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Evelynn General Guide by seconderad

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League of Legends Build Guide Author seconderad

Evelynn, AD carry

seconderad Last updated on November 19, 2012
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Hello there fellow summoners,
As you all saw in the title of this build it's one for an AD Carry Evelynn. I'd like to say that this is NOT a troll guide. I've been playing LoL for about 2 months now, witch isn't very long. Although with tons of gaming experience I learned the ropes very quickly and i'm now dominating about every game since i'm not lvl 30 yet.

Evelynn was the 3th champion i picked up and soon father I started experimenting with different builds. At some moment i happened to see 1 line of text on one of her ability's that I never really read before, ravage increases attack speed. This lead to me building her on attack damage and ravage.

I hope you all will find this guide useful,
enjoy playing Evelynn!

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Fairly basic AD carry runes. I don't have to much to say about this, but feel free to experiment.

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Also basic AD carry mastery's. you might want to put some in utility for the mana regen mastery and vampirism might not be the best choice it's just my preference, havoc or sorcery might be better options

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Dorans blade is good, it gives you a little edge in early game where you would otherwise suck. You don't need boots quite as much as other champs because of your dark frenzy witch you will get at lvl 2.

boots, just boots

go for either pickaxe or BF sword, I prefer BF sword although you won't always have the money for it,

berserkers greaves makes live just a bit easier. take mercenary threads if the enemy has lots of cc

sheen is one of the best items for Evelynn as it combines very well with hate spike. if you have this with BF sword you'll be dangerous as hell.

infinity edge. you're biggest concern is damage as your ravage will give you the attack speed you need.

trinity force. this is a nice mix of everything you need, it also has a great passive witch will greatly increase your damage output.

another zeal. mostly for the movement speed, if your good enough it will greatly increase your survivability.

bloodthirster. awesome damage and lifesteal, survivability and damage.

phantom dancer. awesome item that will give your damage yet another boost

for items after this you'd probably want to further increase your survivability guardian angel is a good choice, although frozen mallet or maw of malmortios are good as well.

this is of course the build that i use most, you are free to experiment on your own.

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Skill Sequence

Mostly evelynn will level hate spike right away, as it deals most damage, you don't. hate spike is a farming tool and something to proc sheen/trinity force Also it gives you a little bit more damage. but hate spike doesn't scale as good with ad as with ap. also ravage deals a lot more damage.

but why not level it second? that is because dark frenzy will give you a lot more survivability and kills. it makes sure you can get out of nasty situations or it makes sure you can land a lot more auto attacks on fleeing champs. as auto attacks are your main source of damage you should level dark frenzy second

but why those first 3? that's because you're gonna be relying almost purely on it to farm, as you will otherwise be targeted and shot to death by the other AD carry.

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Summoner Spells

flash. better positioning or escape nasty situations. not really a reason not to get this.

heal. it'll give your early lane good sustain and at later levels it'll make sure you can stay in battle for longer. as you are a melee ad carry you're gonna be focussed often.

other options.

ignite. to lay waste to that early health pot. secure a kill. or make sure Soraka's ult won't save someone from a certain death.

ghost. if dark frenzy + flash isn't enough yet.

exhaust. a must on every team. if no one picks it. you pick it. it shuts down the enemy ad carry and secures kills

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team fights

i believe all of you who are reading this guide have already played Evelynn once and know how to kill single enemy's. although team fights are something else. you'll be focussed a lot as melee ad carry and if you don't do it correctly you will most certainly die.

you start by flanking the enemy while being stealthed. then you run at the moment your ult will hit at least 3 to 5 enemy's immediately run to the enemy AD carry, with your movement speed you'll be there within 2 seconds. ravage and hate spike so he dies, as the enemy AD carry will most likely be at the back of the team and you come in when most ability's are already used he'll have a hard time to react. if he runs you follow, you're faster then him and his team. after that, you'll want to flash back in your team and engage again after a few seconds.

timing is crucial when doing this. your ulti's shield will keep you alive when taking down there carry but if they can stun lock you you're dead. when you get back to your own team it also might be a good idea to use heal. to restore your own health and that of your ally's.

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I hope you have found this guide useful.

enjoy playing eve!!!
see you on the fields of justice.


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