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Evelynn Build Guide by bordelliaris1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bordelliaris1

Evelyn The Reaper As Build(UPDATED)

bordelliaris1 Last updated on December 26, 2011
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This build is when i came to think about more deeply about evelyn potential as a as ! I keeped playing with different builds and different builds until I came up with this one that is quite good because you do not need so much to stealth, you can kill someone without it too ! In cases where somebody is getting angry by killing him again and again. He takes an eye... bam you show him again and again that you are an independent slayer that can kill in many ways silent,quick,massive kills!

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Pros / Cons

-Not easily killed
-Mostly double kills
-Quick farm
-Quick kills (3-5 hits k.o late game)
-Great tower smasher
-Amazing pusher

-Difficult early farming
-Must be an ace last hitter
-You have to already be medium player and know instictively (this comes with experience) in which position you should go for the kill

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I choose exhaust because in early game you can't kill so fast so when the opponent tries to run you will exhaust him and then turn him to dust! You can also use it for escape or to save your teammate who is being chased!
Flash is extremely good to every single case chase,try to get away from a gang run over a cliff to chase or getaway! Surprise an opponent who has an EYE who isnt expecting you to show up without your stealth WRONG!! You will stealth even though he can see you, so stealth flash slow so it is gonna be impossible for him to run SIMPLE KILL!

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boots of speed (350g):You need to run from minion to minion so you can last hit easilly, plus you wont be cought easilly from enemies
3 hp potions (105g):You will need to hold on to your lane until you get your zeal
zeal (1195g):Gives you attack speed,movement speed,critical chance last
hitting,killing enemies making a gateway becomes easier!
berzeker greaves (570g):Gives you bonus att.speed and the movement speed
phantom dancer (1950g):This is where you start becoming dangerous,you start your domination
ganking left and right !
vampiric scepter (450g):here you can start killing creeps and monsters by yourelsf without
getting hp lowered!
BF sword (1650g):Damage plenty of dmg becoming even more dangerous
Bloodthirstier (900g):This is where double kills start,you can kill 2 targets by yourself

BF sword (1650g):Damage again
Cloak of Agillity(830g):More critical chance
Infinity edge (1350g):This is the point you start killing mages in 3-5 hits,tanks with 10-15
hits(with ult 15 hits are 5-6 seconds),assasins 4-8 hits depending on
their lifesteal
Phage (1325g):health and damage more survivabillity
Frozen mallet (1925g):Slow health damage, IMPOSSIBLE for someone to escape no way even with
Last Whisper (2290g):Late game almost all have much armor so this is the best item to still
land massive damage on them!
Sum Of the full build:16.350 gold not too expensive for an amazing assasin

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I prefer to stack up armor penetration runes and critical chance runes cause they help you early game better farming better harassment if a fight comes up! They combine with your ulti and the item build so the attack speed reaches it's fullest potential critical+attack speed=mucho damage ! Armor penetration will let you kill opponents early game as you will hit them like they have 0-10 armor(LOL) pretty good for a level 1 evelyn!

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1) HATE SPIKES: This is your ultimate farm skill with this skill you get your dps high enough to kill everything you want, you can even double stun with skill , there is a trick with evelyn whe you are stealthed you hit with hate spikes and two targets take the stun this means easier kills for evelyn! You mass hit minios increase your damage per second ability and everything runs smooooooothly!
2)Stealth: The element of surprise the ability of the silent kill the philosophy of a ninja all this are hidden in this ability! Stealth go near him slowly slowly and BOOM massive damage he is scared tries to run away NO WAY MATE you are dead! You can even be a scouter with this ability you are moving ward :) you can even COUNTER jungle a very importan weapon added to evelyn's weapon arsenal
3)Ravage: What can i say about this skill your ultimate nuke skill in early game stun from stealth nuke with ravage kill couple of hits and it is over nice and easy, this is an ability for some comfortable kills early game and it is tower dive skill too the enemy is low life near tower you press R go there with the movement of a ghost BANG kill him with a tower dive and refill your life from your ultimate!
4)MALICE AND SPITE: Well this is the most important skill in your weapon arsenal you can press the R button and then the eve's domination starts you kill someone refill life again R kill refill again again again this how eve with this build gets double and triple kills easily without you sweating! Or you can even get a quick kill press R and leave from there quickly once i had evelyn and our opponents started from their inhibitor pushing to our inhibitor they started 5 they came only 2 , easy kills for your teammates and bam you won the game congratulions :P! Another use of this skill is the escape ability because it adds high amount of movement speed perfect for an escape!

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Skill Sequence

I choose this skill sequence because it is easier for me to kill , i mean i get level 2 hate spikes only one because i last hit easier and with more chances of getting the creep succefully! Then you have to get stealth level one(at level 3) 10 secs for a kill are enough in the early levels, then i max out ravage because it is evelyn's NUKE skill you can kill with it take a lot easier your kills , last hit some enemies! Of course level 6 it is her ulti what can I say about this skill IT IS YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER to kill with this build it is increases you AMAZINGLY your attack speed and your movement speed you can CHASE,ESCAPE,SMASH A TOWER,INHIBITOR everything you could possibly imagine believe me! Then i take level 2 stealth 10 secs are not enough anymore to gang, sometimes you will have to w8 a bit to get a kill you know PATIENCE is the key to success :) Of course it is the turn of your amazing farm skill combined with your damage and your splash damage tiamat gives you, you are the greatest farmer!

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FARMING a very very important section for evelyn I know that this build is very hard to get because all the items cost too much BUT with a great farming everything will be easy, do not forget you cannot rest, not even for 1 sec you have farm, kill, defend, attack everything quick and succefully. Do not forget you are your team's SUPRISE killer!

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Creeping / Jungling

With this build it is your job to give to your team the much needed 190g of the dragon!
ALSO try to have both buffs they help you extremely a lot to harass push farm gang whatever you want to do!You can even counter their jungler easily , when he goes to slay the golem go there silently w8 until the golem is low life, BANG steal the golem kill the jungler and there you can back as a gentleman easily :)

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Ranked Play

Well this is a important chapter too, you will have to keep an eye on the minimap almost all time enemies will target you 24/7 pros know how important enemy you are they know that you will become your team's killer if you have a good farm and could lane kills! Your lane enemies will ask for help all the time so you must have MAP AWARENESSis the key to survival orelse it won't be easy for you to last long enough, a feeder evelyn is the worst case for your team! because every single person who plays lol excepts much from evelyn when she is on their side!!!!

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Team Work

Team work is the key to victory we all know that without a team you cannot possibly win , it was a game where i did 39kills and only 3 deaths and we lost the game cause i had 3 feeders on my team... I was surprised i thought how my team dies when i kill the enemies but of course they died because i had to defend too! So when you see your teammate struggling in his lane go help him ( i mean do not go and die or do not go for nothing) even though when you know that the enemy will escape it is still nice becaus you have scared him AND if you kill him he will always have an eye for you and he won't do anything crazy because he knows that you are there closeby ready to eat some frest meat!

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Well this is my AS build that gives me 90% wins , it is really good when you master ap evelyn and get tired of the ap build or get tired because the enemies are smart enough to take an eye for you because they know you are pretty dangerous it is a must to try an alternative build, this build , attack speed+damage+critical strikes the best massive kills!
When you master this build with evelyn you will have more than 15 kills every game!
Thank you for reading my first build I really appreciate and I hope you enjoy some amazing games with this build :)