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Evelynn Build Guide by msylcatac

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author msylcatac

Evelynn: Covered in blood (Everthing you'll need to know)

msylcatac Last updated on June 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, Iv'e been playing eve since the begining and have since perfected my build. Well let's start off, this is an expert guide and is NOT for beginer players to the game or evelynn. With this build you will be highly squishy but will be able to take out, and ACE, the whole team even if they all are in a group (if you play smart). Don't be afraid to change the build to your liking, remeber this build is not for everyone and again is for expert eve players only. PLEASE DO NOT RATE UNLESS YOU ARE GOOD WITH EVE AND/OR UNTIL YOU'VE PLAYED THIS GUIDE AND HAVE GOTTEN 20 STACKS ON BOTH STACKING ITEMS.(just in case you dont understand how to use this build).

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The runes for eve are variable as long as you have some kind of ability power in there. It just all depends how you wanna gank early game. I usually run the runes above but you can also go straight ability power for every mark, glyph, seal, and quint. If you go for all ability power you should be very strong in the begining and should be able to pull off that first level one kill fairly easy.

But for the runes above, the reason why i use the marks is just in case your enemey decides to buy magic resistance first (which usually doesn't happen).

For the seals, i chose these because you need some kind of cooldown for your hate spike so that u can hit for more DPS. You can really choose any of the other runes for cooldowns but i chose seals because the marks magic pen was higher than seals, and the glyphs ability power was higher than the seals.

Then there's the glyphs, I use the glyphs for ability power because the glyphs ability power are higher than the seals and marks. The reason i got the ability power is a no brainer, ability power eve is always the best mid to late game.

And finally there's the quints. This is also i no brainer, i use ability power for these as well.

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For masteries i use a pretty standard 21/0/9 build. My reasoning for this is because evelynn is all about attacking and killing. The reason i put the 9 in utility is because sometimes you get those times when your whole team is amazing and the other team is leaving, leaving you running around looking for ganks but not getting any and losing in levels. The 9 in utility really helps you from not losing in levels. Also early game when your trying to get that level one gank make sure you use your ignite as soon as possible so you get the 10 ability power boost. (if you put a mastery point in burning embers)

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The above item sequence should be the only time you teleport back to buy items. Also before we begin this section, remember, DO NOT buy consumable with evelyn, because you will just be wasting teleporting time and also money. You always want to start out with an Amplifying Tome because it is just enough ability power to keep you strong enough to actually matter early game. I also get this first because it allows you to go straight into a mejai's soulsteal wich you will need as soon as you hit 800g, the only reason why you would wait would be if the enemey is at VERY low health. Dont be afraid to gank at level 2 in other lanes even if your team thinks your crazy because it gets you closer to your mejai's. Also, for your last item you can pick between another deathcap, rylai's crystal scepter (for slows), or zhonya's hourglass (if you are getting targeted first in team fights). The reason i use sword of occult is easy, it's cheap, eve gets a lot of kills, the cooldown reduction at 20 stacks is AMAZING, and i needed a fourth item. If you're doing poorly in a game and don't have more than 10 stacks on your mejai's soulsteal then go ahead and finish your lich bane before the sword. And another thing, it doesnt matter which item you buy first when buying into the deathcap because you gain money significantly well. With the second deathcap you need to buy the rod first because at this point you cant buy both it's either the rod or the wand. And finally don't be afraid to sell your mejais, boots, and/or sword if they aren't working welll for you that game.

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Skill Sequence


SHADOW WALK: For the Skill sequences you almost always want to upgrade your shadow walk first, and then upgrade it again if your new to playing eve (which you should'nt if your reading this guide). I only upgrade it the one time until i HAVE to upgrade it again because by now (since your reading this guide) you should be familiar with evelynn and 10 seconds is all you need to get the kill. You upgrade this skill first so that you can scout out your opponents early game and also for the stun. This sets you up for really easy early ganks at level one if your teamate helps. At level one you aren't very strong but at level two your around the same attack as everyone else, and at level three depending how many early kills you have you could be very strong by now.

HATE SPIKE: But now to hate spike, you want to upgrade this before any other skill (besides ulti) because this is your spam move. Most people don't max this first because initially ravage does more damage, but if you think about it at level 18 you can hit for around 400 every 0.6 seconds while only hitting around 1100 with ravage every 6-8 seconds. So again you want hate spike to be upgraded first because it is your main spell to use when killing.

RAVAGE: You want to upgrade this skill third because it is your opener after going invisable. Also this is your third move to max out after your ultimate and hate spike. You open with this because it is your longest attack spell cooldown besides your ultimate, and also hits for a lot of damage at one time. Also by opening with this you will most likely be able to use it again on a tanking player to finish them off. But the best reason to open up with this spell is because when you attack an enemey from behind, it reduces their armor and magic resistance by a pretty substantial amount.(I never use it for this effect because you don't need to with this build, but it couldn't hurt.

MALICE AND SPITE: Your Malic and Spite skill can be used for various reason in late game (mid game it is just used for attacking) for instance, attacking, gaining speed to flee, gaining speed to catch up for a gank, and/or just for fun because you glow. :D

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Summoner Spells





The reason i picked flash and ignite for my summoner spells is simple. I use ignite for that early game advantage so that i get my kill faster and easier. The reason why i picked ignite over exhaust is because evelynn stuns so you really don't need the slow.
The reason i picked flash over ghost is because with flash you can teleport right next to them and just hate spike or ravage to kill a fleeing enemey. With ghost you have to catch up to them so with turret diving you would be taking more damage over time from the turret since you have to run past it.
This is really up to the summoner but i usually don't use this even if it is a really good spell.
You can use smite with eve to get neautral buffs or just to jungle, because remember your passive is that neutral monsters deal 50% less damage.
You can use this to teleport by your enemey for an easy gank. The bad part about this is that you can't teleport invisable, your enemy will see you coming from the minion or turret, and also it has a very long cool down.
You can use this if you feel like being a support evelynn that game
You can use this summoner spell if you think you are running out of mana to quickly (which you will unless you learn to conserve it early game).
Never use heal beacause your ultimate will heal you and also you will kill durring the duration of your stun so your enemy won't even hit you before they're dead which means you won't need heal.
Never use revive because frankley with eve, you hardly die if played right and well.
Never use rally bacause this guide is an ability power evelynn.
You don't need this spell at all because to be honest it's useless.

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With eve you want to play very aggressive then back away quickly (early game). Late game you can stay in battle as long as you want (as long as you still have mana) because your ultimate heals you when you get a kill or an assist. So don't be afraid just to go around and hate spike everywhere just to tap your enemies with it, because if they die thats another stack for your items. Again you need to Look for those REALLY EARLY game ganks. I usually get around 3 kills before 10 minutes, sometimes more. It doesn't take eve long to get "fed" only 3 or 4 kills and your on your way to "feeding" yourself. Do not try and gank tanks until late middle game because at this point you wont be strong enough to 1v1 and they will run living, or worse kill you. Do not forget, eve can solo the whole game by herself when played right, and it is easy to come back from multiple deaths. I have done both multiple times. All you have to do is play smart. With evelynn you can turret dive almost at any time, as long as you KNOW your going to get the kill, don't forget evelynn regains her health back after a kill so even if you have low health, use your ulti get in there kill them fast then run away. Also one last thing don't be afraid to teleport back A LOT because if your losing in levels you can always gain them back by ganking, whether your teleporting back for health or for each item, don't be afraid.

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Recent Games

The 15/13 game was when I left for the first half of the game and couldnt come back.
The 31/13 game was a 4v5 game vs tanks... ended up selling almost everything for deathcaps.. ended up having 1300 AP. Everything else is just what i get regularly. P.S. don't ask about the random corki lol.

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Early Game

Early game you really need those first few kills if you wanna get around 30 kills that game. The kills you need first is at level one, if you succesfully gank someone in the bushes then you will only need one more kill to get the mejai's. Second kill should be around level 2 and you should kill the squishy or the one with the least hp. Don't forget to taunt them, since evelyn can stun don't be afraid to run up invisable hit them a few times and run. You will most likely not get hurt at all because you'll be out of range when they try to attack. Also look around the map for really low health enemeys because if you gank them it will set you even closer to getting mejais. Once you get mejais you really need to focus on getting kills and not dying, so play smart.

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Mid Game

In mid game you should have around 10+ kills by 20 min in. By this time the other team should start seeing you as a major threat and trash talking you :). Also mid game is usually when everyone starts sticking together so watch out for the slow straglers. Evelynn is really good killing fast then running away (because your ultimate doesn't end after you get the kill), so the only people that might be able to catch up to you are master yi and warwick if your below half hp. (But you can still go invisable) ;)

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Late Game

Late game, if there is a late game at this point, you should have a significant amount of kills and be unstoppable, unless hit with a stun and quadrouple teamed. Other than that evelynn is pretty capable of handling all five champions at once. As long as you take out the ones that are farther away from the pack, whether its 5 feet or 10 feet just keep doing that.

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- With eve a lot of them time if your team is losing ask someone to go and solo a turret with you (usually ask a tank). And afterwards have the tank leave because you can destroy the inhibiter by yourself in abouve 4-5 seconds by using your ultimate (then lich bane activates), and then by going invisable (lich bane activates again).

- If your being chased by a pack, are at very low health, and one of them has an oracle, go invisable (for the stun) find the squishiest one then kill them to gain health, then go for the nontanking one or the one with the oracle, and finally kill the tank.

- Champions to stay away from when picking your lane are junglers, and supports. You'll need some attack power help from your teamate for the level 1 kill so junglers won't be there to help and supporters will just heal you which you dont need.

- Don't be afraid to ks before level 6 you need the cash for your mejai's, but ksing after level six, now that's just pointless.

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Evelynn is an outrageous farmer if you feel like wasting some mana or your ultimate. She can kill of whole minion waves in less than a second at level 18 (without ulti). I never farm at all and do perfectly fine. Farming is really up to you but i wouldn't recommend using hate spike on them unless you have lichbane by then or the blue monster buff because of the mana cost.

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Team Work

Evelynn is her own team. :)

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Pros / Cons

- Major damage all at one time
- Fast when using ulti
- Can go invisable
- Slow
- Squishy
- Hard to get stacks
- Targeted first in group fights

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Things to Know

    Evelynn can go invisable while attacking for a second stun.
    Evelynn attacks and uses hate spike at the same time.
    Evelynn can solo whole teams.
    Watch for enemey champions that buy oracle's elixer, make sure to tell your team to target them first.
    Never run away from ashe, teemo, or other squishies you can kill them in three hits which takes like 0.01 seconds. And after late mid game you don't need to run from anyone really.
    Just because you have less than 100 hp left doesn't mean you can't turn around and win the fight.
    The hardest characters for evelynn to face are caitlyn because she sets traps and has a very high damage ulti, vlad because he can pool of blood and get away, and also vayne because she knocks you back then can run away also.

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Please send me a message or comment below if I'm missing anything and ways to improve this guide, and even if I'm not missing anything feel free to do so. And don't forget to rate!! (as long as you've tried the build)