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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kershner

Evelynn - 2 hits.. WTF RAGE

Kershner Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Alright, pretty simple build. You have to be careful, and smart. If you manage to do this right you will win very often and you will have a lot of fun playing and laughing at the players who can't stop you. I've literally made this Ashe buy 7 oracles in one game! At level 1 if I use ignite on someone I have 48 AP. That is 48 more damage to ravage! Amazing? I think yes!

The two hit strategy works.

This is how I usually play:

1. I start with tomb and one health potion first.
2. Get level 3, usually have enough minion kills or even a player kill to get me boots or boots of mobility. If I have a little extra gold, it goes to health potions.
3. Go back to lane get a few more minion kills, I'm still weak and ravage only does about 200ish, so at level 5 or level 7 I go back to town and get Mejai's and get ready to slaughter.
4. Okay level 9 now, ravage does really good damage and hate spike is useful as well. I start ganking and if I use the money I get ganking to go towards Lich Bane.
5. Now i'm probably level 10-13. I got a few stacks, yeah life is good. Keep ganking all game. If you kill steal.. well.. They should realize that you are the most deadly character in the game if fed. Tell them to get on your level.
6. Gank more, farm, level up, get buffs, steal buffs, stalk, stalk, stalk.
7. Gank, same as above, you are getting more powerful now, don't be afraid to solo some people, gank, gank, gank. Get the blue buff a lot, it makes your cool downs extremely fast and you can abuse your hate spike so much.
8. level 16 probably can solo everyone by yourself
9. Usually 10-0 here
10. Help your allies, dont be afraid to be a team player, your ulti will save you if you get an assist or a kill. Just go in there, and **** **** up.

If you aren't fed, the plans won't go out as well, so get fed, even if they call you a kill stealer.

It's okay if you die a few times in the start if your a noob or are just dumb, you don't start doing good til level 7.

Other things: If this build is complete I have 20 stacks, I usually manage to come up with 750 or so AP.

DON'T SOLO TOWERS, even with Rylai's you think your invincible. Well, you're not. Towers destroy you, and they are your worst enemies because they can see you.

When the other team gets oracle: Target the person who has oracle. Once your high level it should be easy unless a tank has it.

Try to lane with someone who has slows or stuns. Laning with Shaco, Akali, or Twitch is fun too because you get to have a partner with invisible skills. Eve is also a good mid but you have to be extremely cautious and when you go back to base, I usually don't come back right away and see if I can get a gank or not. GANKING IS HUGE GUYS! Even if you don't get the kill you still get an assist, and the more stacks you get the more damage you will do! Say you have 400 AP, it goes straight 400 damage to your ravage. That is so nice!

Extra money and nothing to do with your build you don't have anymore spots left!! What do you do?!?!

Simple. Buy Elixirs.

People tend to target you a lot?
Use Zhonya's, tower hug, stay in a group or distant from everyone.

I usually use the same build every time, it's not really situational for me. The build works on everyone, my win ratio is 76% with this build.

You usually start kicking *** at level 9 or whenever you have Lich Bane.
At mid/end game I usually 2 hit all the characters that aren't tanks. Even panth dies in two hits.

I've had my Ravage do 1400 damage to Ashe before.

The purpose of this build is to be very careful. It is hard not to die sometimes because you're Eve and there are oracles and wards and people hunt for you. :\

Last game I went 32-7, 12-0, and 27-9
And yeah, sometimes you lose, you can't carry a bad team right?
You need some meat and protection to guard you while you fly in there like a bug and 2 hit people and run out, stealth, and then do it again. It's not that easy and takes a lot of practice and patience. People will hate you, yes, but you just gotta deal with it, it's your fun, not theirs. Am I right?!

Basic "tl;dr" summarization:
Early game: Start off easy, if you are afraid to die, tower hug, don't gank too much, be careful! You need to level up so you can do a lot of damage and help your team!
Mid game: Gank! Continue to be careful and focus on your build, you are strong enough to get buffs now, GET THEM!
Late game:Gank the f*** out of everyone and 2 hit those poor nerds who probably hate you by now. It is extremely amusing to see so many bars go down at once, trust me.

Just played a few games with her!Results are okay, but could be better. Typical chilled out game for me.

Any questions or comments are appreciated I've been doing this build for about 2 months now.

And have fun raping.