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Evelynn Build Guide by Calfurion

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Calfurion

Evelynn - An explanation

Calfurion Last updated on August 30, 2011
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1. AP (Easy) 2. AD (Harder)

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the support this build has got so far. While the feedback has been mainly positive there have been a few minor issues raised so I have attempted to correct them.

Also, for those of you reading this for the first time. This isn't intended to be your regular "this is how you do it" build (regardless of the title) you can follow it exactly and you will most likely do very well but it's intended to provided a decent foundation for people to experiment and change things. I love all the comments I've had from people saying "I did X or I changed Y" I don't claim to be some sort of pro with all the answers on Eve I love people taking my build one step further.

Anyway, made a few updates to runes and suchlike. Enjoy!

I'm interested in which build people prefer. If you're going to leave a comment could you say which build you used. I'm still undecided whether AD or AP is superior.

21st May: Changed the Masteries and runes a bit.

26th May: Added AD build. Use only after you're comfortable with the build.

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Welcome to my Evelynn Guide

"To do well with Eve you have to know what Eve can do well"

-Basically, you need to pick your fights carefully. You need to know if you can kill someone and if you can't and this only comes with practice. This is the most important skill when playing Eve and takes a long time to learn as there are so many variables. Learning when to go for the kill is what separates the good players from the great.

Note:I know you probably have a lot of preconceptions about Evelynn and you have probably looked at the build and seen things like smite and thought "noob" but just trust me :)

Okay, I have been playing Eve for a loooong time now and as she is free this week (well, the week I wrote this) and I have seen a lot of people trying her out - and failing... badly. Eve is a very hard champ to understand and therefore quite hard to play. Also there is no guide that I can find on Mobafire that is actually correct, so I will attempt to write a definitive one. I'm not saying it's perfect, but if you follow this and PRACTICE it I guarantee you will do well.

To reiterate, there are a lot of ways to build Eve and succeed and this build can definitely be tweaked a bit to suit your style. What I aim to provide here is a general formula that provides consistent favourable games. The fun comes when you perfect the basics and start to make this build your own.

So what can Eve bring to a team? I have been called Kill Stealing noob, Paper champ etc but actually, Eve can do a lot for a team. Yes she kind of does kill steal early-mid game. But she needs to and your team should understand that and work with you, not against you. Besides, what is better, a person getting away and your team-mate getting no kill or them getting an assist? Eve basically GUARANTEES kills. She is like Garen or Karthus's Ulti, only everywhere and all the time. Not to mention, she is a great scout, Really good at taking turrets down with her ulti and a really good counter to junglers. I can't tell you how many times I've waited by ww or someone only to smite steal blue and write /all Thanks mate! Even done it with Baron once which pretty much won the match.

Anyway, let's get started shall we? :)

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Summoner Skills

Ignite should be pretty self explanatory but smite might need some explanation. It seems to have a bad rep but I pick smite on most characters nowadays. It will be needed for a great many aspects in this guide and never stops being useful. It allows you to do numerous things like take blue/red easier, steal blue/red/baron from stealth and last hit as well which provides much needed gold.

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Runes are pretty self explanatory. They are designed to maximize your flat AP for early game jungling/last hitting (and maybe ganking) and magic pen, which has utility throughout all stages of the match.

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Gone for strength of spirit in the defensive tree which is one of my favourite masteries and taken standard AP offensive masteries followed by some useful utility masteries. Awareness is essential if you want to ding lvl 2 off the two golems at the start.

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The skill order is very important. I find a lot of newbie Eve's tend to max out Ravage first, followed by stealth. I think they assume ravage is your main move. Well it's not. It's Hate Spike - a lovely spammable move with INSANE dps. It is probably one of the highest DPS moves in the game given that you can get its cooldown to well below 0.6 seconds. This is your primary move and should be maxed out first followed by ravage, which does some nice damage but mainly has a really nice magic resist/armour reduction.

Note: this doesn't need to be done from behind to apply the defence penalty anymore so go crazy :)

Only 2 points should be put in stealth. It will have a relatively short duration but is a situational move and you shouldn't need more than that. If you are stealthed for longer than that then you are doing something wrong and wasting time.

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Early Game

Start off by grabbing a regrowth pendant and a health pot and head to where the two small golems will appear on your side (marked with a red circle)

Wait for them to spawn, smite one and ignite the other. Then spam Q whilst dpsing the one you smited. Pop your health pot when you take damage and keep spamming Q while you kill the other one. - Note: Eve now loses a lot of health and mana when taking golems since the nerf. It might be an idea to go for wolves now for an easier time.

Once they are dead you should be level 2. Head to the lane straight away and you should arrive before any of them have died meaning you don't lose out on any experience. Put a point in shadow walk and check the brush for a noob gank or just wait around for them to come out.

Your priority now should be running in and last hitting minions with melee attack and Q. You will get a feel for how much damage you do and learn to do this well. Forget about the champs unless they are really stupid and tower dive or get themselves really low in which case you should stealth and kill (NOTE: I mean REALLY low, Eve has very little damage at this level and you should not take risks). Eve is fragile, the best way to do it is to go backwards and forwards waiting for a minion to get low, going in, hit+Q then back again. This prevents too much harassment.

Every couple of waves the big cannon minion spawns, wait for that to get to half health and smite it for some nice gold. When you reach 715g recall and buy philosophers stone + boots.

On the way back stop off at your golem friends and kill them again - this reduces your downtime nicely.

Try and stay on about 90% HP and mana now, just using melee to last hit. Wait until you are level 6-7 then stealth in the lane so they think you are still around and get scared but actually go to their blue and kill it using smite etc.

From about this point you should be scanning all the lanes for ganking oppurtuinities.

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Mid Game

Try and get sorcerers shoes + mejais nice and fast then start getting some stacks. You should be moving between lanes ganking where needed and when there is no gank on you should be laning or jungling. Never do nothing! Try grab blue whenever you can, and red if you feel like it, but don't focus too much on it.

Once you get a few kills you will notice a nice increase in your damage. However you are no killing machine yet. Build Lichbane as fast as you can and then your damage really starts to pick up.

If the game isn't going that well or if you have some extra gold then after you get Lichbane grab a Blue elixir. It gives you a really nice boost mid game.

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Late Game

Okay, now you should be pretty unstoppable. As team fights start to happen you should think of yourself like a yoyo. Bouncing in and out of fights to finish people off. Don't be afraid to run into a group of 3 or 4 people to kill one person on 20% and run off again with your ulti. Remember your ulti also recovers your HP when you get a kill. This also makes it an amazing tower diving ability. Champs on low health who have retreated behind their tower to recall are free kills for you.

If someone gets oracle then tell your team to focus them and play a bit more carefully. Just be aware and you shouldn't get into any sticky situations. It's generally a good idea to assume that everyone can always see you. Try feinting when in stealth to see how people react - it can save your life. Keep making them waste 400g on oracle and more on wards and watch as your team gets a significant item advantage.

After you have Lichbane and possibly a blue elixir, sell your stone and buy fiendish codex. You should have made the money you paid for your stone back through its G per 5. Then get your Rylais, Rabadon's and lastly upgrade your codex to Nashors Tooth. By this point you should be pretty fearless. Depending on how fast you got your build you will easily be able to go up to a squishy stood next to their tower. Kill them in like 1 second and walk away again. THAT is when people start saying things like "no skill Eve" - and by then it pretty much is, you can smash your head on the keyboard and rape faces. What they don't think about is all the effort it takes to become unstoppable like that.

I think that should pretty much cover it.

Feel free to comment and if you are unsure about this build then read the comments, a lot of people seem to be having pretty good results :)

Just thought I'd upload this. It's not my best game but I think it shows the build isn't just good for killing noobs. This was a very hard ranked game at around the 1300 mark against a very good team. We were getting owned on every other lane and it didn't look good (vlad was dominating) hence all my deaths. Not being arrogant but I worked damn hard to turn it around - read the chat :P

~Thanks for Reading~