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League of Legends Build Guide Author OzDok

Evelyn - The Death Factor.

OzDok Last updated on March 29, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my first guide! Hopefully if it's useful then I'll start writing some more for other champions.

First a little notation - builds are not for everyone. It all depends on how you want to play a character and how it fits your playstyle. Some people are much better at ganking, others at tanking and other at support. It's a rare person who can be be good at all of these. Find your most comfortable playstyle and stick with it.

On to describing this build - AP Evelyn. Eve is a champion who can be built as an AD or an AP champion, but I believe that AD is better, simply for her Hate Spike. With CDR from runes and masteries, Hate Spike will be on a .6 cooldown. That equates to an attack speed of 1.8, not including regular attacks. With this build, Hate Spike will be doing at LEAST 200 damage each cast, more on characters without much MR.

Because of the high amount of damage this build outputs, this build is geared towards playing Eve as a pure ganker.

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For runes, I've focused on giving her early-game damage output and survivability.
Marks of Insightfor Magic Penetration are self-explanatory, they'll help you put out some nice damage in the early game.

The Glyphs of Potencyare there pretty much for the same reason, because my build doesn't suggest getting AP items for a little while. These should give your Hate Spike and Ravage some extra punch.

Seals of Replenishmenthelp Eve hugely. While Hate Spike - your main ability - seems cheap, because of the low CD on it you'll find it drains your mana hugely. Eve is very mana-hungry early-game, so these will help her stay in a lane longer and hopefully help gank longer. I can't tell you how many times I've been so close to a FB only to have my mana run out before I started using these.

Quint of Focus x2 -for the CDR. .6 Hate Spike, yes please.
Quint of Swiftness- This can be swapped for another Quint of Focus or whatever you deem appropriate. It's simply for allowing her to move around faster, get to easy gank targets faster and just generally make the enemy fear to step outside of a tower. This combined with Boots of Mobility and masteries make for close to 460 movespeed, with her ult that number increases to over 500.

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Standard 9-0-21 caster masteries as this is an AP build. I take improved Exhaust and Ghost because those are the summoner spells I use most often with Eve.

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Summoner Spells

Here's where you have a little leeway. Personally I usually take Ghost and Exhaust.

Ghost - For escaping from a gank gone wrong, for getting to gank targets quicker and for chasing up to enemies that are running for their puny lives (I'm looking at you Yi)

Exhaust - This will keep the enemy in range of your Hate Spike MUCH MUCH longer, as well as lower their MgR and Armour.

Potential summoner spells for Eve include;

Ignite - Great for catching that person who just managed to get out of range of your Hate Spike. Loses it's effectiveness as you gain your ultimate though, considering you should never be out of range with the active + Ghost.

Teleport - I experimented with this spell quite a bit and it has some interesting results. Being very visible in your lane for a while and then moving out of sight of the enemy will make your enemies call miss, putting the fear of Evelyn into their midder. During that time, you will have teleported to top or bottom, stealthed and then grabbed a couple of kills and assists on unsuspecting enemies. This tends to only work in pre-mades though, as solo queuing generally doesn't have the team cohesion needed for this.

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Skill Sequence

You'll want to take a point in Shadow Walk first. This lets you scout around before any allies decide to facecheck bushes, as well as stun an enemy that gets too far away from it's tower. I love the psychological effect as well, once the enemy sees that you've stealthed they'll get paranoid and fall back for a short time, depriving them of lasthits.

You'll want to take a point in Hate Spike for levels 2 and 3 as well. Hate Spike level 1 does pitiful damage, despite it's low CD, whereas Hate Spike level 2 does decent damage consistently.

You'll want Ravage at level 4. This is where you can start co-ordinating with your lanemate for ganks (unless the enemy is stupid). You'll want to stealth, indicate an enemy to your lanemate and Ravage them to stun and reduce their resistances, then start spamming your Q. Unless you decided to target a tank for some reason, they should be dead.

Take another point in Shadow Walk at level 5, at level 6 grab your ultimate. Take another point in Hate Spike at 7, then one in Shadow Walk, then max Hate Spike. Max out Ravage next, taking your ultimate when available and finally finish off Shadow Walk. Level 3 Shadow Walk should be long enough to position yourself for ganks, any longer than that and you're taking too long. Maxing Hate Spike first means that you can literally wipe the floor with most squishies.

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And so we get to here, the item build. Where I have to justify my choices to a sea of angry people ready to pounce for any mistake. Remember, this is what I have found to work for me - feel free to post any items you feel would be better or that would supplement this.

First off, you want to start with a Doran's Shield. This gives you much better early survivability, as I find that Eve will just explode at the slightest touch in the early-game. Once you have enough gold, port back and buy a Sapphire Crystal and boots 1, or Sheen if you have enough and buy boots later.

Build your boots into Boots of Mobility. Personally I find the speed boost excellent for chasing, even though it's lost if you're attacked. You can change these for Boots of Swiftness if you can't get away from enemies chasing YOU fast enough, but I generally save Ghost for that purpose.

Guinsoo's Rageblade is next on the list. This is an EXCELLENT item for Eve. Because you spam your Hate Spike so much, you should pretty much constantly have 8 stacks on it in any fight. That gives you a grand total of +85AP, +35AD and +32% AS. The AP will make your Hate Spike hurt more, the AD will feed your Sheen proc and who doesn't like extra AS?

After Guinsoo's, you should grab a Giant's belt. This gives you that extra bit of survivability to get away from a gank gone wrong, or help you tank that person a bit longer and get the kill. I would suggest building this into a Rylai's Crystal Scepter as soon as possible, but you can skip to straight AD items if you want. With Rylai's slow, no-one except Yi will be able to get away from you - with your 460 natural movespeed, 500+ movespeed from your ultimate, 580+ from Ghost and your 15% slow (Hate Spike is a multi-target spell)

Rabadon's should be your next priority. There really is no need for an explanation to this choice, 155AP and 30% AP bonus on all items? Yes please.

Lich Bane is another unsuprising choice, this will turn your regular attack into a straight up Nuke. Which your Q spam, the nuke from Lich Bane and your regular attack damage as well, with your AS being 1.8 with your ultimate active, only bursting will manage to kill you. And this should never happen, because you'll be stealthed right behind them.

If the game manages to go on longer than this (somehow), you can sell Guinsoo's for a better AD item. I'll list a couple of suggestions below. (You should have already sold Doran's Shield for the extra inventory spot for wards and potions.)

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Considerable Items

Void Staff - For enemies with a a lot of MgR. The +15% MagicPen mastery and the MagicPen runes should be enough for normal games, considering you should never target the tank yourself, but if you find yourself in a game with all tank character, this is the item for you.

Guardian Angel - There's nothing quite like someone finally managing to kill you, only for you to come back from the dead and eat them alive. The extra armour and magic resist are good if you're getting stomped late game as well.

Rod of Ages - Someone suggested this to me for Eve, but I think Rylai's is better than this item simply for it's passive.

Mejaj's Soulstealer - As useful as it can be for Eve, with +180AP and a bonus CDR %, I personally hate snowball items. Being dependent on stacks is something I don't like.

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A Game Review

Finally - the meat of the guide. This section will detail how you should play this build of Evelyn in a guide. Remember, playstyles are different for each person.

To start with, check your lane's bushes before your lanemate does. It's always good to scout the area. Make sure to have stealth up BEFORE you go into the bushes. Eve's stealth has a delay, so don't get caught out by it.

Once minions appear, try and stay behind your lanemate. Lasthit when you can. If you're against a ranged champion, say goodbye to minion kills until at least level 3. Once you hit level 4, you can single out a target to gank. Make sure to indicate to a team-mate, stealth, then come out of stealth with a Ravage and immediately start spamming Q. You should manage to pick up a kill, or two if you took the target down easily enough. Port back and grab some items, then head back up. Wait until level 6, then start your ganking phase. Look for gank opportunities and take them. Don't forget to stay in a lane after you've finished a gank though, many Evelyns I've played with have managed to fall way behind in EXP, losing them effectiveness. Always take the chance to push a tower as well, your ult makes you a supreme towerbreaker along with Guinsoo's. You should be regularly grabbing red and blue by this point, unless someone else on your team needs them more.

The ganking phase lasts until the first full-on teamfight begins. Eve's positioning in a teamfight is very different depending on who you're facing. To start with - Eve should never initiate. She will be focused and she will die. You wait for someone else to get focused, then pick on the squishiest characters. As the squishies are usually the ones who do the most damage, this is a win for everyone involved. If you find that the team turns around to focus you, forget the gank and move away, moving back in as soon as possible to mop up.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is Oracle's Elixir. This is the bane of Evelyn. While it doesn't render her useless - far from it - it is INCREDIBLY annoying. The stun from your stealth will still count, regardless of whether they can see you or not. If you find that someone on the enemy team has an Oracle in a teamfight, hang back out of range. When a fight breaks out, activate Ghost or your ultimate to get to the squishies quickly, before they can react and run away. Ashe with Oracles is especially annoying, as her slow will ensure you will die if you find yourself in need of escape.

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Well, that was the first build I've written. If it's recieved positively then I'll consider writing some guides for my other favourite characters, Lux, Malphite and Akali.

Eve has the potential to rape, hard. Hopefully you'll achieve that potential after using this build.

Thanks for reading, please let me know in the comments if there's anything you'd like to see added or anything you believe should be changed.