly offensive since Eve is a damage character, the defensive and utility and really just to help her early game softness.

Pretty standard mage runes.
Marks: Magic Penetration for because it does the same thing as AP runes (increased damage) but its effect is greater, and MPen is primary in marks, where AP isn't.
Seals:Flat Mana regen per 5, helps for the early laning phase, but once you get boots of mobility you should be going back to base often to restore mana, then showing back up to rape some solo guy or pick off injured enemy champs in team fights. once eve has a lichbane she has enough mana to kill anyone or participate in teamfights without worry, just recall after the fight and then comeback, your crazy fast thx to boots + lichbane.
Glyphs: Scaling Cooldown Reduction. You don't need CD early game as you don't have the mana to spam your abilities that much, but you don't get CD from your items, so this gives you just enough CD to stealth in, and stealth out of a fight, use ravage twice, and still spam Q all day, and thanks to Eve's ult refreshing every time any enemy dies, you shouldn't have any problems keeping it up.
Quintessences: 2 Flat AP 1 Scaling Cooldown: I like the 1 scaling cooldown so i get a nice rounded 10% cooldown at level 18 with my glyphs, the flat AP is so she has a better chance at getting that first/second blood.

I start with stealth mainly for harassing and defense, at level 1 eve is super vulnerable to harassment. I keep all her abilities level BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL NECESSARY FOR KILLING. If you dont level hate spike your enemies will just run away from you and your weak as **** hatespike. you dont need a 60 second stealth at level 10 because you don't really need to be stealthed for that long anyways, especially if you cant do enough damage for it to be worth it. Also hatespike allows you have practically every auto attack you do receive lichbanes effect, so you can aa for some 200-300 damage.

Summoner Spells:
Exhaust and Ignite: They insure that you kill your target, and help you fight against melee dps champs. Also the Ignite mastery allows you to start a fight with it, and gain a nice little AP bonus for spaming hate spike or ravage.

Other choices:
Ghost: If you really need to run from a fight or TO a fight, but i prefer being more able to make sure my target dies, then being able to run away. Just avoid situations that could turn bad.

Starting items:
Boots + 2 HP pots and 1 Mana pot.
Attack and retreat, heal any damage you take, restore your hp and mana for a first blood around level 3.
AP and Mana, two things you need but dont have yet, and it helps increase your AA damage.
Core Items:
Boots of Mobility:
allow you to be EVERYWHERE on the map, and run away from bad situations while stealthed.
AP Mana Movement speed, plus adds your AP to your auto attacks which is great with hatespikes constant spamability.
Now they cant run away from you when you show up to rape them, except Master Yi and Olaf.

By the time you have rylai's the enemy team should be surrendering (even if they dont succeed), and assuming your team has been at least decent and not complete failures, you cant do all the work yourself.
If the game is still going it's time become a huge ***** / rape them even harder with the
Situational/Optional Items:
Sunfire: You can hurt them while stealthed, which is nice because your long *** stealth times means you can soften them up nicely before you gank them, this also greatly encourages the enemy to waste money on Oracle potions and wards, just avoid oracle holders and let your team engage the fights while you assist in making sure that oracle holder dies, 400g isnt exactly cheap. Also it helps elviate Eve's squishiness.

Will of the Ancients:
More AP is always welcome, and the spell vamp gives you a little more battle longevity, also, it doesnt hurt to give your team mates a little AP boost.

Void Staff and Abyssal Scepter:
More AP still, so you can really rape em with ravage + lichbane infused AA's and pierce the MR resist items they bought to fight off your damage, or resist some magic damage they are doing to you.